Profixel for BlackBerry - Create free avatars right on your device!

By Michelle Haag on 8 Jun 2011 11:24 am EDT

Profixel for BlackBerryProfixel for BlackBerry

Getting tired of your same old avatar on BBM/Twitter/Facebook, or looking for a way to pass a few minutes and feeling creative? Check out Profixel, a FREE app for your BlackBerry that you can use to make a fun and unique pixel based avatar for any number of uses! Profixel includes 2 pre-loaded templates that you can use as a starting point. After choosing one, you use the menu button to bring up a color palate, and from there you can alter the template however you like, one pixel at a time. If you're stuck, and in need of some creative inspiration, you can check out some sample avatars that are included in the app. Once you have your avatar the way you want it, simply save it to your device, and you can use it as your profile picture or avatar anywhere you choose.

Also from within the app, you can upload your avatar to the Profixel Fanpage on Facebook, and you can email it! I was also informed that once the final BBM SDK is released, Profixel will be updated so that you can set the picture as your BBM avatar from within the app as well. So go ahead, let your creativity flow, and create yourself a fun new avatar on your BlackBerry!

For more information/screenshots and to download Profixel FREE

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Profixel for BlackBerry - Create free avatars right on your device!


In absolutely no way, shape or form are you the only one who thinks this is depressing. Everyone I know literally winces when I tell them I'm going to buy the 9900 at full retail when it's released (I'm currently on a Nexus S). Inside, I admit, I do too. I must be crazy. I just want the keyboard. I'm literally spending $500 and losing all of the Android features I use/love on my current device just for that one keyboard. RIM's days are numbered. That's all I can say.

I wish RIM would just sell a less secure, Android line of devices for their consumer market. Everyone keeps talking about QNX like it will save their lives but with such a barren app ecosystem I don't think they have a chance to be a legitimate competitor. They say we'll run Android apps in QNX but I'm afraid RIM will find some way to screw it up and make it sufficiently expensive or cumbersome. I have no faith whatsoever in RIM's leadership anymore.

In fairness, if they are managing to bring you back due to a keyboard, that should say a lot about the other phones you've used.

Personally, this is the reason why I loved SurePress so much. it was the perfect mix between regular touch screens and the blackberry keyboard. You can touch the screen without having to select anything until you click down on the screen. Rumors had it that the 3rd rendition of the storm perfected the SurePress tech. I was eager to check it out. Sadly, I don't know if we are going to see that tech again, but I can only hope.

As for QNX, it is the real deal. If it ever does come to the handsets, it will be nice. However, I don't know if it's going to be enough, or even too late to benefit from it. The problem is just that RIM has not made it a point to be innovative enough. The phones needed to run the os have to be multicore. They NEED front and rear facing hd cameras. Apps stored on the card to save space. They need to push the limits of a mobile phone, not just a BlackBerry.

Sadly, they allow crap apps like this to define the image of a blackberry app. Could you imagine this being offered from Apple? I can't. if it is, I'll own up to it, but I don't think this would ever see the light of day.

As an artist and a musician, a student majoring in digital media production, and a MacBook Pro owner, I find myself gritting my teeth over the frustrations any and all of my BlackBerry phones CONSISTENTLY bestow upon my life. There is absolutely no reason why they should be this far behind in creativity and innovation. They really need to higher some new blood and establish a dept that will focus on putting the top of the line phones together for every type of customer.

After Apple's latest news and updates for their operating systems, I'm left here wondering what the point is in me using a Blackberry... I email a ton. That's not enough. I love BBM. They've countered that. I need notifications... They've made a more appealing look and feel to theirs.... Security...I like it..sure. They've added better security to theirs too...

BlackBerry says "Love What You Do", but I can't love what I do on a BlackBerry, as they are now. I can't even have a nice experience uploading or downloading files from my school when I'm on the road. I can't create music with anything other than a voice note (pathetic), and I most certainly can't create decent, let a lone quality artwork I'm used to with an app as lousy and lazy as this one.

Why am I here? Someone please tell me the benefits of remaining with BlackBerry. I have been a BlackBerry loyalist since the Pearl, then the Storm1...Storm2, and now the Torch.

I need a shoulder to cry on... This is pathetic.

Then leave, no ones stopping you. leave and love your new phone. B. You end up hating it and come back to BlackBerry. Either way it sounds like Apple has already taken a tole on your own thought process as Apple is taking aspects of other platforms (BlackBerry, Andriod and webOS) and incorperating it into their own and calling it "new features." So for my own and everyone else's sanity please leave and quit your belly aching. On a side note, Apple has 300,000 apps and you think all 300,00 are grade A apps? THAT'S pathetic.

Why are you being such a dickhead about it? That guy clearly loves his device and just wants the company to do well. If everyone on the fence about BBs left, then I think half of the whole American consumer market would disappear. It's really not a question of whether Apple has originated their ideas. There aren't a whole lot of truly unique concepts floating around in the cellphone industry right now. It's about execution, and no one does that as well as Apple (this is coming from a non-iPhone user). Their sales reflect that. I admit that there are some social proof principles at play here but for the most part, their products are good products, which is why it's so easy to convince people to be part of their marketing "culture."

I also think you're just as guilty of falling victim to in-group maintaining psychological pitfalls. Your ridiculous rhetorical tone and words ripped straight out of the anti-iPhone culture sound pretty damned stereotypical to me. You just can't tell because you're on this site. Before you start condemning someone else's "thought process," stop to consider your own. I'm a PhD candidate in social psychology and it's actually kind of pathetic how transparent and hypocritical your comment is. I'm going to use it as a quote as part of my next discussion because I like the mixture of exasperation, pseudo-rationality and ignorance.

To be honest, seeing these types of articles lately on Crackberry is almost making it look like an anti-BlackBerry, spoof site. Seriously, is BBM and email all BlackBerry's have to offer at this point? God damned pathetic. I'm drawn back into the world of BB's because I email incessantly from the road, but I'm bored already at the prospect of owning a 9900. This does not bode well. I will decide at the very last minute whether to abandon my current device for the Bold touch.

Once iPhones get push Gmail, I guess I will have to bite the bullet and "join the herd," as Edward Bernays might say.

We're a BlackBerry site, and we post anything and everything BlackBerry. We just crank out what we come across that looks interesting, and this happened come across the wire. Can't please everyone all the time unfortunately - hopefully you'll stick with BlackBerry though - good things to come down the road for sure.

I truly hope so, because I will in all likelihood jump back into the BB world with the 9900 and it really feels like a leap of faith due to what I have to give up in my Nexus S. RIM has a fantastic, world-class product that is only missing a few pieces to be the leader of a niche that really feels largely ignored: candy bar, touch/qwerty devices for work and play. No one is executing in this area like RIM. I just hope RIM fills their holes before Motorola or HTC spills into this area and takes it over as well. The Droid Pro and ChaCha were failures.

You too can use your $500 Blackberry to create an avatar that looks like it's right our of an Atari game! WHY? Is anyone really excited about this app? I hate to add to the negative comments but seriously? I LOVE my 9700, please don't get me wrong & I'm counting the days until I can afford my Playbook but stuff like this is just ridiculous. What a WASTE, "creativity flow" really?

I actually just switched from a G2 to my current 9780, mostly because the core messaging apps work better in a BB, oh and battery life.

But yeah, I agree, this type of articles are not very professional, I'm sure there are tons of other better apps to write about.

Cringeworthy and depressing. Even worse when you read the description as they try to hype up the app. You could draw similar things on a Windows 3.1 machine using Paint.

Wish articles like this weren't posted. Surely no one can find them informative in a good way?

I also want the Crackberry team and community to know that I'm not ripping the writer (Michelle). I'm simply pointing out the symmetry between these lazy apps and the lazy company that RIM has been willing to become.

Step up the game RIM. This YEAR.