Profile Scheduler - set your sound profiles to automatically change with your schedule

Profile Scheduler
By Kerri Neill on 22 Feb 2012 09:27 am EST

Since moving to Colorado, my schedule has lightened up a bit but I really wish I'd had an app like Profile Scheduler when I was working full time. With this app, you can set your sound profiles according to your weekly and weekend schedule. Have a weekly meeting at the same time every Monday? Worried you will be that person who forgets to turn their cell phone to silent? Worry no more, Profile Scheduler by Javatek Media has you covered! Keep reading after the break for all the features and screenshots of this fantastic app!

Designed exclusively for OS 7.1, Profile Scheduler allows you to automatically switch your active BlackBerry profile whenever you need it to. The flexible and easy to use scheduler lets you decide exactly the time and day(s) of the week that a profile should be changed, making this ideal for work, school, or even just automatically switching to silent at night. Another great feature in the app is the Temporary Activation Feature which allows you to temporarily activate a different profile. Ideal for avoiding situations where the phone was switched to the Silent profile and accidentally left on Silent mode for the rest of the day (happens to me more often then I'd care to say). As a solution, this feature could turn on the Silent profile for any period of time, like during a movie, then switch it back to your previous profile automatically.

Profile Scheduler Edit ScreenGreat example uses for this application:

  • Automatically schedule your phone to go silent at night and back on in the morning.
  • Easily schedule different times for weekends.
  • Have a job? Change your profile automatically when you start and end work. Easily schedule in a profile change for your lunch break as well.
  • Going to school? Schedule your classes so that your phone is always silent in class and back on in between.


  • No need to create new profiles. Profile Scheduler uses all of your existing BlackBerry profiles.
  • While using Profile Scheduler, you can still change your active profile the same way as before.
  • Pre-configured templates let you quickly get started in just minutes.
  • The scheduled profile changes can be turned on and off at any time with just a button click.
  • When the profile is automatically changed, the device will vibrate to let you know (can be turned off).
  • Temporary Activation - automatically change your profile after a certain period of time.
  • Works even if device is holstered or locked

Profile Scheduler Main Screen

I am a person who is very easily distracted by noises and such. Once my train of thought has been interrupted, it can be extremely difficult for me to refocus. I have found it useful to schedule "Office Hrs" and "Work" time where all notifications are set to Silent. This way I can answer emails or work on a post without worrying about Facebook or Twitter notifications distracting me.

Profile Scheduler is available for $1.99 on all carriers and in all countries on the following devices running OS 7.1 or higher: 9350, 9360, 9370, 9810, 9850, 9860, 9900, 9930, 9981.There is a FREE version available as well with limited features.

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Reader comments

Profile Scheduler - set your sound profiles to automatically change with your schedule


That would be great for my school schedule, Sometimes I forget and this would eliminate all of that. Might give the free version a try and think about buying it.

Same here... this would be great for my school as well. I am going give it a go once the study break is over and see how it works.

Agreed -- but these are features that RIM ought to include in the core OS for free, especially if RIM wants to differentiate itself from its competition with BB10.

We ought not to have to pay a 3rd party company to provide this type of core OS functionality.

Will this work while the phone is on sleep mode on a holster? (OtterBox Defender)

I found some apps don't work if the phone is on a holster.

Cool, they can go one further and allow profiles to change with your GPS location, for work, home etc. This needs the application to be smart to recognise things like churches, banks etc. Now that would be cool!

Where my uncle works, they have NFC as well as GPS initiated system. When he walk through certain doors leading to meetings, the Blackberries automatically goes to Vibrate no matter what settings the phone is on. Obviously the company only have Blackberries.

The GPS tags are placed between the door frames. Very cool. So if churches and banks do the same thing, yep this will be possible. :)

I was just going to comment on the utility of using NFC tags instead of GPS. Plus NFC would allow to to trigger other "macros" too.

Bought "Profile Changer" a week or so ago. It does the same thing including changing by location. A buck more, but definitely worth it.

Plus Profile Changer is integrated with the Calendar app so that you can setup keywords to schedule profile change. There is also a VIP contacts Category feature which you can set to ensure vip contacts will always ring even when the profile setting is set to vibrate, silent or OFF.

check out Profile Changer on AppWorld

Thank you for this info.... I am going to buy Profile Changer because it scan for keywords in the calender.

Can change the sound profile to vibrate on all calender events?

Just had to comment on this...
Supported devices... Torch 9800... but supported os 7.1... hmmm.. the two don't work together
Highest version of the 9800 is

I can't wait for 10...

This is a great APP for college student.
If you have unregular schedual classes like one in 8am and the next in 5pm
usually when you walk to class you forget to turn off your ringer
This program AUTO turn it off for you =)