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Profile Changer Pro update brings more goodies

Profile Changer Pro update brings more goodies
By DJ Reyes on 15 Jan 2014 06:16 am EST

Profile Changer Pro has become one of my top 5 apps. It climbed up my personal app chart when it went headless and now it is bringing some more goodies to the table. As a quick brief, Profile Changer Pro allows you to set different profiles for different times of the day. You can even make profiles for upcoming calendar entries or your meeting/calendar schedule. It has proven to be very useful and last December we saw it go headless. With this latest update it has just upped its game again.

The big addition to this update is the geofencing feature. It will use your GPS to automatically change your profile. So, if you need to have a certain profile for your work place you can just set it change to that profile once you reach that location. Working from home means I haven't put the geofencing feature into full use but I can see where it will work for some.

Full Profile Changer Pro Changelog

Version 2 Headless Features

  • Version 2 includes all the features in version 1 plus the following
  • Compatible with OS10.2.1 and completely Headless. No more Active Frame
  • Geofencing support. Take advantage of the power of Location Services. Change sound profile when you near or leaving a location. All done in the background. Geofencing is the most accurate location vs Cell Tower.

Version 1 Active Frame Features

  • New User Interface. Easier to navigate around screens
  • Cell Tower support. Use Cell network tower location to change sound profile. When you are near or leave a cell tower you can change a sound profile. 
  • Bluetooth support. Change a sound profile when the device connects and disconnects from a Bluetooth device. E.g: connect with the Handsfree speaker in your car. You can change the sound profile to silent.
  • Wi-Fi support. Change a sound profile when the device connects and disconnects from a WiFi network. E.g: Change profile to Phone only when connected to Home WiFi network or Vibrate when connected to Work WiFi network. When leaving the WiFi network a different sound profile can be changed E.g: Normal.
  • Holster support. Change a sound profile when the BlackBerry is put into the holster and change to a different sound profile when you take it out of the holster.
  • Calendar integration. Create calendar keywords or Busy status to use when you create new appointments in the Calendar application to change sound profiles. E.g: Enter the keyword “Meeting” in the appointment subject will change the profile to Vibrate or Silent or set the Busy status to “Busy” will change the profile to All Alerts Off.

Take note that headless support only works with OS 10.2.1, if you are running OS 10.2, Profile Changer Pro will have to be running in an Active Frame to work. If you have Profile Changer Pro already, it's free to update. If you're looking to give it a go, it is available for $2.99. It's also available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones running 10.2 and above.

Learn more / Download Profile Changer Pro for BlackBerry 10



I may have to consider getting this app now since Crackberry is basically shoving it down my throat at this point lol.

Posted via CB10


It's well worth the money for the Geo fencing capability alone. I've been searching high and low for such a feature and was so happy that this app that I bought a long time ago broke it out as an update.

Posted via CB10


Nice update! Keep it coming.

Posted via CB10

Prem WatsApp

Looks useful, functionality should be in Core OS though, not as an app / add-on.

Thanks to the developer. Might have to buy.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....


The geofencing capabilities is brilliant! I always put my phone on Silent when I get home from work at night, and I love how this app does it automatically for me now as I pull into my driveway. It makes me giddy! And the calendar-integration is perfect. Just another amazing headless app from one of the best developers out there.


Junk. Sry.

C00121417 


Siya Troll

Posted via CB10


"Geofencing support." it's about time! Missed this from an app I had on OS7, although I think I used WIFI to establish location back then.

Until I read more reviews I wont be pulling the trigger on this one. For now I've downloaded Geo Profiles, free 20 day trial(also headless). If that fits my need I'll go with whatever is cheaper.


With v2 you can use Bluetooth and wifi to change profile too whenever it's connected or disconnected.


If the bed time mode could still allow calls from a select set out of the contacts list this would be golden.

Posted via CB10


Yeah the iPhone can! BB is for people who think they are the cool crowd not following the herd! But really it's just they can't cope with how fast new technology comes out so use the BB with it's been there done that 10 years ago ability :P


Ouch... what did I do to you?

Posted via CB10 with Z30 on radio


You must be new here.

Toasted via CB10


Are you talking about allowing ringtone to play while in bedside mode?

BlackBerry still have not released the Phone SDK to allow capturing the phone number. The rate BlackBerry is going they will never release the sdk. This is a sad part.


This is going to get some major consideration from me now that it is headless and has the geofencing feature for profiles!

Any word on battery usage? That would be the only thing that would worry me.

Good work!

CB10 : Z10 STL100-3


It really doesn't use much. From the App Manager it reports 1.3% in the past 48 hours on my Q10 running on OS10.2.1 Headless mode.

len pothier

I'm not blaming the newest update but suddenly my battery usage spiked around noon for an unknown reason. When I look at the app it says it never went above. 4 but it and almost everyother ap spiked at the same moment. It was odd since that has never happened before.

Posted via CB10


did you check the cpu usage for Profile Changer too?

You can try doing a reset on your BB and start fresh.

len pothier

Same thing, again it spikes but stays below. 4 the only reason I mention this at all is its a new occurance and the only thing that changed was pcp and blaq both being updated this morning.

Posted via CB10

len pothier

I also havnt loaded blaq since the update either.

Posted via CB10


Why no link at the end of the article. Now I have to search for the app.

Posted with a Hammer and Chisel


Awwww aha, I'm sorry I didn't mean to hurt your feelings, it's this pesky predictive text on the iPhone. What I meant to post was that "Blackberrys are amazing" but the predictive text changed Blackberrys and Amazing to what my post read lol! Happy new year!


Motorola had smart actions years ago and wit that you can switch off 3g/4g when you get home and turn on wifi, start/stop gps and a ton of other function. is 2014 and bb brags with 2 years ago thech?
and is not even integrated in the os it's an app, wtf.
if the dev il reading this maybe he can take a look at moto's smart actions and copy all those functions for his app. at least to be par with competition not some lame options


The geofinder makes it much more interesting.

Posted via CB using my Q10


Ooh pooh geofencing.

Posted via CB using my Q10


If we could finally create custom sound profiles that would make this app very useful, but since I can only choose between normal, silent, vibrate and phone calls it makes this app useless, I wasted my money until BlackBerry adds in custom profiles. This is my most hated part of BB10 and I can't believe it hasn't been added to the OS. I can't here my phone at work out on the plant floor and it drives me nuts that I have to switch between ring tones.



If you just need to loud volume then create a loud ringtone.

I do not think BB will ever release or allow you to create your own profiles. Even on BBOS7 you can not create your own sound profiles. You can only change the volume etc..


Is it possible to change the profile based on the orientation of the device? ie. silent mode when face down and whatever the prior profile was when face up?

For example, if I have it in Normal mode when I am looking at it and then I put it down face down it automatically goes into silent mode. Then if I flip it over it automatically goes back to Normal mode.

Posted via CB10