Profile Changer for BlackBerry OS 7.1 takes care of profile management for you

Profile Changer
By Ryan Blundell on 26 Jan 2012 10:34 am EST

I love having different profiles to use and customize on my BlackBerry smartphone. It makes it so easy to mute the ringtone audio when I get to work, or helps me identify which email account received a new message. Despite how easy I just said it was, I do tend to forget to switch them from time to time. I’m pretty sure my employees love hearing the theme song to The Big Bang Theory when a phone call comes in.

Toysoft Development Inc has recently come up with a profile changing application design only for OS 7.1 and up; and it’s aptly named Profile Changer. No matter if your BlackBerry is in your pocket, a case or sitting there with a locked keyboard, this application will make sure your profiles are changed for you, whenever you want. Basically, Profile Changer can switch profiles using a few different scenarios. First, you can set a Timed Profile change, which is then turned on and off specific times of your choosing. You can then select which days of the week you want to have it active on. Next, Calendar Keyword allows you to assign a keyword to a profile change. You then include that same keyword in a Calendar Entry; say a meeting with your boss. From the time that your appointment starts, to the time it ends, your profile is set to the type you want. Profiles can also be set to switch by simply charging your phone. The last type is Location based (cell tower triangulation), which is my favourite type. This means that I can easily switch to an office setting, simply by arriving at the office.


  • Designed specifically for BlackBerry Smartphone OS 7.1 and higher
  • Supports three types of Profiles: Daily/Weekly timer, Calendar keyword integration and Location base. You can mix and match Timed profile with Location profile
  • Works when the keyboard or screen is locked, in Holster or device has a password lock without user intervention
  • Automatically Set Profile when you charge your BlackBerry Smartphone
  • One Time Profile when you just do not want to be disturbed. You can set it from 5 minutes to 10 Hours and Profile Changer will automatically set the Sound Profile back
  • Backup and Restore of all your Profiles to the SD Card. SD Card is required. Very useful when you upgrade the BBOS.
  • Automatically creates Scheduled Calendar Profile when you enter a keyword when create a new appointment. Profile Changer will automatically switch Profile when the appointment happens and switch it back when the appointment is done. No more worry about your phone ringing in bad situations
  • Scan the entire Calendar application for keywords so you can use your already setup appointments. You can even setup keywords in the future like next year
  • All profiles are limited to 64

It seems as though Profile Changer works on both official and leaked OS 7.1, at least it does for me anyway. If you like to frequently change profiles, you should definitely pick up Profile Changer for BlackBerry smartphones. It’s available for $2.99 from BlackBerry App World.

More information/download Profile Changer for BlackBerry smartphones

Reader comments

Profile Changer for BlackBerry OS 7.1 takes care of profile management for you


s this the only app that does this? i've always wondered why there wasn't one already? i've always wnted different default settings for work hours, off work hours, and sleep.

Profile Changer is the only one for OS7.1 that works properly. We do have ProfilerX which works on all OS6 and 7 but it doesn't integrate with OS7.1 like Profile changer does. ProfilerX can not change profile if the keyboard is locked, in the holster and password locked. Profile Changer does not have this limitation.

also profile changer have the VIP rule which it will always change the profile for vip callers no matter what the current profile setting is. so if you have your phone on vibrate and a vip contact calls you it will ring if you set the vip rule to loud or medium.

i would really like to see the option of bluetooth on and off as this option is available in profileX as i have to manually disconnect the Bluetooth especially the battery life in OS 7.1 is very hard please add this feature toysoft thanks in advance and great app. worth buying.

I've been using Ring Scheduler for a while now. It has just about all the same features, except for the location based setting. I've been very happy with it.

I may take a closer look at Profile Changer if it gets GPS support. I do like the idea of it knowing when I'm at work and setting a silent profile instead of just having it change during normal business hours, as I do now.

I'm sorry to say but Ring Scheduler is NOT the same as Profile Changer. Ring Scheduler can not switch profiles when your bb is locked or in the holster.

I wouldn't know about the holster since I rarely use one, but my 9810 is locked frequently and the switch happens without issue. It would be a deal-breaker for me if that didn't happen.

from Ring Scheduler description:

Note: BlackBerry® device restrictions do not permit changes to your ring settings while your phone is holstered or password locked, but RingScheduler will automatically alert you to momentarily unholster/unlock.

Which is why I never bother with these apps.

My town only has one tower, so the profile would never change.

Make one with GPS tracking, then we'll talk.

A feature that PALM had that I was very surprised that BB did not have when I first started using a Berry. That way if after a meeting I forgot to switch back to my normal profile it would do it for me in an hour or two.


i was recently playing with the new motorola RAZR and this feature comse built in and i was going to buy it just for this feature alone and use it as my second device, was sold on it just for this feature and i WISHED bb had it, and my wish came true!

WOW! I am so glad that I came across this app. I have Profile Scheduler, but after updating the OS when new updates came out I would always have to manually add in my information again and I hated that. I wanted and needed a Backup and Restore option but they did not have it. I even had sent I believe an email and provided feedback stating please add a Backup and Restore option.

Well, forget them!

Like it too... but atm series don´t work. only the first appointment works fine. don´t know why.
I´m using and yep - reinstall wont work. any idea?