Professional Precision Plus Today Theme

Professional Precision Plus Today!
By Bla1ze on 23 Jun 2009 12:29 pm EDT

A lot of people like the original themes that actually come default on their BlackBerry devices but wish they had just a little more, such as a today plus section. Sadly, RIM decided to leave the today plus versions of themes off of their newer devices so that leaves us relying on professional theme designers such a Hedone Hawker over at Hedone designs to fill the void we all now have.

Hedone has just completed his latest Precision Today Plus theme, which stays true to the original themes but adds that awesome today section that everyone wants. You can grab this theme for $1.99 from the Shop CrackBerry Store today and is available for 8900, 9000, and Storm devices.

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Professional Precision Plus Today Theme


Wait, he added Today and a new background and wants $1.99? As I recall, adding Today in Plazmic is quite simple. Not worth it when you can get ACTUAL premium themes for $3.99 or some pretty amazing ones for free in the forums.

yeah, but they ALL leak. Maybe this one will be leak free. All I want is the today screen. I don't care about new graphics that slow down the phone.

but not for someone who doesn't have the time to deal with Plazmic. This is what I wanted - a today theme that doesn't require me to roll over the calendar to show me today! I paid for the theme and love it (now, if only we could change the font size and color in the today window...)

There's already a free Precision Today theme out. I have it on my Curve, and I got it for free. Google it, I'm sure you'll find it too. It may even be on these forums.

How can someone charge for a simple modification that is already available? Robbery.

I downloaded this theme and love it. My only complaint would be that there are no folder icons like the default precision theme has. It shows them in the picture, but they are not available to select and just show as a blank generic folder icon as default. I have a Bold. Can the developers comment on this please?

I sent in a help ticket on their website on this issue. They responded saying they will look into it. I will keep everyone posted.

The theme totally disrupts all your folders on the menu screen. If you had apps organized in folders, this is not for you. The search for a good Today theme that doesn't mess with other settings continues. Oh well!

I have never found a theme that you install that you don't have to reorganize your icons and folders. That organization is a function of whatever theme you are using, not of your blackberry OS. Good luck finding one that reads your settings from another theme.

just when I thought I had found the perfect theme I get disappointed. The today feature only works when you have two rows selected for the desktop. not very wall paper friendly and a bit slow

and ontop of that it leaks like crazy!! i have never gone below 20. bought it yesturday and i was down to 15. the display sucks too. once it fades out and you click the screen for display to show again, the display is distorted if you look close and can see doubles of the icons and clock...disappointed.

will verizon ever come out with a theme that doesnt leak?

can you make the display not get distorted when you it fades out and you bring it back up. if you look closely you can tell. there is like double image of the clock and icons. it goes away once you highlight something. just annoying though...

Does anyone have an answer if this will work with os .151 hybrid? Would love to have the today screen with the stock theme.

I want the bold icons on my storm, so the match the rest of the ones that highlight. For example, facebook and VVM "light up" when selected. Wish they all did that...

try the theme 10 icon bold by cozper the icon do light up and are the bold icons with transparent background

I gotta say, I really like this theme. It is simply a mod to the default theme. It works well on my 8900, so far no problems.

I don't mean to begrudge everyone that has a newer BB, but it is dissapointing when a cool new theme comes out and is not available to me. :( Like most people, I want a very fast Today theme for my curve. I have purchased and downloaded a bunch of very nice ones, but they all slow the BB way down.

I agree with Hofstrajet, font size on the today window needs to be bigger, other then that very nice theme.