Review: ProClip Custom Suction Cup Mount for the BlackBerry Q10

By James Richardson on 1 Apr 2014 12:21 pm EDT

If you're a BlackBerry Q10 user and you're looking for the best in-car holder for your device this is it. The Built for BlackBerry approved ProClip Custom Suction Cup Mount for the Q10 isn't the cheapest solution and if you want cheap you can get it. However, if you want durability, ease of use and reliability then read on. 

I've used ProClip in-car solutions for a number of years now - most of them purchased with my own money. The main reason for this is that each one is custom made for the BlackBerry you own - none of this generic stuff. What this means is that you get the best fit possible - offering protection and in all the years I've used ProClip's I've never had a smartphone come out of the holder. There's a reason ProClip has Built for BlackBerry designation!

In terms of where you can attach the ProClip in the car you have three options. My one of choice is the windscreen, but you can also use the suction cup to stick the holder to your car console if you desire and it also comes with a round adhesive piece of plastic which you can stick to your dashboard and then sucker the ProClip onto.

And the suction cup on the mount is real tight, if that's the right term to use. Attaching is done by pressing the cup against the surface you want to fix the mount to and then pushing up the lever for the ultimate fixture. Removing the ProClip is achieved by reversing the process - simple. 

Due to the angles that the holder can be adjusted to you can place it anywhere you like in the car and get the perfect view of your notifications as they come in. As usual, we can't condone using your BlackBerry whist driving but with the toast notifications that we now have in BlackBerry 10 you'll see each one without having to look away from the road. 


  • Perfect custom fit for the BlackBerry Q10
  • No adjustments needed – just slide your device into place
  • Access keyboard, camera and all side buttons and ports while in holder
  • Easy removal of holder from suction cup
  • Attach to windshield, dashboard or console
  • Tilt device more than 30 degrees in any direction
  • Swivel device from portrait to landscape view
The Good
  • Quality brand name - quality product
  • Suction is as good as it gets. This thing isn't coming off unless you want it to. 
The Bad
  • No built in charger, but all ports are uncovered. 
  • Expensive in comparison to some generic car mounts. 
The bottomline

As I said earlier - if you want a custom car mount for your BlackBerry Q10 you can't do better than ProClip in my opinion. It's solid, great build quality and not only does the device slot perfectly into it, it's a tight fit - giving you piece of mind. 

A real winner if you ask me. 

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Review: ProClip Custom Suction Cup Mount for the BlackBerry Q10


I'll add, that I'd like one for the Z30 as well. Most of the windshield mount stuff out there is dollar store junk, would like a quality one and am willing to pay

From my Zed 30 running

If it's so tight a fit then won't it scuff and wear the sides of your phone,!!!!! P.s my Z10,s the dogs bollox!!


I read it as its so tight to the windshield and tight all around. Meaning solid. Not tight on the phone.

Love how easy it is to recognize from the pictures that this review was brought to us from the UK. Mounted on right side of windshield (wrong side lol), raining AND it's a BlackBerry! Love it!

Posted via CB10

I know right?? At first I thought, wait... I know Canadians have no indoor plumbing, but they sure as hell don't drive on the wrong side of the road...!? LOL

Posted via CB10

Pro clip has always had super products. Had one for my 9000 six or so years ago. Never scratched either.

Posted via CB10

Awesome to hear about this product. I've tried a few for my Q and returned them all. I'll gladly pay for this. After all, it's been said and proven true, you get what you pay for! Lol

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I've had the two-part proclip solution for every car and phone I've had. I prefer the fixed mount in my car. The device holder is unique to the device. The car mount is unique to the car. Works really well. I should get this suction cup for traveling and rental cars, which is every week.

I have had a permanent mount version in my car for six months. My Q10 has ridden in the ProClip for about 2 hours a day, 6 days a week. No scratches, no slips, no problems.

I bought the optional hook plate so that I could hang the in-car charger cable on the ProClip and plug it into the phone. Fantastic. This is a quality piece of kit. Recommended.

Posted via CB10

Does it only fit a naked Q10? Or will it work with the Q10 Blackberry soft-shell case or Otterbox?

Posted via CB10

I've never had a ProClip product before but any suction cup mount I've tried or those of people I know, fall off. Imagining my BlackBerry falling off the windshild makes me queasy.

First, clean the windscreen with alcohol. Second, clean the suction cup with same.

A little spit (or H2O) on the suction cup prior to sticking it on windscreen is all you need.

I run a heavy, 7" GPS stuck on the glass, and it never falls off. A little BlackBerry communication device will be fine.


And the "purchase from USA site" link that comes up, just goes to a Z case. -but it does warn me that the case "will not work with my Q".

So far, shop CB is getting a rather low grade for functionality, and a fail for availability.

Isn't Kevin from Winnipeg? Thats in Canada ya know.


I love ProClips. Have used them for many years on too many devices to mention. They are not cheap, but in this case you get what you pay for. Their flagship product is a two-piece solution - the first piece is custom made for your vehicle and the second for your device. The beauty of this solution is that when you get a new device, you just change the device piece - no need to get a new vehicle mount. You can get hardwire versions which you wire to your car for permanent power, cigarette lighter versions, and non-powered versions. Their suction cup mounts, like the one in this review, are also fantastic and I have one for when I travel. Their website is and they have discounts from time to time.

I use the GripGo. 10 bucks and surprisingly works just fine. My wife can use it with her iphone too as it works with any phone. Thought it would've been a mistake after purchase at it says it does not adhere to silicone but perhaps they were referring to the suction cup not adhering to silicone. It is very sticky. I just wash off the green sticky gel about once a month and it works like new. The gel piece pops off so you can bring it in the house and leave the suction cup arm in place. I sound like the commercial, but it's true, there's no residue on the phone.