Keep your BlackBerry Z10 charged up while mobile with the ProClip Custom Charging Mount

By DJ Reyes on 13 Mar 2014 12:00 pm EDT

Since I work from home I don’t have to drive around for long distances, but for my short drives it’s always nice to have some accessories for my BlackBerry device. One such accessory would be a car mount. I got hold of a ProClip Custom Charging Mount for the BlackBerry Z10 and gave it a whirl. How did it fair? Follow on through for my full review.

The ProClip Custom Charging Suction Mount comes with two main parts — the suction cup mount and the cradle. This particular one I am reviewing here is for the Z10. The cradle has a 2-amp cigarette lighter adapter so you can also charge your Z10 while mounted. The suction mount can be attached to the windshield or the dashboard/console. There is an adhesive pad that you can use if you want to attach it to your console or dashboard instead of the windshield.

Connecting the cradle and the suction mount together is simple — just slot the back of the cradle in the swivel part of the mount until it clicks. To attach your BlackBerry Z10 to the cradle just slide it in from the right and push it all the way until your device connects to the charger. Then just position the cradle wherever you want it and push the lever down on the mount to put it in place.
The cradle itself can swivel and tilt around so you can place it just the way you want it, even put it in landscape mode if you needed too. You can then tight the screw on the back of the cradle to hold it in place.

The ProClip Custom Charging Mount is definitely one of the nicer mounts I’ve used. The suction cup is pretty strong and I don’t fear it falling off the windshield while driving. There have been some unfortunate times this has happened to me with other car mounts. I like that on the cradle part there are two soft pads to keep the back of your device somewhat protected from the metal to avoid scratching.

There is an extra cradle holder clip included for those who purchase different mount holder. This allows you to easily switch between the mounts. Just detach the cradle part.

ProClip Custom Charging Mount Parts

I only have two negatives with the ProClip Charging Mount and they may not be something everyone will encounter. First off, the cigarette lighter adapter. The silver latch bit that keeps it in place when inserted seems a little too small and so it doesn't sit well when plugged in. Sometimes it dislodges and so it stops charging my device. I have other car chargers that do not wiggle this much. Second issue is the wire, perhaps it could be a little longer on may be not coiled. I prefer to put the cradle on the side of my windshield as opposed to the center and this means I have to stretch the wire out. Eventually it wants to coil back. Couple that with my first issue and it adds to the adapter being dislodged easily. This only really becomes a huge problem if I want to get a nice charge up on my device which isn't too often, thankfully but it can be come an issue for longer journeys.

The Good
  • Charger and cradle in one
  • Suction mount is very sturdy
The Bad
  • Wire could be longer or not coiled
  • Adapter does not sit well when inserted
The bottomline

All-in-all the ProClip Custom Charging Suction Mount is a solid car kit. If you just own a Z10 then this is a pretty decent car kit to look into. If you use multiple devices, or switch devices a lot it may be worth getting a universal car kit instead. Though since you can detach the cradle part you could just get a cradle for another device and still use the suction mount. The fact that you can charge your device with the cradle is also a nice bonus. No need to get a separate car charger. My niggles are with the adapter and the wire length but as I said other may not encounter these issues, it would be a case of trying it out to see.

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Keep your BlackBerry Z10 charged up while mobile with the ProClip Custom Charging Mount


Got the xbolt one from crackberry... Its awesome it's adjustable and perfect cause I got the bigger battery on the back

Posted via CB10

Excellent quality product.
I have this for both my wife's Z10 and my Z30.
Durable, sturdy and well engineered.

Note: to make this work with my Z30 I needed to get the adapter piece made specifically for the Z30, but swapping my adapter for my wife's Z10 setup is quick and easy. Thanks suction cup & arm assembly never needs to be removed for the swap.

Posted via CB10

I've never tried doing it landscape.
I'd give it a shot now to test it out for you but I'm on a 5 hour train ride and my wife has the car that has that mount in it.

Give ProClip a call if you want an immediate answer on this or check back here later and I'll try it when I get the chance.

By the way: ProClip just announced a St. Patrick's Day sale where you'll get 10% off orders over $50, 15% off orders over $75, and 20% off orders over $100.
The promo code is LUCKY14

Posted via CB10

All the car chargers I get suck. They don't even charge the phone (just prevents it from getting lower) unless it's turned off or in airplane mode. Not enough juice in it I guess.

I've never had a problem with a BlackBerry branded car charger. Currently, I'm using the premium charger so that I can charge two devices (Q10 & Bluetooth earphone) at once.

Posted via CB10

I too like the mount to be on the left side of the windshield. Hopefully auto makers will put power points on the left dash in the future. My biggest problem with the suction cup mounts is they don't stick when its below freezing.

They also don't stick if they are in the sun all day - then again living in the UK that's very rarely a problem!

Posted via CB10

Mine stick, it's sunny and hot OR wet and steamy here in the tropics, you just gotta get past the yuck factor and actually LICK the suction cup. The little residue from the saliva makes it stick, even after weeks.

Hope that helps.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

That sicker is awesome - the red one that looks like a BlackBerry notification symbol. BlackBerry should ship those with all devices like how apple does with the apple stickers!

Posted via CB10 using my Z10STL100-2/

These mounts need to be installed very low, down near the vents or in a corner, otherwise you can get fined here in Queensland.

Not legal to obstruct view through wind screen. That mount as shown would certainly cause some eyebrow and revenue raising, when the cops see it .... ;-)

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Little to rich for me. I can't see spending over $60 on a cradle and it have the negatives of short cord and unstable plug.

Posted via CB10

$60 bucks?? I achieved the same affect by going to the local pharmacy and getting GripGo for $10 bucks, a usb car charger/audio adapter for $6 and the usb cable that came with my z10.

Posted via CB10

Not in Canada? There goes the chance to make a weekly purchase.

For the person on the move - BB10- + Pebble

I bought a ProClip last year. Very, very nice. I got a permanent mount for my car, which sits above a vent. That is well made too. (check out the ProClip site) Rather than buying the model with the slide in charger post, I just use my already purchased car charger. Recommended.

Posted via CB10