Problems With The WiFi On Your BlackBerry Storm2?!?

By Bla1ze on 30 Oct 2009 09:07 am EDT
BlackBerry Storm2 WiFi

* Update - It seems that now at this point if you're suffering from this issue, simply resending the service books may fix it (without need to call in and change plans). Try that first before you spend anytime waiting on the phone! Dig into the forums at the links below for more details. *

If you listened to the CrackBerry podcast recently you would have heard us make mention of users in the forums having some issues with the WiFi on their BlackBerry Storm2 devices. As it turns out, this appears to be a fairly large problem for many of the customers who have purchased a Storm2. The issue is a known one to Verizon at this time since it's their issue to fix (not RIM's) and they are working on a complete fix for it but no ETA for that fix is currently available. Instead, work arounds are needed in order to ensure the WiFi is working properly.

The issue at hand is when WiFi enabled the device is not able to fully transmit voice and data at the same time and the WiFi logo stays greyed out, indicating that it is not fully connected to whatever WiFi service you set it up to (All white means connected). The fix for it currently at this is to call Verizon and have them place you on a more expensive data plan ($45+ BES Plan), power cycle your device and resend your service books. All should be fine after that, just be sure to ask about a credit for the difference between plans. But I guess the real question here is how did this glitch ever pass through Verizon's hands unnoticed?

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Problems With The WiFi On Your BlackBerry Storm2?!?


its fixed . my wifi is working since this morning . all white no more grey . im on the lower data package

This is not Rim's issue it's a Verizon issue. Verizon needs to sort it out and stop being punk @ss B!tch3s. Let people have there wifi if they want it. But it's all about money for them.

Yup, I just resent and it worked immediately. I had had this issue from the start. Seems like it was a small glitch that Verizon had to iron out.

I guess I WON'T submit this to the blogger's attention. ;) Anyways there are some reports in the Forums that the issue MAY, be resolved.


Of course the fix is to have you upgrade to a more expensive plan. Their criminal billing system will never fix the problem. Once you make a change to your Verizon bill, you are fucked. You will never see that money again, if anything, it will cause such a major headache to you, that you will have to pay them more to make it stop.

Verizon billing system is the bane of humanity. The FCC should yank their license to do ANYTHING until the put a competent billing system in place.

You need to get your facts straight before you rant off a diatribe like that one. It's not a VZW issue, so just calm down brother...calm down. Drink much?

"The issue is a known one to Verizon at this time since it's their issue to fix (not RIM's)"

Thats not correct. Verizon is only tasked with ensuring the Network is up and able to be utilized by the device. Any device functionality that is not working or needs to be fixed is done by the manufacturer through patches or software updates. Verizon Wireless doesn't release software patches or updates other than putting them on the website for download. These come direct from RIM.

The reason that people were changing to the $45 plan and it fixed the issue was not a VZW billing issue it was a RIM service book issue. Once they received the BES service books it unlocked the WIFI on the device. Verizon Wireless always intended for the device to have unlocked WIFI regardless of price. As you can see RIM corrected the issue with a service book update for the BIS users. Also not something Verizon Wireless has any control over for those haters like the poser (I mean poster) above me.

I gotta tell you- wifi on a phone- especially one on a Verizon network is unnecessary- other then drain you battery- I just don't see it. Verizon Network is the best out there and I have never been in a situation with my phone where I said "If only I had wifi"

I use to think the same. Now that I have it I will require it for all my future devices. I do a lot a browsing at home via my BB and my S2 is insanely fast now thanks to wifi.

My house is on the fringe of a good 3G connection, so it is a boon for me. Also, my office is in the middle of our building near the vault so, again, a boon.

Yup I have the problem on my phone. I am done with the Storm 2. Buttons sometimes are not responsive on first touch and now the WiFi issue. My phone is getting sent back today and I will use my upgrade on one of the upcoming Android phones. Sorry Blackberry but I can't sit and wait for another year for you guys to figures this out, by then you guys will be way behind the competition.

Went to look at the Storm2 yesterday, really not that impressed by the over all feel sure, it's quick, but the storm is now too, with the 5.0 update Verizon released. Wifi? Just an added perk that isn't all that great to me. Until RIM unlock's the capability of their internet browser to view secured(username and password entry) websites wifi is just an unessential thing for me......

Damn curiosity will probably get the best of me though, and I'll upgrade to this phone when I upgrade.... we'll see, still a month to go.

I'm not sure if this falls under the category of viewing a secure website, but I can log into and view blackboard just fine. I type my username and password, access all of my school stuff from my Blackberry browser. Sooo...

Yesterday my WiFi signal was never white but today I checked and it is good to go.

This is my first BB and I am pretty pumped about it!

You know I'm on my 4th 9530, I've been ready to rip my hair out. Then I saw the Storm2 coming out and I said NO WAY after thinking about it. My sales rep kept trying to replace my Storm, but I told her that I want a DROID cause I knew that if the Storm2 was twice as good as the Storm, it would still be junk. Can't wait till Friday so I can sh*t-can this Storm. It's a joke of an "upgrade" from the 9530 and now we see it has problems right from launch. Sound familiar? RIM needs to stick with what they know, and it's not touch screen devices.

This problem was solved quickly and wasn't really a major issue. You guys think that other phone manufacturers produce phones with no problems at all? Just go on google and seach for iphone or palm pre problems. I love my BB Messenger and push email.

Big Red continues its tradition of release bugs followed by upgrade work arounds then year later patch fixes followed two months later by the 'New Unit Upgrade'.

Suprised that we all arent relegated to the $1200/mo. plan by now...

Are you serious? The phone is BRAND NEW and there are already issues that require people having to visit forums etc? And you think that is acceptable!

RIM have made mugs of people again!

I don't understand, why use your wifi if you already have a data plan? You know verizon doesn't let you get a berry without a data plan. I just think its useless, runs out your battery. I don't know thats what I think.

My wifi works fine and it's been working since Wednesday...guess mine didn't have an issue I hope haha. I do love this phone though at least compared to my Storm 1 it is wayyyy better.

90% of the posts to the OP are people gasping, and pointing fingers at VZW and RIM. Even though right in between a bunch of people are trying to say "Hey, I'm right here and my Storm 2 works just fine" but people post right over them like they dont even exist... One article on a supposed issue thats already been fixed and the haters and flamers are off and having a field day. Calm down.... If you dont like the phone don't get it, but you're going on and on and on about something thats already been resolved and wasn't that big an issue in the first place...

Seriously. Is pressing your finger down 4 times to resend your service books that big of a deal? Calm it down people...

reading these posts, i have determined that 90% of you whom have posted, whining, are 6 year old school girls... why do you even have a blackberry?

How the bitter idiots jump into yelling and calling names. Verizon never was making anyone pay more for wifi. It is/was a service book issue. Stop crying.

For all of you that are trying to bad mouth Verizon, get a life lol! The only thing you have to do to fix the issue to register your host routing table, and that should get you up and started. No, the difference in data packages does not have anything to do with the wifi connection. There you have it

For all of you that are trying to bad mouth Verizon, get a life lol! The only thing you have to do to fix the issue to register your host routing table, and that should get you up and started. No, the difference in data packages does not have anything to do with the wifi connection. There you have it

I still don't understand why people don't understand that all these electronics in the WORLD are just that electronics...some have glitches or problems if Verizon wasn't willing to replace the device under warranty or offer a solution I could understand the complaining!

Another thing I don't understand is if you knew when you purchased the phone from a corporate store that there is a 1 year manufactuer warranty and if you had a manufactuer defect after that one year and Verizon says they can replace the device with the same model for $50 since it is out of the warranty period why people throw a fit! Ideally YES we would like to have everything OUR way and get stuff for free...but really!! If you were the owner would you give phones away for free after the warranty period? Esp. when you already give customers the opportunity to exchange the device within the first 30 days of an upgrade for the price difference and a $35 restocking fee because they cannot resale it as a new device (it costs them WAY MORE then $35 to send that phone back) yet people want to bitch about that as well!!!

sorry that you broke bastards couldnt afford to upgrade, but unlike t-mobile and other carries that have wifi berrys we don't need uma service on our berry the network is strong enough. all you had to do was 1st buy the phone lol, configure ur browser to be a hotsopt browser and register your service books wow!!!! the issue was fixed, and you don't own a storm and your complaining why? my h2 gets horrible gas milage you wanna bitch about gas prices for me 2????

After spending almost an hour with Verizon tech support and being encouraged to completely wipe my Storm2 and start from scratch, I had an epiphany! I unplugged my cable modem from the power supply for about one minute and then plugged the power cord back into the modem.

I was desparate to keep all of my third party apps intact and did not want to jeopardize all of the $$$ that I had already put into the purchase of them.

Lo and behold, my Wifi icon turned white and the magical green check mark appeared replacing the white dash.

This has been about 5 days, and thus far...all is well in the world of Wifi. Give it a try and post your results.

i am a new user of blackberry storm 2 and i have problems with my wifi i cant connect to it in myplace but i cant at friends place and i am not in the usa i am in Bulgaria and second my phone is coded i cant open it what can i do ?