Want even more security on your BlackBerry? Hit up Private Messages for BBM

Private Messages for BBM
By James Richardson on 30 Jan 2014 05:45 am EST

Want some extra security when it comes to BBM? Max Secure Software have you covered once again with Private Messages for BBM. The native BlackBerry 10 application is perfect for those of you (like me) that don't use a password on your BlackBerry. The app will prompt you to create a password once you first launch it and this will be required on each occasion that you need to access a private message. Only BBM contacts that have the app installed will be able to receive these secret messages so if you fancy joining in the gang you can do so from the link below. 

The following press release is pretty self explanatory, although it's worth mentioning that the app is a free download, but that will only allow you to send 10 messages. After that you'll be prompted to purchase the full version at $2.99 or you have the option to purchase a further 10 messages for $0.99 or 50 messages for $1.99. If you're going to use the app I suggest the unlimited option is the way forward. 

Does Private Messages for BBM sound your cup of tea? Sound off in the comments if you'd be so kind. 

Press Release

Pune, India - Private Messages for BBM for BlackBerry 10 devices. Private Messages for BBM allows users to send and receive private messages protected by a password. All the messages will be transferred over BBM and will be encrypted.

Locking this app with your Password enhances your BBM message privacy. It is a privacy protection app that offers a secure way to send secure messages to your BBM contacts. All the messages sent over BBM are also encrypted by AES-128.

The private messages self-destruct from device for additional security so that no one can access this message without your password. You can only view this secured message from this app by logging in with your password. It protects your BBM communications from intrusions and unauthorized access. 

The app will be also available for Android devices next month.


Private Messages for BBM is available on BlackBerry World for free worldwide with in-app purchases.

Max Secure Software: is a global software company developing products designed to protect the privacy and security of PC and mobile users like an AntiVirus. Max Secure Software was founded in February 2002, is a global provider of world-class security solutions. The company creates innovative privacy, security, protection and performance solutions for Internet users.

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Want even more security on your BlackBerry? Hit up Private Messages for BBM


Try it by all means, but don't expect security.
Unless the messages are encoded using a unique pass phrase (hint: they're not), any security benefits are limited.
If you want an app that will actually encrypt your messages (all messages, not just BBM), check out SendCryption in BlackBerry World.

No I agree I'm all about security but if you have to pay for an app then what is the point of BlackBerry.

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Or just anyone who doesn't like the idea that a lot of private and government groups are busy adding information to your dossier from every possible source. Anyway, these would be interesting features to have in BBM itself, particularly end to end encryption.

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I could give two effs what they collect about me. they have been doing it for 60 years without our knowledge so nothing has changed only that we now know they are doing it. Their dossier is full with info on me and actually they wont ever bother me because I do my share to help keep the interwebs safe. I have a contact at the FBI and Csis and Scotland Yard for some of the work I did in the 90's, such as profiling and figuring out who the Unibomber was and my work on an anti spam task force which I volunteered to do. So I am pretty safe.

A while back, while researching our family history, I found FBI dossiers from the 1950s on my grandfather, a Marine and later anthropologist for the Smithsonian. He had been an expert witness in a miscegenation (inter-racial marriage) trial in Virginia on the subject of genetics (for the defense) ... and then I guess they thought he was an anti-goverment communist. They had telephone and postal records, even physical surveillance of his whereabouts.

So yeah... just because you didn't know before doesn't mean it wasn't happening.

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Coincidentally, I know another person who worked on profiling the unibomber. She went to college with him. That aside, I would present that the depth of information with the ability to build patterns from it, along with the breadth of casual intrusion is on a whole different level than a tapped landline back in the day. One doesn't have to be violent, or a danger to the interwebs or society to end up targeted in a meaningful way, just a danger to the status quo. And then one just might find themselves being blackmailed to commit suicide...(see MLK), or at the very least, get a charge and coinciding stigma slapped on that relegates one to a life of low-wage labor . So all I was trying to establish is that as the prevalence of spying and the ability to spy increase along with the specificity of the information, it is really dangerous to assume that anyone who is concerned or desires privacy is in some way a criminal or a danger to anyone. I don't think it can be said enough that we should be extremely careful where we go from here lest we end up in one of the dystopian futures we have already imagined. No one can ever be wholly innocent.

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What is with complaining about paying for an app? People spend time developing an app. How do you live in the world? Do you have a job? Do you get paid? Grow up.

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Is Max secure Software an American company? It's hard to trust an American company, when it comes to security. Just my 2 cent.

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its just 3 miles away from my home !!! ( I leave In Pune, India) Pune is very big hub for IT & Automobile companies eg Microsoft, accenture, IBM, Mercedez Benz, Alfa laval, Philips etc, and pune is having highest numbers of universities in India ( international students also come here mostly from middle east and africa)

even I didnt know about this company untill I read this article and then searched on google.

Max has many products realated security but i found little expensive. but I think I will not buy from Max, as I believe Blackberry has best security system and nothing required on top it. so..............

It's hard to trust any country when it comes to security.

However I do have Max Mobile Security and Max Battery Optimizer! I believe this dev can be trusted until I learn otherwise.

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I noticed too. So the new Utah NSA data storage & encryption cracking center can have a lazy afternoon.

Own power supply plant, and massive water tanks for cooling. Incredible. Ministry of Truth in 1984 is a joke compared to that monster. Google or bing it right from your personal tele-screen.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

I forgot to mention to CB about opening a link from the CB10 app briefly opens up the browser, not a big deal but it can be annoying after a while.

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just set it up ok but when I came to use and it did not work went up to 6 attempts ....never going to using it

Seems like a good idea, just to password your messages, but not the phone itself.
Not everyone is a spy. The SEC and CMS (HIPAA) in the US require encryption. I don't know if they meet standards, but if they did, many people would want it. I'd love to have a texting app that can be used with protected health info.

Nothing really wrong with AES 128. Using it instead of AES 256 may avoid some export restrictions. For me there just isn't enough information provided by the vendor to asses the security. For example, if the data is encrypted between users with AES 128, how is the key generated? How is the key exchanged between users? Are they using ECB or CBC? What form of block padding are they using?

Hmm, I'm not sure about this one. Why? Well, as we know BBM and BlackBerry are rather secure already. Considering that BBM is merely a version of instant IM communication, do I really need multiple layers of protection for it?

I think not. But, remember this is MY opinion...

This is not so much about bbm being secure as far as sending/receiving. It's more about protecting your messages from prying eyes physically holding your phone.

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Pfffff,, waste of money just like their Max Mobile Security, which this Private Messages should be included in with an update anyway consider how much that app cost. What was the cost of that $10? for nothing.

The only thing I use it for is the browser. I watch YouTube with the Play On feature(miracast) on the Native browser, but can still surf the web on the Safe Browser.

Is bbm not encrypted anyway and exploding messages will probably be available anytime soon with an update. So I'm paying for a password ? And also have to convince my friends to pay for it? No thanks


Mmmmm if your messages/security HAS to be this secure, it's doubtful you would use a $2.99 app...i used to have encryption and shredding software on my desktop then realized after not using it for a year that I was just not THAT important and that using AES and blowfish to encrypt my porn stash was a waste of time......

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Has anyone actually detected a threat using Max Mobile Security on bb10? I don't know but I think this app is totally unnecessary and I wouldn't install it even if it was free. I'm also wondering why its 10 dollars for bb10 but free on android? Is this the same app on that platform?
Seems like sticking with trusted sources like amazon / snap, etc. to load apps is the best bet. I'm just not sure if this app is all that it claims to be.

After Snowden leek how the government can go thru your phone and check all your messages... I don't think so I'll be sure to give this app a try. Plus everyone has something to hide!

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Here's to another option available on bb10

Great idea if someone needs more security.

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Much more detailed information is needed before you can say that this app is actually "secure".. Simply adding a password does not make things secure.. AES-128 is also worthless if you chose a weak password and/or if the key-derivation function (how they generate the 128-bit key from your password) is weak.. A weak password may be easily guessable, but even if it's not guessed, a typical dictionary word + numbers and punctuation does not actually have much entropy, or the property that allows the crypto algorithm to scramble and hide your message... It doesn't matter what crypto algorithm you use or how big your key is if the key itself does not have enough randomness: a key with very little entropy that will not protect your message adequately.. With a weak key derivation function, weak password==weak key, but with a good key derivation function, a weak password may still end up with a somewhat better key- ie, a good key derivation function can potentially save your ass from a bad password choice (but don't bet on it).... True security via cryptography is contingent on knowing how all these little factors all add up.. It is NOT as simple as adding a password and using an algorithm.. This is why BlackBerry publishes their security technical overview document that outlines all the various aspects of their security and cryptography use- a company that truly understands security does not need to keep these details secret, but instead wants their customers to be able to evaluate and understand how their data is being protected.

Stupid question time:

How can something like this app be considered Secure when it is not written by BlackBerry; for BlackBerry(?)

They appear to be using the BBM API which, on BB10, allows application vendors to exchange files between devices using BBM. Under BBOS vendors can use the API to send messages between devices using BBM. This would allow a developer to implement a board game, card game or chat application. It is not actually a scary level of access at all. In fact it is quite nice because each user has all the capabilities of BBM to control spam etc. which an application vendor might leave out of a program.

If I use AES and encrypt the message with my password, do my recipent need to know that password? How do you securely share the password?

Really good questions soaman! These are things the vendor should be telling us. A pretty typical way would be to use a process similar to S/Mime, PGP or GPG. But those all require certificate management. We just don't know enough about this application to judge it.

if the recipient does not need to know the password, then this app does not actually add any security..

Does James Richardson own stock in some of these app companies? It seems that he keeps promoting apps of dubious value, like the "virus scanner" by the same publisher...

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Not very happy with the disclosure from this vendor. Not convinced that the application provides any meaningful security. Disappointed that CB would advice users to get this "security" tool without doing some proper vetting. BlackBerry is supposed to be all about security.

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Its a privacy app which encrypts the messages by a private key, do people even know how encryption works... Sigh..
Drop them an email for more details anyways.

Yes, actually. What they have stated is that they use AES 128, a symmetric encryption. There is no "private" key, only a shared key.

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I've paid the $ 2.99 for the full version and it is not showing it on this app. It keeps showing to purchase it for $ 2.99 what's up with that.

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