A private BlackBerry would help employee morale

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By Chris Umiastowski on 21 Aug 2013 01:06 pm EDT

Ever since news broke that BlackBerry met with Silver Lake Partners there has been a ton of speculation about BlackBerry going private. With Prem Watsa stepping down from his board position, this has only added fuel to the fire. If you recall, BlackBerry cited potential conflicts of interest between Watsa and the board given the special committee to explore “strategic alternatives”. Watsa is widely believed to be involved in a potential privatization bid.

My initial reaction to a privatization deal is that I don’t see it helping the company much. I thought this is something that should have been done 2 years ago while the company was rebuilding its new OS. I believed that going private now could amount to closing the barn door after the horse has already left the building.

But maybe I was wrong. Maybe it can still make sense to go private

But maybe I was wrong. Maybe it can still make sense to go private. I’ll probably come back to this topic again, but for today I want to focus on one major issue - employee morale. 

Based on some digging by Kevin, me and others on the CrackBerry team we are acutely aware that employee morale is not at its best for all employees (to be certain, there are also many at BlackBerry as passionate, hopeful and upbeat as ever). Just look at last quarter’s financial results. The actual numbers came in within spitting distance of guidance excluding the (hopefully temporary) Venezuela problems. The stock market’s reaction?  Chop 40% off the value of BlackBerry shares.

If you’re an employee inside of BlackBerry, you may not understand that Wall Street reacts swiftly and violently to potential risks and rewards. BlackBerry seemed more risky following the quarter ... no question. But if you work at the company this feels a lot like a kick in the teeth.

Add to this the constant headlines of layoffs, poor market share, lack of apps, poor Z10 sales and more ... you have a recipe for a morale problem, especially when friends and family are reminding those working at BlackBerry of those headlines too. At a time when there's much work to be done, you want employees focused 100% on the job at hand and not distracted by the kind of thoughts that result from these types of headlines. 

So while I still believe going private would have been best 2 or even 3 years ago, I realize that hindsight is 20-20. I see less value in a privatization today, but it definitely can’t hurt. And if it can’t hurt, then it can only help. It will help with morale, and it could make it easier for a more thorough restructuring or re-imagination to take place without public scrutiny.

On the latest podcast we talked more about a privatization of BlackBerry, and like I said earlier, this is probably something I’ll come back to again. Drop your comments below and tell us what you think. Or share your thoughts in our Armchair CEO forum section.

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A private BlackBerry would help employee morale



I have faith! I know a lot of people working at BlackBerry. But I'm sure if BlackBerry was a sinking ship, all or most of their employees would have quit by now. I have faith.

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Exactly. Despite claims to the contrary the employment situation in the IT sector is at best a crap-shoot these days as companies seek "top talent" at bargain basement prices and stack the requirements such that Linus Torvalds would not qualify for an interview for a linux kernel developer position. I have switched to a new career despite two decades of senior-level experience as a systems analyst / business analyst / business systems analyst combined with strong technical skills across public and private sector organizations. Thankfully, I honed my analytical, research, and writing skills throughout those years in information technology.

Same here. Too many ppl out there just want BlackBerry to fail. They have a great product but they need time. Like they said they came a little too late with BB 10. This is all bec of those stupid former CEOs - one distracted chasing a dream and the other to arrogant that the iPhone is just a toy and will never make it into the corporate world. Love to see him and remind him of those words and attitude he had back then.

Also when they released their devices and even now with the q5 they should be a lot more cheaper especially in emerging countries to be more attractive. That's what they re still doing wrong pricing their products to high just like the PlayBook half complete OS and with no app ecosystem at the time. No wonder it flopped!

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Oh ya? So what's with the Bring Your On Device trend all about at work? Why has BlackBerry created client software for iOS and Android devices to be managed? If this toy iphone hasn't made it than there wouldn't be a need for all this, right?

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In Canada BBRY _IS_ the corporate phone. All people in our company are given a corporate BBRY. And when I go to lunch with people from other nearby companies on the tables I see BBRYs and rarely a Samsung/iPhone.

It's not just Canada. Try working at an investment bank, and if you're a big enough fish to get a company phone, it is most likely not going to be a Samsung and iPhone.

Don't worry.........they won't. Sorry - if they could have gone private, if they had any capital investors interested, it would have happened 6 months ago. BB is about as lean as it can be at the moment - - so nothing left to really cut and make any money. No one is interested in their patent portfolio or again, it would have been snapped up 6 months ago. You have a front row seat to a very long drawn out process.

"BB is about as lean as it can be"

BlackBerry was selling more phones and making more money with around 2000 employees in 2005.

They have a very long way to go cuts wise.

And while I have sympathy with the employees, a significant minority are responsible for the current mess. Slow to react. Inadequate or incomplete products. Poor execution. Poor marketing.

The sad aspect of this is that some of their ideas are truly innovative. They just can't bring them to market quickly enough.

It's not the employees. It's senior management. Always has been. BB has gone cheap on device hardware, ctting every corner they could for 4+ years - plastic screens, short on RAM, cheap components like wifi, camera, NFC audio DAC etc... BB purchased QNX more than 3 years ago and it took BB 3+ years to get QNX/ BB10 on a device. QNX was the most scalable OS possibly ever made, and BB senior management made decisions to bloat it out, so it would not run effectively on anything but dual core or better, and now they are having problems scaling it to quad core - hence the specs on the Z30. BB bought TAT years ago and all the amazing work they have done has been quashed by upper and senior management. BB internal testers find dozens of bugs and they still send them out to the service providers to test - (one of the reasons US providers don't care so much for BB anymore). It's not the employees. Management from group leaders on up needed to go 2 years ago - TH among them.

What is your inside info that they are having trouble scaling it to 4 cores. QNX themselves claim that neutrino works on up to 64 cores.

It's a case of the inept (Board of Directors) endorsing the inept (Heins) hiring the inept (Boulben). I'd take a $1/share hit now for all those pink slips. However, in the end, as a shareholder I get the final insult, a takeout, after all this time. When it's not the technology that's the problem but rather the inept board of directors and executive team.

"Senior management" is a "significant minority of employees".

"QNX was the most scalable OS possibly ever made, and BB senior management made decisions to bloat it out, so it would not run effectively on anything but dual core or better, and now they are having problems scaling it to quad core - hence the specs on the Z30."

Seriously that is complete nonsense. What you know as BB10 is really a bunch of code sitting above QNX. QNX is just as lean and mean as ever.

QNX supported 32 cores as long ago as 2010.

If BlackBerry isn't using quad core CPU's it has nothing to do with QNX. It will either be cost or power consumption.

Maybe if almost every store didn't tell their customers not to get a blackberry and to get an galaxy or an iphone instead blackberry wouldn't have no problems

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Premier Watsa needs to take BlackBerry private, and do it fast.

As long as the "for sale" sign is on the front door, customers - particularly corporate customers - are going to be hesitant to buy BlackBerry devices or services. Companies that were about to upgrade to a BES10 are suddenly holding off until the future of BlackBerry becomes clearer.

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+1. The current situation is horrible. I just started a new BB10 project, was planning to invest the next 2-3 months and now this. The morale is in the toilet now. All I read in news everyday is that BB will be sold in pieces and the BB10 platform has absolutely NO value. Fact is, I cancled my project today, looking for alternatives but still hoping for a miracle. BB must announce something very soon...

A kind of productivity app built with Cascades. There are a lot of gaps in this sector I think. Sorry I don't want to give details, maybe I will continue it later if some good news (partnership) appear.

Please please please forget developers. Stop wooing them to BB10, instead change BB10 so it runs stock Android Apps. It such a pointless exercise for a company as small as Blackberry to woo developers. It is so obvious that as long as develpers have to port or produce native BB10 apps it will render BB to last place in getting apps. This needs to stop and the best way is to work on making the device run Android app without alteration. Work on that NOW! Please!

And once going private, these enterprise customers will immediately leave. Remember, most U.S.is still BB's largest enterprise market. BB cannot compete in U.S. as a private company as domestic companies (e.g. Good) do.

Ever heard of Cargil or Koch?

Cargill has 140,000 employees and a turnover of around $120 billion. Koch 70,000 employees and revenues of around $100 billion.

And both are international corporations. Just because a company is private doesn't mean they can't own other companies shares. And who's to say under what jurisdiction they would register?

You rarely hear of companies like Cargill in the news because no one makes a profit if their share value goes up or down.

Private companies also have significantly less governance requirements (Sarbanes Oxley?) and therefore get a cost advantage.

Yes they'd slim down even further but would emerge a more dynamic corporation. And the objective of the private owners would be to go public again with a few years.

That's exactly what BlackBerry needs. Some time to fix the problems and get out of the public eye.

Having experienced first-hand the transition from publicly-traded to privately-held let me assure you the new owner(s) will solely focus on cost-reduction as they seek to re-enter the publicly-traded market after a few years. The cost-reduction efforts are intended to artificially boost the bottom line of the balance sheet thereby making the company attractive to investors and "the street". By the way, employee morale hit an all-time low during the privately-held years of that company and fares no better today after its purchase by an international conglomerate.

If somebody have no faith in new BB products better go to be disappointed by the others...and then they will understand.
BB make some changes in Marketing and Design dept and you will survive for sure. My wife is looking like every woman to the design of the phone...she said in the first sight of my new z10, In February, wow !how nice it is, so fucking handsome device. but just when she put her hands on it. When she see it before of that moment into a shop or in some pictures, nothing, no emotions... so the final result is: go back into design dept and. rewrite the history of smartphone design. Please BB!

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I think privatization would be a good thing. At least, the company wouldn't be at the mercy of short-sellers and Wall Street headlines.

"they would be less accountable to their user base"

You can always buy something else! All corporations are "accountable to their user base". If not they go out of business.

The only time a publicly-traded company benefits from the transition to a privately-held company is if and only if the buyer is committed to rebuilding the company and any associated brands; this requires someone with the same passion and commitment as the original founders of the original company during the early years of the original company...this is a rarity indeed.

I would love for BlackBerry to go private and focus on what they need to do without the distractions of the negativity surrounding them... definitely would be a good step... remember Tesla motors????

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They'd just piss away more time and deliver lacklustre products over an extended period of time until eventually the decision is made to sell off its parts, become solely a patent-holding company, or close down operations and write-off the losses all the way to a fat tax refund cheque from Revenue Canada.

Putting my armchair CEO Hat on, I think going private is a good move. Bad news is killing BlackBerry everywhere. Not only is employer morale down, but so is confidence in BlackBerry. Who will buy a phone from a company perceived to be on its death bed? Who will buy an enterprise system from a company that may not be around to support it?

Going private cuts off the bad news and cuts the pundits off at their knees. BlackBerry can focus on managing it's good news message and minimize the bad news. The message and the media are killing BlackBerry. Going private takes back control over the message.

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Employees morale is down because of the bad news for the company... who knew?

It might be more about the fact that every few weeks there are some pretty big layoff coming out. And let's face it if we are worried about the future of some devices we like, they are much more worried about the JOB that puts food on the table for their families. Going private doesn't FIX ANYTHING for BlackBerry at this point. RIght now the rumor and speculation is hurting them more and any short sellers every could. I bet sales of devices and BES licenses drop dramatically last week.

As for it can't hurt, might be true... depending upon how bad things really are.

You think going private will stop the bad news. Yes, it will. But it does so because BB will be completely dead after losing enterprise customers especially in U.S.

The best route if partnership. Better partner with a U.S. company.

Hope they continue to exist, I have just got a 9320, ( I know its old skool, but can't afford a Z10, Or Q10) and am loving OS7.1! This is my third BB (8820, 9000) and I am just getting into the BB spell!

Chris U. _ If you have a moment, could you please explain to us why Prem Watsa would not be in favor of BlackBerry's share price going down "even further" - if he is planning to make a bid - and what is the motivation for Thorsten H. to do, at this point, to increase the share value of BBRY - if he makes $55 mil on a sale?

Please advise...

Because if the company turns itself around, each of these individuals stands to make much more than that. Thor stands to make the money regardless of what happens. One way or another, he will make that much money. It makes more sense for him to try to turn the company around, because then the amount of money he will make will surpass the golden handshake he'll get otherwise (and he'll have a better reuptation as a result).

What I still don't get is the fact that a company like HTC can report a LOSS and be relatively unaffected in both stock price and in the news. BlackBerry reported a PROFIT for the quarter, but because it was lower than expected, the stocks were slashed and the company was beaten into the ground by the media. Doesn't make sense to me that a profitable company can be doing worse than a company that is operating at a deficit. Reason #5972 I didn't go into business.


Umi can "answer this better" but I seem to remember that the "Wall Street Analysts" continued to raise their "expectations" coming into the quarter report - when Thor, clearly, said that the quarter would be "flat" - so the disparity, between, the "expectations and the actual loss on the quarter" was all the 33% "shorters" needed to destroy the stock price...

They reported a loss on June 28th not a profit. There was a profit in the quarter before that.

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Thorsten only stands to make $55 mil if he gets ousted as the BlackBerry CEO upon a sale. BlackBerry can still be sold and Thorsten can still remain as BlackBerry's CEO and he wouldn't get his $55 mil severance package.

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We need to keep our eye on the ball. I agree that employee morale is important, but the elephant in the room is not morale, apps, or functionality.

The elephant in the room is demand. BlackBerry isn't doing a good job of creating demand. If BlackBerry marketed effectively, it would create demand. The apps, morale, and stock market will all follow.

You hit it on the head in the podcast, Chris. And Kevin diverted to criticizing app selection. I think we need to effectively tell people why BlackBerry is great. What does BlackBerry do differently and better. Market BlackBerry's assets and capabilities. We can convince the app makers once we convince the end user.

Excellent. I'm starting one too soon. But it will be a very long first post on mine. PM me the link when you create it

And i don't mean why the company is great. I mean what about the products is great and how it can help achieve what the user is trying to accomplish in a way they didn't even possible. Time shift should be marketed like crazy to parents of young children, for example.

You are right,and I just can't believe, that with the new 2.0 OS,which is lightning fast,and the Z30 coming soon,which I will be getting ,that they seem to be, throwing away, all that they have worked for.I own shares , quite a few,to boot,the CDN GOV has just recently said that they are selling their shares in GM,which amount to $8.9 billion dollars.Could they be interested in lending those monies to BB? Probably,after all, it was reported a few weeks ago, that there was a meeting in Ottawa .I,m not worried for the employees,I,m worried that I could loose my investment and faith in BB,screw me, and ,I won't be getting that new Z30.

To early to write them off...they don't even have all their bb10 versions out on the market. No other cell phone company is offering as much variety in their selection of phones as BlackBerry! What choice do you have from Apple??? Just one...boring!

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Make sure you are not hiding. Morales won't be recovered by only privatization. A successful product like cross platform BBM or a good pricing or marketing strategy can do.

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I really feel bad for the people who lost their jobs and the families it has impacted. I know I have been critical with BlackBerry and sometimes for good reason but holy cow from a sweetheart company to a company that is really struggling , I wish and many others had a magic wand and fixed this situation they are in.

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I think Wall Street and all of these analysts are disgusting. Sure Blackberry has made mistakes, but the vitriol towards the company is the main thing that is killing it right now. I think going private is a great idea. Furthermore, perception DOES have a massive impact on employee morale, and also layoffs. I used to work at a company called NSB (it was bought by Epicor a few years ago), and when 100 people were weeded out and laid off, it affected morale massively. This company is trying to get on its feet again and the media and wall street keep knocking it back down. It is a shame.

I have my ideas about why so many want to see the company die off, but they are too controversial to list here.

Something about short selling always rubs me the wrong way. Betting on a company to win is great. Betting on a company to lose is not so great. And is riddled with moral hazard I might add.

Right there with you! I've been saying for YEARS that there is a CONCERTED effort to see BB die and I'd bet we have the exact same ideas. It's controversial but true. These efforts are within and without. My 5-yr old daughter could run this company better than the last 2 CEOs. They have made absolutely CRAZY decisions that have contributed in no small way to the inexorable sinking of this company. Take the BB website in the U.S. Why can't people just purchase what they want on the site? Why must we always have to go to a Best Buy or some other store to buy the product, only to be dissuaded from doing so by Best Buy employees? Many of the links on BB's website didn't even work until recently. It's just so shoddy, they way this current CEO is manning the helm. He doesn't care about BB. I had never seen a BB ad on American TV until this past week. Why is that? Most of my friends have jumped ship to iPhone and Samsung, they laugh at me but I could care less. Anybody with a BB phone right now, especially in the U.S. is a diehard fan, no doubt! BB has shot itself in the foot time and again. If the current CEO has a business degree, his alma mater should strike his name off the books because he is a disgrace to any business school he attended.

Chris U. - Also, why has Frank Boulben not been "fired".... He came on board espousing that he knows how to work with the "carrier network" and get them to support BBRY phones.

I don't know how that is going in Canada, but here in the United States - I am here to tell you that "nothing has changed" since his arrival. Namely:

1. Sales Representatives (that I have spoken with) at ATT, Verizon and TMobile are not only "not supporting BB10 phones" - in many instances they are trying to talk you out of considering one.

2. The "gestures on BB10" are not "intuitive at all" and without Sales Rep assistance - people are walking up to BB 10 phones - trying them - getting frustrated and putting them down..... I have heard stories that people have bought BB 10 phones and are "bringing them back within a couple of hours" because of frustration

3. I have visited a number of stores and have not seen "1 BB10 phone SIGN in any of these stores".... I remember a nice display when I bought my 9860 Bold slider phone - BB10 - NOTHING....

I could go on - but, hopefully, you get the picture...

Why does Frank Boulben still have a job at BlackBerry?

Your thoughts are appreciated..


Rogers offers Rogers Wireless Expert and are very good now and know the phone. $7 per month and cancel anytime or $29 for thé year support 24/7 service. No more excuses Àmanda Lang at CBC.

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Why does Frank Boulben still have a job at BlackBerry?

Because Thorsten Heins still have a job at BlackBerry.

Why does Thorsten Heins still have a job at BlackBerry?

Because some board members want to (look attentively at the members of the special committee /+ Prem Watsa/ – they are representing different entities with common goal) lower the company price before buyout or taking BlackBerry private.

Mr. Boulben and Mr. Heins are just doing their jobs. The job is unfortunately against interests of BlackBerry users and majority of BlackBerry shareholders.

Appears to be the case, doesn't it?

Question - why didn't they just "tell us" this was their intention? Could have saved a lot of time and money invested in this company's stock and they could have hit their "target price" much earlier....

I hate to admit it but its looking more grim for BB as each month passes by and the probability of being chopped off and sold gains momentum. Publicly or privately it wont make a difference if the underlying company is on the decline.

The problem IMHO is the lack of apps. Some may argue that there are enough of the core apps already but with some 'critical' programs missing (ie/ Instagram, Netflix etc), the hardware being offered doesn't have an advantage over the competition. The results are in that consumers want smartphones over 'dumb', but lack of Apps essentially makes hardware dumb.

Even the advantage BB had with the physical keyboard is looking less and less like a competitive edge. People are preferring virtual keyboard in a trade off for display real estate space.

I hope it works out for the thousands of BB employees. Its just too bad that top level management had no clue how to implement an effective marketing campaign for the release of their new bb10 products. Almost every commercial was weak and botched up (think super bowl ad disaster).

I'd like to see Blackbery go private and focus on business, enterprise and security; get back to their roots; stop trying to compete head-to-head with Android and Apple. Once they solidify their core user base with BB10, and become profitable again, then they can start trying to regain overall market share.

Wow. Your comment is interesting. I for one can tell you, large orgs will kick out BES if BB goes private. How could this help with its enterprise and security business.

Could you clarify your statement? I don't understand why being a public or private company would suddenly make BES a disadvantage to business. Serious question.

Enterprise customers are the only user base that BB still makes money with. Most enterprise customers are in U.S. BlackBerry is not an U.S. domestic company. Since BlackBerry started, there are many arguments about routing data to Canada (see my other comment in this thread about U.S. attitude toward BB - search for "patent troll"). Yet, RIM survived and thrived because government and enterprise customers trust RIM's security. And RIM has been transparent about its security and NOC operation. Being a public company makes RIM liable for this transparency. Because BlackBerry has a chance of going private and a better chance of being acquired by a foreign company (other than U.S.), government and enterprise customers are waiting. Once BB's strategic review ends and the result is staying public or being acquired by a U.S. company, these government and enterprise customers will buy BB devices immediately. If it turns out the other way, going private or being acquired by a foreign company, BB's enterprise customer base collapses immediately. If I am Apple or Google I would pay private equity to take BB private - this is my worst fear.

I think the brand Blackberry is damaged beyond repair.... as soon as anyone hear BB they start thinking negatively. Maybe it's time they rebrand to some other name.

Maybe instead of renaming their company to BlackBerry they should have done it the other way round and change their products to "RIM" ;-)

You know what will help morale of not only employees, but every single BlackBerry customer? Getting more and more BBM contacts. Cross-platform BBM is just around the corner and it could really be an image panacea. Suddenly iPhone and Android users have BlackBerry on their minds, and it's not derision, pity, or anger but finally something positive (for the first time in a LONG time). Positive thoughts about BlackBerry's execution of cross-platform BBM and for some people fond memories of BlackBerry times past.

In the US most people don't trust Wall Street's short term undulations as we've experienced more than our fair share of market manipulation. Maybe BlackBerry's Canadian workers don't see it that way, but US workers would most surely discount Wall Street's opinion of the company. What you can't overlook are friends and family dogging the place you work for and the projects you work on.

@ mavs.... If people are "too lazy" to figure out the gestures for a BB10 phone - why would they change their entire WhatsApp library over to BBM?

Oh, and I have a Z10 (upgraded from a Galaxy S3) and use BBM everyday - I thought more people would "come over to BB10 from iPhone and Samsung" but that hasn't happened either.....

I reject your assertion that consumer laziness is the reason more people haven't switched from iOS/Android to BB10. 100,000 people downloaded a fake BBM Android app the day it came out, obviously with no fanfare or publicity, or their BlackBerry-toting friends or family to prod them. Plenty of people are looking forward to cross-platform BBM.

100,000 vs. 200,000,000 on WhatsApp....... "downloading" and "converting friends and family over" are two different concepts....

Why do you think that more people are not coming over to BB10 from iPhone and Android?

If you answer is "lack of apps" then, once again, Frank Boulben should be FIRED because that is a marketing/messaging issue that BlackBerry has, clearly, lost to on the battlefield.

Anyone who thinks that having Netflix and Instagram would make "all the difference in the world" is sadly mistaken...

100,000 on the first day vs 200M all time. You're comparing apples to oranges. Don't forget BlackBerry already has ~70M BBM users so they're not starting from nowhere.

There are a variety of reasons people aren't switching to BB10, including but not limited to and in no particular order:
1)They think BlackBerry is dead or dying 2)Price is too high for the perceived value 3) BlackBerry is uncool 4)Sales reps dissuade them 5)People don't know how much different BB10 is from BBOS, and they don't like or want BBOS 6)BB10 is missing the apps they currently use on their iOS/Android phone (Audible, Viggle, SiriusXM, SnapChat, and yes NetFlix and Instagram)
and on and on... but yes, lack of apps is one of their actual problems.

People frequently say to me "That's a BlackBerry?" when they find out my Z10 is a BlackBerry. That shouldn't happen, and you're absolutely right that's Frank Boulben's fault. I agree he should be fired.

Mavs - Yes to "all of the above".....BlackBerry had a chance to do a "Complete Re Do" with the launch of BB10.... "BlackBerry 2.0" - you get the picture... But it required a lot more than "changing the name from RIM"....

And they FAILED... Did you not find it "curious" that the guy who just left BBRY - that ran sales for the U.S. was doing it out of Canada? Really????

You and I are not "fighting" here and - I dare say - that if more of this type of "candid conversation" was going on in Waterloo - I would be "thousands and thousands of dollars richer" on the stock and the company would be in better shape.

My other "fear" is that when "certain unnamed people" have "access" to talk with the Executives at BlackBerry - they are not conveying the message that you and I are discussing today.

Sad, again....

I agree 100% with your points. The public thinks BB=bbOS from 2009, because there has been a shrinking opportunity to see BB in the market place. Perhaps a marketing strategy for Blackberry is "technology moves fast, you need to keep up. Come test drive a 2013 BB, you won't believe how we've changed" Deal with the perception that BB is old and uncool, and show they are on par. In the 1960's Honda could not sell motorcycles because of the bad reputation bikers all had. They started a campaign with "You meet the nicest people on a Honda" Sales soared, because they had a good product, and dealt with the perception.

@ Craig - my friend, mavs, was "spot on" on many points - but one in particular - was his comment about people seeing his Z10 and asking "that's a BlackBerry"? because they cannot believe how cool it is. I have many iPhone folks ask me the same thing.... but, alas, that is a very long way from having the "stones" to buy a BlackBerry phone and live with the sideways looks and ridicule...

I could give a whip and know that my Z10 is superior to iPhone 5 on most fronts - but I don't need Instagram to feel "complete" - so I am an outlier in this society.

Samsung "Killed iPhone" with the ad campaign making fun of Fanboys standing in line... Killed them..

BlackBerry, on the other hand, has a guy sliding in mud.

Fire Frank Boulben before he collects his multimillion dollar parachute...

I'm deleting my WhatsApp app once BBM goes cross platform. We can all just talk to ourselves or, as I hope, people will follow.

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Agreed. They have the slimmest margin for error, and cross-platform BBM will be BlackBerry really putting themselves out there. It will also be their first foray onto the top platforms, which is huge.

I run a company of 45 employees. It is very important to be profitable. However there are times you have to invest heavily in the short term for gains in the long term. The nice thing about being private is only I and the accountants need to know/ worry and our customers and employees can relax and focus on their jobs at work, enjoy their private life and get a good night's rest. Over the last 3 years, everything BlackBerry does, be it right or wrong is spun in the media to be extremely negative and that is hurting BlackBerry. Apple has done nothing wrong, and either has android. They are perfect right? Well their advertising budgets with the media outlets keep that a certain. BlackBerry bashing is the paid norm. It keeps everyone focused on bashing BlackBerry while Apple shakes customers upside down for the little change left in their pockets, and the fragmented android system can be sold cheaply to unsuspecting customers because there is no negative focus on either party. In fact, if BlackBerry was ever to truly go under, then the feeding frenzy would either focus on android or Apple. Perhaps they better pray this doesn't happen. Anyhow, if the stock market is not raising you any capital, then what's the point of being public. Since BB10 was unable to produce a rise in the stock price, it would most likely be in BlackBerry best interest to go private. In a few years, after the recover, then perhaps they may want to return to a publicly traded company if they feel the stock market could fulfill such a role.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

What's is your rationale with an enterprise customer leaving if BB decides to go private? How does a company going private immediately affect a customer if the company is still fulfilling their service agreement?

Post your evidence Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, et. al. Everyone claims to have evidence yet refuse to reveal the evidence. Mobilesync, you are a self-promoting mouthpiece for the "stupid American". I have an UAV programmed to monitor your homestead and it launched 30 minutes ago. That buzzing you hear in the sky ain't mosquitoes darling.

Of course it makes sense to go private. I don't get how it could be bad. There would be numerous benefits to this, including a handsome payout for current share holders.

BlackBerry has its fans around the world and going private would make a lot of sense. Why? Because the public are not smart about this industry, they're emotionally driven, seemingly clueless, as well as chasing money all the time. They have no clue (the public) and going private would make perfect sense.

There won't be another "apple". That phase of BS is complete and they (apple) even know that. There won't be another "google" either. This era of unfettered BS in tech and otherwise is a brutal scar on human history. You can't win against the absurdly entitled sense of the public, sorry. That boat has sailed, this era is coming to a close, so I hope BlackBerry goes private and services their fans the way they should be, out of the scrutiny of mindless spoiled brats.

BlackBerry has it's fans around the world, they're not going away, and should focus on continued innovation of the way we compute. BlackBerry for life. I don't care.

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Trustworthy NOC and BB security is the last thing BB hangs on. Going private BB immediately loose its biggest strength and its value goes to 0.

Because a business is private doesn't make your business zero. What the hell are you talking about. Where is your so called proof. Mobilesync you are simply a BlackBerry hater. Perhaps even a hired one.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Adding the fact they just drop their prices, I can even imagine the contrary.
BES sales increase *in the USA* too!

Private equity is a stretch. Usually like to apply leverage which is difficult with declining revenue stream companies. Thorsten and QNX would likely both go as well. Would be messy. If no strategic is interested, why would a financial buyer sign up??? Knowing they couldn't flip it to a strategic takes one big exit scenario away. The pension funds didn't hold a lot of BlackBerry stock, so why be gung ho to own it in a zero liquidity environment? I'd run an à public auction for thé patents tomorrow morning.

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Go Private and come up with a new brand name to put on the devices and try again. Sorry but the BlackBerry name, and what it has stood for since iPhone and Android came on the scene, is hurting sales just as bad as the lackluster app issue, if not more. It will likely be cheaper to make a new name appealing than to try to make the name BlackBerry desirable again in the smartphone arena.

I'm scared to see next quarters results. Ouch. I am curious to see how the cross platform BBM will help the company. It may lift the brand which they need.

Posted via CB10

I'm more interested in hearing how BlackBerry will try to put a positive spin on it. It's entertaining, at best.

Ok so you earlier use the analogy of 'closing the barn door after the horse has already left' in saying Blackberry is late by two years.

And then you say it cant hurt, therefore it can only help. So the horse is gone and now the door is being shut, I know its not hurting more but how exactly is it helping?

Will going private give me a notification for voice message's on my Z10? Did they forget that little detail? Or am I missing something? LOL! I love my Z10! And I think the Q10 is awesome also! Whatever you guys need to do to pay attention to detail I'm all for it! Get her done!

Posted via CB10

My only concern is what if BB goes private then takes a rest on the drive... again.

Plus as a shareholder, well dang.

Chris, I can tell you many large orgs are waiting for the fate of BB. If private. Poo, shutdown BES immediately.

If you are curious, contact me in private I will tell you who. I can't post it here.

So, going private is a definitive death sentence of BlackBerry. Every thing, including the company, the brand, and everything.

Alfred Hitchcock perchance or the scary air-driven church organ music? I'll ask Frank Boulben, in Marketing, to cue up the appropriate sound effects. I'm sure he'll be on top of it as always. ;-)

They should go private. They could easily focus more on better products, services, pushing the bb10 sales forward, and keep this company alive rather than focusing on what the investors wants and needs.

Go private!!!

Posted via CB10

Being scrutinised by a bunch of hipsters who repeatedly take selfies and upload those as well as food images to instagram all day is what drives this economy? Seriously lame. Wake the **** up people!

It is SO unfortunate that these potential scenarios are being driven by a bunch of serious f***s like I described in the opening sentence. Seriously? That's the reality in 2013? Wow, I could just die witnessing this garbage unfold.

We need Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles to set the record straight. Bubbles of the Trailer Park Boys has more critical thinking and constructive thoughts than the people who drive what is viewed as "success" in this industry turned to BS by crapple. What a disgraceful bad joke.

Posted via CB10

@ buck - Let me repeat - Frank Boulben, Chief Marketing Officer, should be fired for EXACTLY what you have stated in the first sentence - HE Lost the Messaging Battle on Every Front - to the "Must Have Metrosexual App Crowd" ..... How did BlackBerry even think they could compete here? - IT's not WHO THEY ARE!!!

Sad, really, my Z10 is a terrific phone - hope to be able to upgrade to a Z30..... Hope to....

The TPB are filming right now and will have a new series on soon. Can't wait!!!!

Posted via CB10

I not a hipster...I'm a customer who spent over a thousand dollars on BlackBerry devices over the past year, and I earned the right to be pissed at facing the prospect that I might have bought what'll turnout to be very expensive paperweights!

I already got screwed with the PlayBook

At the same time... you are also right, BlackBerry devices are really good as is the BB10 OS. Case in point I got a new IPod Touch as a gift, and after using the iOS 6 for a couple of days...wow what a downgrade from BB10!!!!! I have never seen a more boring and unimaginative OS...and I thought Android sucked (and it does), but Apple and it's pathetic iOS takes the cake on this one...

I tried to add my email accounts to the IPod and what they laughingly call their mail centre...wow I deleted them after less than a day...awful email service...holly crap...the Hub is light years ahead...

So see their products are good...but perhaps someone should remind BlackBerry about that....especialy Mr. Heins Ketchup!

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In fact, no private equity will take it at all. No private equity is stupid.

Partnership with ownership sharing is the best route. BB must stay public to keep its last valuable asset - enterprise service - the trustworthy NOC.

In reality, BlackBerry has two products in the public marketplace - its devices and its stocks. Trouble is BlackBerry is trying to sell its devices while mainstream media has for years it seems been focusing on the other product, stocks, and the components that make up that price. Those components include analyst views on sales, device production rates, balance sheets, employee levels, guesstimates and whatever else make up the trading price for stocks. BlackBerry needs to get back to the focus on devices and if that means going private and eliminating that other public product - stocks - then so be it. Let the consumer make choices based on the quality or utility of BlackBerry devices and not stock prices which has been happening much too often in recent times.

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There are tons of people who seem to want BlackBerry to fail. You can even see it more and more with the comments on this site. I personally think they are continuing to make some bad decisions like putting out new devices for the battered old OS. They need to keep striving to be innovative and not wasting resources on old technology. Having said that, I do have faith in BlackBerry be cause I love the BB10 OS. I've had Iphone and still have Samsung Galaxy Note with Jelly Bean and my favorite OS by far is BB10 (running 10.2).

Posted via CB10

Blackberry needs to fight the negative press. Be on the talk shows, on the news networks, putting out press releases. They cant sit back and rest on their laurels saying "Everything is ok" they will only loose more and more mind-share. I know that BB10 and the Z10 is the best phone on the market, but if no one else does then why would they buy it. If people think BlackBerry is going out of business then why would they buy a phone, even if that's not the case. I've seen more of my friends leave blackberry AFTER BB10 then before it because the haven't been properly sold on BB10.

Mobil sync.
Your a false propagandist. You have been telling us you have evidence. Lol. No you don't. You have nothing but a crappy job at a wireless store lol. You know nothing and your comments reflect that

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Weirdly myoptic (for Chris, I generally rate his stuff) article in that it suggests that low-morale is entirely due to internal factosr - are people really going to claim that at least *some* employees don't have low morale because they suspect their great leaders are driving the company off a cliff?

One thing I definitely agree with Chris is "morale".
Morale is low at BB. But going private can only further hurt.
Morale is low because the morons like those who hired TCS and released a bad version of Map are not fired.
Morale is low because stock option price is way higher than current market price.
Morale is low because BB hired so many B players. How can A players' morale be high?

To boost morale:
1. Offer more new stock options to those A players. Fire B players. If don't all will become B players (as Steve Jobs said). The new stock options allocated in the latest report at the AGM is not enough. BB's board should triple that.
2. Tightening accountability. BB must fire those who are responsible for product and marketing failures.

These tow things will save BB. Going private kills it immediately.

Frank Boulben, CMO of "Failed BB10 Launch" - GONE.... Nice place to start... I suspect that there are a lot of people at BBRY who have done a "better job than Frank" in their roles at the company and have been laid off....

" I suspect that there are a lot of people at BBRY who have done a "better job than Frank" in their roles at the company and have been laid off...."

Unfortunately this is true. In fact, BB let go some top engineers and managers who were the key players in RIM's early success and who were still hard working until being unfairly let go. This is the part hurts me the most. On one hand I do know BB has too many B players these days, but firing people means bad managers and executive taking the opportunity to let go of A players. But still BB needs more cuts.

Going private would only make abuses like this easier.

Frank Boulben - Sold Everyone a "Bill of Goods" - from the people who interviewed him at BBRY to us. He talked a "great game" about knowing how to work with the carriers - and I am here to tell you that BBRY's approach at the carriers in the United States has never been WORSE.... I have owned 7 BlackBerry devices, including a PlayBook and, currently, a Z10.

It all filters back to the CEO. The likelihood of Thor stepping down is the same as OS 3.0 coming to the PlayBook.

Agreed... Thor sounded really "shaky" on the last earnings call - like he "had no clue what was going wrong and that he had officially left his depths" as a CEO.... Horrible presentation.... He should go, as well...

don't think still going private will change overall scenario,but who knows going away from public eye can ease off some pressure and help in focusing on brand.

Between the media and wall street, BB are under constant scrutiny, good news is being overlooked or minimized, bad news overemphasized, and anything in between skewed horribly to the negative. So eff them both. BlackBerry makes a great product, and it would be great if they just keep on doing what they're doing without all the distracting bullshship being heaped on them, so the people who "get it" can keep supporting a great company with great products, BlackBerry can keep its profit, and the people who want it to fail lose all relevance in the equation.

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I can tell you being a BlackBerry Smartphone owner is pretty tough too! Recent decisions to kick the PlayBook to the curb and its faithful didn't make anything better for me. That aside, I think going private would be a great thing for them. Whatever keeps the company intact with no selling pieces of it.

I don't want to see this company disappear or its employees get hurt. I love my Z10 and BB10 OS is awesome! I really can't imagine having anything else in my pocket but a BlackBerry device!

The wonderful employees of BlackBerry DO NOT need to be inundated with l o s e r s who outright insult them and the company. People are incredibly mean and very brave behind their Internet shield. Me? I would say everything I put in these comments, right to your faces, all of you. I would be right in your face, saying the same things in person as I am right now.

Posted via CB10

So reveal your real name then. But I agree with what you're saying. The employees shouldn't take the blame for what's happening.

HTC retains potential even with loss periods because they make phones that run android. That ecosystem is well loved and supported. QNX Is is like the boy genius that normal people don't quite understand and are hesitant to go out on a date with .

The Z10 is nice, but put android on it and it fades into the corner compared to a Moto DROID Ultimate or HTC One.

Posted via CB10

Android is not better than BlackBerry 10 for any reason. You are completely confused. You mad Bro? Android is not better because google sold more of it to consumers. The amount of units sold has never been the correct way to determine what's better, NEVER. That's just ridiculous, mass comsuption oriented thinking. Change that.

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I don't think employees must worried about blackberry 10. Think windows first years of sales and that was nearly 1M or Apple the first year als lesser then Blackberry 10 and how old is Apple ios , Yes almost 10 years and at least 7 years on the market.

This article bring fears who read it but please stay calm it's a start and Blackberry must think about making commercials. few days I also give examples how to made some ads with a cheesy and humor twist, but also get a distance from os 7. please take distance from os 7 like it was a great software with high security but we needed to reinvented the smartphone again and we did it with........................

People these days thinking like a fly , because only 180k apps and 6 months later 250k is not Apple/android store so it's a faillure? It took Apple 7-8 years. Wow that quicks no people thinking it's a faillure. At the start no netflix so the OS is doomed but in 2010 it was on xbox,wii etc but not at a iphone that started in 2012 and on android there was lot's of problems in oktober with the app and it's so easy to make a port in a few days that working but with HTML 5 in is easier and done :) Just like skype but in 2 months it was there and working great and people really think Rome was build In a day but that is thinking like a fly , short therm and thinking in a rush to get things done.

At one think I agree and to make this os a succes they needed.
- commercials (i allready give advice a few days ago)
- distance from OS7 in a positive way to show that OS10 is not OS 6,7
- OS10 new innovation how to use software at a smartphone and we build in natural speciaal with
the users in mind with gesture and no home button etc.
- BBM on all platform is nice but only with voip because whatsapp (voip messagage), skype all running to
get thing donewith outlook etc.because you can see they fear BBM and they are afraid of the impact it can
have or not. Only with voip it will succeed - also commercial with D deliver and R of read. I allready
give a few days away 2 example's with a funny twist.
- future phone is two flavour specs. Z30 5 inch,1,7 Ghz 3Gb ram, 12 MP camera 64 Gb Memory
X30 5 inch , 1,2 Ghz 2Gb and 8 MP camera ,you ask why because X30 has good enough specs but
is cheaper and looks like the expensive Z30 and people like that because the mid-market is growing
big. Why buying a 2 Ghz ,3Gb Ram phone for android while apps still made for 1 Ghz and 512 Mb memory. People know and buying more mid-priced phones and there is the market.

"I don't think employees must worried about blackberry 10."

Those words will surely comfort the 100 staff fired on monday...

Private is better. It cuts costs. Money that could be used for marketing/ advertising. In reality the new os I have been using is flawless. The marketing campaign that start mid September will boost sales. I phone is old news.
Samsung has a great device. There is room for a superior os and blackberry has that os. This current os uses a lot of apple code. The new one has no ties to apple. This is a media storm created and perpetuated by Apple. Apple stock will likely take a dive next year. The I phone is dead weight now. The concept has been improved by numerous manufacturers. While they were innovative in the past now it's like a relic.

Posted via CB10

Lets face it Chris. You've been out to lunch on BB for many, many quarters. Technology at BB isn't the problem. It's the players. Heins has proven he's the wrong man for the job. The only thing he knows is how to axe. And much of the axing has occurred in areas he was in charge of before assuming CEO job. Not only is he doing a poor job he's done a poor job of hiring. Boulben has done very little to inspire and engage consumers. Lots of talk but no walk.

Battling stupidity on Internet blogs is the same as trying to cure all cancer in this "cradle to the grave" business we call life and death on earth as humans. So, I should really do myself a massive favour and cease reading these blog comments, to save myself from allowing completely clueless consumers to bring me down in any way, shape, or form. So, I think I'm out. Peace. I might be back though, we'll see if I can contain myself.

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That's true every time I go to Verizon or at&t they always said go for galaxy's or
Iphones, F..... I want a blackberry. so that's not helping to much to blackberry.

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Ontario government is giving Ubisolf 260 million to create jobs, what about BlackBerry. Ubisolf would be a good partner for apps and games, wouldn't it?

Sent from the Legendary Zed10

Some carriers are giving incentives to NOT sell BlackBerry. I have seen a sales person promote the device only to have the manager come and push a hard sale on an Android device

Posted via CB10

To make it clear that WallStreet and media in U.S. and many people in U.S. government have been harsh on RIM since BlackBerry started. One example is an U.S. government official in a top U.S. agency got kicked out of his position because he clearly articulated BlackBerry's strength (about in year 2005). Don't ask me for specific. I can only go so far here. However, RIM survived, even after the 2006 monumental law suite (another anti BB movement that ridiculously requested RIM to pay 625 million to a patent troll). Why BlackBerry survived and thrived in those days? Because it produced BlackBerry devices and provided enterprise services with SOLID QUALITY.

Why BlackBerry is failing now? QUALITY due to lack of corporate governance. Without fixing this root problem, nothing helps. Going private would only kill BlackBerry quicker.

Privatize with an excellent top notch marketing team and align with the best partners like Cisco, Samsung even Oracle along with Canadian Pension plans and Canadian Banks .Then give it a blessing from the Canadian Govt and let's get on the road to rebuild this Tech Canadian company and start to employee Canadians once again ! Pop a Beer folks the Z30 is coming to town !

Posted via CB10

Blackberry is doing exactly what it should do-keep its head down, work hard and keep moving. Lots has been accomplished and lots underway like A30, cross platform BBM, Channels, ongoing focus on enterprise and BES 10 along with OS 10 device sales to enterprise. We won't see the second quarter "report card" until September 28th, but previous guidance already tells us to expect break even or a loss as re structuring will continue for the balance of the year. The most likely outcome will be strategic alliances (see QNX website for extensive list of partners), a recent example being the deal with Samsung to factory install BBM on all phones sold in Africa. It makes sense this will happen in other regions too. The other recent example is the deal with Panasonic auto division which should increase BB's 60% interest in the auto sector to an even higher number. Another interesting area not getting much coverage is mobile commerce and encryption. Between the banks, credit card companies and transaction services p, there has to be a huge opportunity here for new hardware and software using Certicom's encryption technology......the media are screaming in the dark as far as I am concerned as only BB management and the board know where the company is at on a day to day basis. Should the next quarter meet guidance, the media hyenas will just quietly move on to their next quarry that might attract eyeballs and audience share. Short of an offer they can't refuse, Blackberry should continue to focus on what it is doing with the preferred method of leveraging its assets by way of strategic partnerships.

One of the biggest "App Failures" in the United States is that there are no "Banking Apps for BB10" - hard to imagine a company that is, supposed to be all about Business, not having a major banking app.

I could care less about "Metrosexual Must Have Apps" - but a few major banking apps should be a "no brainer"...

Well said. Well said. The Certicom part in particular. I bet the Internet will collapse soon without migrating to ECC from RSA.

Yeah I'm sure taking BlackBerry private would help...the company escape scrutiny so that when they fire the next 100 employees, like they just did, there will be little to no publicity and Thorsten Heins Ketchup can retreat to his cave every night salivating the thought of his $55 million dollars severance package and counting down the days until he can finally destroy BlackBerry for good...

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Nice an all about BB and how they can turn it around. All they need is some time to get things straight.

Private or not .... TIME is not on there side. Time is gone, passed. Time waits for no one.
By the Time they get there stuff together the landscape of the smartphone market will have already changed ( it's happening now) and BB's failure to react 1,2, 3 yrs ago is there biggest issue now.
All the other Players are constantly pushing the Mobile market forward with new Idea's and functionality and BB is caught up in a mess just trying to mount a defense to compete and sell phone.
I'm sorry but Time is not something they have right now, it has come and gone. I was rooting for BB hoping that it would surely surpass WP as the 3rd place Phone maker, I was convinced!
Alas even that did not happen. :(

Yep blackberry is finished, they let corporate morons dictate the design and development of bb10 instead of engineers.


Posted via CB10

Don't completely agree. They do have corporate morons and they do dictate. But BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 have good designs. The quality is not so good as old BBs though. The quality is just on par with iPhone and Samsung, which is not enough for U.S. market. To win U.S. market BB must have higher quality than iPhone and Samsung. Unfortunately those corporate morons of BB don't realize this.

Crackberry Nation should by them, everyone put in a few hundred bucks to become private shareholders in the new company and finance the rest. Should work....;)

Hoping for the best outcome.

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Whatever it takes to keep this company alive and not leaving us with droids, apples and windows, BB is the best and if they just stick to it, however that happens, they can prove it.

Don't let the bullies beat you down, press on, let it roll off your backs, not easy, but it won't be easy for them when you prove them all wrong either!


AppleDroid had years to develop the market and the phones. MicroSoft has deep pockets, Nokia and lots of patience. BlackBerry has none of these.

You can’t expect to keep hitting on the same chick at a party and expect results if she’s just not into you. BlackBerry needs to chat up that no nonsense older business woman who likes keypads, security and that classic BlackBerry form factor…and the occasional Words With Friends not from a sucky Android port.

MicroSoft got away with launching the half-baked Windows Phone 7 on the HTC Trophy and survived. BlackBerry has no such luck launching its almost-done 10.0 on the plane-jane Z10.

They should have put everything into the Q.

I sure wish I could misunderstand the market so fundamentally and walk away with a $55 million payday.

Posted via CB10

I apologize for re-posing here. I am nor versed with CB, don't know how to post a link to answer questions from other fellow readers. Here is a short answer to the question why going private makes enterprise customers leave and kills BB.

Enterprise customers are the only user base that BB still makes money with. Most enterprise customers are in U.S. BlackBerry is not an U.S. domestic company. Since BlackBerry started, there are many arguments about routing data to Canada (see my other comment in this thread about U.S. attitude toward BB - search for "patent troll"). Yet, RIM survived and thrived because government and enterprise customers trust RIM's security. And RIM has been transparent about its security and NOC operation. Being a public company makes RIM liable for this transparency. Because BlackBerry has a chance of going private and a better chance of being acquired by a foreign company (other than U.S.), government and enterprise customers are waiting. Once BB's strategic review ends and the result is staying public or being acquired by a U.S. company, these government and enterprise customers will buy BB devices immediately. If it turns out the other way, going private or being acquired by a foreign company, BB's enterprise customer base collapses immediately. If I am Apple or Google I would pay private equity to take BB private - this is my worst fear.

I rather see a partnership with Amazon or some sort of joint venture, that would bring the stock price back beyond $18 per share IMO. And some.

Private or Joint Venture Partnership with a BIG, successful company would be the best thing blackberry could ever do. Cisco systems, yes, them, I hope blackberry chooses them. This way, the best security and smartphone, mobile computing can evolve so much more. :D

Personally, what I would like to see is some level of push back on the over the top articles suggesting bankruptcy and/or impending doom. Taking the company private will help kill the noise, but it will not cure all woes. I've talked to several people in the last few days who think BlackBerry is on the brink of bankruptcy based what they are hearing, when that is patently ridiculous. One of these has been holding onto an old track-ball bold, planning to upgrade to Q10, but now he is holding off. A strong statement that BlackBerry is not going anywhere, not going to be carved up and that they are primarily focused on looking for partnerships to expand the BB10 rollout would help, I think.

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I have worked for public companies and for private companies.
I have worked for public companies that have then gone private.
Private is the best,
Best motivation, best focusing, best rewards, best morale .

Go private BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

This is a great Canadian company that has employees working their tail off to give us a great product. I love my BlackBerry Z10 and going to pick-up the Z30.

If I could speak to each employee directly, I'd tell them put your head down and keep working while the bullets fly above you. They have my support 110%.

I believe going private is always good for a company that wants to focus on its products and company. A private company can focus on the long term while not worry so much from quarter to quarter. The private company will look at the big picture knowing that their only shareholders are the ones buying their products.

It is my position that BlackBerry would benefit from going private.

Posted via CB10

Hello, my morale is down! I'm sick of reading moronic headlines on the subject and I haven't been working my a$$ off building a completely new OS. If I were working there, it would be easy to jump to a start-up and not have to deal with this kind of crap.

Going private would definitely help morale. I don't know what HR does at BlackBerry, but hopefully they ensure that the staff knows what's going on and tries to deal with these issues. It would suck to lose all the hard working individuals.

Needed is a statement by the Canadian Government and the Government of the Province of Ontario that they will not let BlackBerry disappear. That, without spending a dime, will in and of itself convince people they can buy a product from a company that will not disappear.

It is this perception that is killing the company. The negative press has become a self fulfilling prophecy.

This will also give new investors reason to invest.

These two governments threw billions into the auto industry. This is an important company for Canada and Waterloo.

Posted via CB10

I love BB10. Such a superior os. The problem is marketing. Think abt how much you see apple or Samsung on TV. Billboards, online. HOW often do u see Blackberry advertisements....... it's new. so show it off. They need to be seen everywhere and just by word of mouth from BlackBerry faithfuls....... it's a great device....... people wld love it and buy it more if they knew Abt it. I have convinced several friends to switch from apple or Samsung to bb10. Shit. Should I be working at blackberry?

Posted via CB10

We have God behind us. The media including local newspapers e.g. The Record and CBC are the culprit. I think some of them have personal grudges and they see nothing good coming. But they will be proved wrong. Take BlackBerry from the stock market and they will gradually engineer itself. As long as these media are there, there will be distraction.

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We want BlackBerry to fightback and don't give up. We all have bad times at some points in our lives. Privatizing may be an option. Apple would have secured it's position and reputation what they have today if MR. Jobs would have given up because of Microsoft. I'm a big fan of mac. Mobile technology is surely with BlackBerry since OS 10.

Surely the executives at BlackBerry would realise potentials of the technology they have.

Posted via CB10

Give CrackBerry a budget BlackBerry after the privatization to assist BlackBerry in their marketing ! Hip is in and Crackberry is hip.

Posted via CB10

It doesn't matter if the morale is up.. It's up to developers and companies to jump on board BlackBerry because they need those BIG Services! Nothing will change if they go private.. They need to collaborate with a great company that will help them grow and succeed!

How is going private a bad thing. Apple is a private business look at how successful they are. Grant it we don't have Steve Jobs like they did but privatization is good

Posted via CB10

Blackberry has been the punching bags for the American Tech and Financial press for far too long. Every time there is a somewhat "good news" article that comes out, it's followed by 5 to 6 negative articles. A sort of systematic concerted effort by the press to keep Blackberry down. Being a Public company exposes far too much information that allows the financial world to beat down on Blackberry. This negative financial news in turn causes too much negativism to filter down to the general public thus making many people believe that Blackberry is dying. The way I see it is that the "operations" side of Blackberry is doing very well, it's the Public "Stock Market" financial side that's the root cause of all the decent. We have to get these so called financial analyst "experts" out of the equation and the way of doing this is by going private. There has been far too much negativism and hate out there over the past few years and the slow healing process can only be achieved by going Private. Take away what "fans" and "fuels" the fire.

I'd have to imagine it's the layoffs themselves that are hurting morale, not "headlines" about them. I suppose if they went private then management could just tell everyone remaining that the laid-off people were on vacation? And that sales are going great?

Part of the problem is that all the negative press is turning potential customers off Blackberry. All the talk boils down to simplified phrases, such as "Blackberry is going Bankrupt.". That cannot help the situation. In my family I am the last to own a Blackberry. I have one person left on BBM. Not a good sign
To survive as a public company they need consumers. They only need business to be a private company.
My suggestion to BlackBerry is to release the Z30 with complete Android compatibility inside the BB10 environment. Drop the sideloading and go for downloading straight off Google Play. Then they will be back in competition and bring the consumers and the company back to Black.

Posted via CB10

I hope BlackBerry will go private and this way they will survive! By the way I hate CEO that have parachute of 55 million if the company sell... Nobody is worth that amount... and certainly not at this time when the company does not have good Quarter result!!!! it's a total insult for shareholder's!!! Still I hope BlackBerry will survive.

Posted via CB10

The way I see it. Private or public ownership either way someone has to grab this ship and point it in a direction. If they want to be the greatest business tool to ever exist, then be that. If they want to have a back street brawl with the other two, then do that. But you can't do both properly. BlackBerry lost its edge when one of the owners lost site of the finish line (and tried to buy a hockey team). That gave the other two the opportunity to bust into the market and give the new users (the youth) a toy with function. All I'm saying is someone needs to grab this by the balls and drag it back to the game!!!!!

Posted via CB10

Please, WHAT is wrong with this sentence: "me and others on the CrackBerry team we are acutely aware"? THE most prevalent and egregious grammatical error(s), bar none!! Think pronouns!! Okay for the hoi polloi, NOT for presumably college-educated professionals!!

Kidding of course,,but just another analyst high on ? writing an article to make a living,playing on our emotions and making easy money.Sorry!!

The quality of the writing at Crackberry is generally poor but not really any worse than other sites. Chris is much better than most. When I look at the entire sentence, rather than just the part you quoted, I wonder what you think is wrong with the sentence. I am impressed that he correctly used "me" in the sentence. Most people have no idea when to use "I" or "me" and tend to incorrectly use "myself" instead. The misuse of the word myself has become so common that, if I point out its misuse, people look at my like I am insane.

How would you re-write the sentence that offends you?

Ok, since you asked. First, I am not "offended", I just expect those who write articles- not those who comment- should, at least, proofread their articles. Second, he did NOT- as so many don't-use the personal pronoun correctly."Subjects" (I, you, he/she, we, you, they) come BEFORE the verb, EVEN when there are multiples. So, "me and others are ...", since, if you stripped away the others, you would have "ME is ....." which, you MUST know is incorrect. On the "Object" side of the verb, or when using a presposition, you use an objective pronoun (me, you, her/him, us, you them). So one does NOT say " ..... gave Jim and I", since if you stripped away "Jim", you would be left with " ... gave I", again, which is incorrect. Or, using a preposition, ".... between u and I" is incorrect and should be "between you and me". BASIC, BASIC English, the missuse is known as "hypercorrection" (Google it). Also, in regard to "myself, yourself, him/herself, etc", these are reflexive pronouns, in the they reflect only on a pronoun that MUST precede it: i.e. "I gave myself ....", "she tocuched herself ....", "they enjoyed themselves .....". Got it ? One other slight correction with "ME and OTHERS on the CrackBerry team WE are acutely aware", once a pronoun starts a sentence, it need not be repeated: "Joe and I, we went ..." should just read "Joe and I went ...". Well, brianmts, you asked :-)

You are correct in your statements about reflexive pronouns. You are also correct that "me" is an object. You gave some great examples of correct and incorrect grammar. However, in the sentence in question, "me" is an object of a preposition. After a preposition like "by", comes an object, not a subject. So he did use the correct personal pronoun.

"Based on some digging by Kevin, me and others on the CrackBerry team we are acutely aware that ..."

Stripping out Kevin and others we get "some digging by me". You would not say "some digging by I".

Wow, sorry, totally incorrect as it relates to the sentence I commented on: "Based on some digging by Kevin, ..." is a COMPLETE prepositional phrase that ends with the comma. "ME and OTHERS on the CrackBerry team we are acutely aware..." is a complete phrase with both pronouns having to agree with the verb "aware" as SUBJECTS: ergo, "I and others ...are aware ". Before you retort, ask an English major. Sorry, THE END!

You may be correct. However, I think that the digging was done by "Kevin, me and others on the Crackberry team" not just Kevin. Therefore the prepositional phrase does not end at the coma. Fortunately, I know an English major who is also an English teacher so I will take your advice and ask him. I will get back to you to either challenge your analysis of the sentence or acknowledge your superior knowledge of grammar.

I will concur with one thing: the passage CAN be read a couple of ways: "Based on some digging by Kevin, me and others on the CrackBerry team we are acutely aware that employee morale is not at its best for all employees". If one assumes all were involved in the digging, me and others on the crackberry team, correctly, is within the prepositional phrase, but there should really be a comma after "team" to complete the phrase, so that "we are" starts a new phrase, and I would have added "we are all" to clarify emphasize that. The first comma, without seeing a second looming, made me pause earlier and read the sentence differently, including seeing "we" as redundant. A simple comma and complicated prepositional phrase can change the intent of any sentence. "Kevin, I and others on the CrackBerry team did some digging, which made us acutely aware that employee morale is not at its best for all employees".

Or, more simply, "Based on some digging by me, Kevin and others on the CrackBerry team, we are acutely aware that employee morale is not at its best for all employees" ...... that way the pronoun follows directly after the presposition, but a comma is still needed after "team" ....

As I read it, despite the missing comma, I paused after "team" and attributed the digging to all of them. I can see how you read it differently.

I did run it by the English teacher and he said that, if all are involved with the digging, the sentence needs a comma after team. Of course, if it was just Kevin doing the digging, there are more problems.

I like your proposed wordings.

Thanks, this was fun.

It was fun .... i try to hold back from being the "English police", but it bewcomes irresitible when it comes from editorials, as I expect more from those that do this as part of their livelihood.
ta for now >>>>

Obviously, I could be wrong here, but the only way BlackBerry could turn around their negative perception at this point, is to have a big player purchase them. A company that gets glowing reviews. I just don't see anyone giving BlackBerry a fair shake until something drastic happens.

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Burk - BlackBerry launched a new line of phones with "brand new software" - an incredible accomplishment in itself, except, the botched the launch so badly with the marketing/messaging that it never stood a chance.....

There is nothing about the "current executive team" that inspires confidence that anything will change...

So, to your point, until BlackBerry gets gobbled up by an American company - they don't stand a chance.


If Facebook said they were buying BlackBerry tomorrow..... you would see a "double" in one day.

Going private means "where here to stay".

Core BlackBerry customers aren't looking for a flashy phone or the most wanted phone. They are looking for a specific experience. Part of that is reliability and it's hard to take faith in the "reliable" aspect when you are seeing all this bad press. You might still get bad press, but profitability and exact sales numbers become less public, in my opinion.

I have often gotten tired of the market share argument. I don't care if BlackBerry has 3% or 97% of the market share. As long as they are creating the device that I want and are in a position to continue doing so, market share is meaningless. And, I think, going private helps them get out of the market share race. On a side note, they should consider charging a couple more hundred dollars if it makes for a better phone, more confidence in customers, and profitability.

I think this whole "sale of the company" is over rated. I mean, for a company that has been dead for 3 years, they sure do get a lot of press (if that's what you want to call it). So, going private is going to allow them to instill confidence in that way. Really, the press release didn't say much of anything. It said, "we are forming a committee of board members to study strategic options". Isn't that what board members do anyway? I wonder if they were required to state that they were going to talk a bout it so that, if it came up, no one could claim that they were hiding it. I don't know much about these things, but that's the kind of red tape that (I think) you have to do when you are public and you don't have to do when you are private. Which is totally understandable when the public is investing in you.

If you are investing in BlackBerry, it's because you are understand risk, but are looking at the long term. If you are a huge corporation looking to buy BlackBerry, you understand that. If you are a private investor buying BlackBerry, you understand that. If you are a day trader, that's just not where your at. If you expect to see a return on your investment in the next 12 months, don't buy BlackBerry (stock or the company). But the influence of the stock market (not their ideal investor) is screwing with their messaging.

So, I don't see it as a bad thing to go private. Increases confidence, helps BlackBerry control the message, and sets the sights on the long term.

Thinking outside the box here but partnering with Apple might be best ( I am no fan of apple) but they have all the carrier connections, media and love from the us. In exchange maybe BlackBerry helps them with a bes like system for Apple. It's so crazy it just might work

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So there you have it ,just out on Seeking Alpha,65K bb world apps come from two devs,I recently read on this site that 1 dev had 49K apps ,is CB shooting BB in the foot?More positive articles are needed,or else the famous Crackberry Freaks will soon be know as the cut and run gang.That wasn't nice ,was it? From here on in all articles should be Positive.The vulchers are circling.

Like in Washington DC, certain folks who have the "ear" of people in the administration are afraid of "not being invited to lavish parties" - so they never tell the politicians anything controversial - even though it might help.

Google needs to step up and buy BlackBerry to allow Motorola to make the handsets, and come out with a new QNX-based OS that allows for full native transfer of android apps while implementing the best parts of android. This would be aligned with Google move to take over the world.
It would also break Samsung's monentum in the North American/UK market, which I am all for.

BlackBerry has a "better build on quality of hardware" than Samsung or Motorola, but I like the idea of a QNX OS device with "native Android apps".... Have you ever tried to play "Words with Friends" on a Z10 with the game "sideloaded from Android".... let's just say it requires "a lot of patience"....

Chris mentions last quarters results. In the conference call, as with most for many, many quarters it was hard to believe as shareholders our investment has been entrusted to people so ill-prepared and out of touch in engaging their audience, the analyst community, customers & shareholders.

Chris, you had mentioned soon after the results that they were quite bad - now I see that you have changed your mind: "The actual numbers came in within spitting distance of guidance excluding the (hopefully temporary) Venezuela problems."

Seems like a change of heart - some of us have been saying this since the results - now it appears that you too are thinking along the same lines.

As a shareholder of Blackberry I would rather have Blackberry stock drop in the interim than have it go private. I for one didn't for a second assume that Blackberry will have a turnaround in a matter of 2 quarters - especially with the level of constant barrage of negativity being spewed by the media and the analyst.

If Blackberry has what it says (and I believe) it has then the markets will come back in 2 to 3 quarters. In the meantime, let them just hunker down and do their best at what they are good at.

I would be very sorry if Blackberry were to go private.