PrivacyStar Updated to v1.0.50.2 - Now Available in CrackBerry App Store

By ObiGeorge on 17 Feb 2010 02:36 pm EST

We have previously posted on PrivacyStar, a full featured call blocking application by First Orion Corporation. Well we got word today that the application has now made its way to Mobihand and the CrackBerry App Store. So if you've been holding off on picking it up, you can now grab it through the software store. Some of PrivacyStar's features include:

  • Reverse Call Lookup
  • Block Unwanted Callers from your call log menu or by manually entering numbers
  • Complaint Management- Report unwanted telemarketing/harassing calls
  • Block all private or unknown callers

PrivacyStar is one of the best and most detailed call blocking applications on the market, competitively priced at $2.99 per month. It is available for all BlackBerry's running OS 4.3 and up.

Reader comments

PrivacyStar Updated to v1.0.50.2 - Now Available in CrackBerry App Store


AddOnIs has the phone look up deal, and it works.

I am still baffled how this company thinks they can charge monthly for this service.

Poynt does a reverse look up and its free. Does this one do a reverse look up of unlisted numbers and cell phone numbers ? As far as call blocking - is this just another app that lets the phone ring once before it blocks it ? Either way I think a monthly fee is too much for what it does. I'll pass :)

Plus it doesn't have a monthly charge and does a lot more than just block numbers. Why someone would pay a monthly fee for this service is beyond me. Also with AddOnis you can customize which reverse lookup engine you use, in addition to the defaults.

PrivacyStar's caller look-up feature DOES work for the majority of cell phone numbers as well as land-line, including VOIP numbers.

It's rather new guys. Things don't generally do everything at launch. However I did win my year subscription from guess who. Now my only complaint is just like Do Not Disturb (available at BlackBerry App World only) your phone still begins to do a slight ring and a missed call pops up, BerryBuzz flashes.. But this is not the applications faults it's an issue with the Carrier (I believe that's what I was told.) I would like to see that feature gone in the future. Bc if I'm dodging someone well I would like to not have to still be filled with the guilt of silencing the call or feeling like a jerk for ignoring said bill collector again. Privacy Star is a very useful app, another great feature is it gives you the city and state the calls come from so you don't need to pay "City ID" to have this feature any longer.

I've been using the free version of Call Control that I downloaded from App World, and it blows this app out of the water. First of all, Call Control syncs with a web based blacklist reported by other users. Second, you can perform a reverse lookup of any telephone number cell or landline and leave a comment/report of the call. Lastly, Call Control doesn't allow a single ring... and that is primarily why I use it. Blocked calls can either be sent to voicemail or disconnected, either way there isn't a single ring. This makes Call Control the best privacy / call blocking app hands down. AND the free version is pretty good. They sell a pro version for I think $7.99 (not monthly) but I haven't bought it yet. My two cents on call blocker apps.