PrivacyStar for BlackBerry Blocks Unwanted Callers - 5 Subscriptions to Give Away

By Adam Zeis on 20 Jan 2010 02:39 pm EST


A few days ago we saw the release of PrivacyStar from First Orion. The application makes it easy for you to block unwanted callers, telemarketers, 800 numbers and more from getting through to your BlackBerry. Users can login to the web portal and add or remove numbers from their blocked list. PrivacyStar will run you $2.99 a month, but a free 30-day trial is available. Features include:

  • Report offenders to authorities directly using PrivacyStar
  • Block unwanted callers from your call log menu or enter numbers manually
  • Block private or unknown callers
  • Block Exchanges
  • On demand PrivacyStar caller identification
  • Fully integrated with your portal
  • Keep track of how many PrivacyStar calls you're receiving

The response after the release was so great that First Orion gave us 5 free one-year subscriptions to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. 

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Reader comments

PrivacyStar for BlackBerry Blocks Unwanted Callers - 5 Subscriptions to Give Away



this would be a very handy app for me. Those telemarketers do get on your nerves. One year put for use her for sure :D

This is an app I would probably use quite a bit. I have around 10 numbers I would love to block, not the Mum in law's of course. So just let me have it, pleeaase

Perhaps a free subscription to PrivacyStar would allow me to see first hand why a subscription based service would be a better value than the (one-time) purchase price of a similar product, Call Blocker Pro.

I promise I'll put it to use and give an impartial review.

I have used the Beta and this is one blocking application that works a brief 2s ring and blocks the caller very good application, on a slim chance i hope to win as i never win from crackberry except good information. never a contest.

I could block unknown/private numbers? Awesome! I'm kind of curious how that works...but I'd love the opportunity to get a copy and find out. Thanks.

I have won PrivacyStar, so I don't take calls from YOU, or YOU, or, well, okay, YOU I like, so no me anytime.

Okay, I haven't technically won it yet, but, as you can see, I could use some help in managing callers. So send a little "leverage" my way. Thanks.....

this is a great idea and a great app. Verizon does not allow you to block individual numbers so i really could put this app to use!! PICK ME!!!


Please pick me! I get unwanted calls all th time!!!!! This would be awesome! I have to hit ignore way too often...... =) Thanks in advance!

Please pick me! I get unwanted calls all th time!!!!! This would be awesome! I have to hit ignore way too often...... =) Thanks in advance!

i use that buzz off application or bought it.would love to win this one and dump the other.Buzz off does not work. the same number calls me and keeps getting thru.

This would be so helpful, especially the reporting function. It is so annoying to get these SPAM calls.

BB should be encouraged to incentivize this featured service. Telemrkg is no longer an annoyance, but a strong interference for ALL cell users. CrackBerry can be a strong influence with BB to incorporate this type service into its core apps platform. Cheers.

This looks like a great app to use and i can def see myself using it to block a few numbers that keep on calling me

Well when I first noticed this post I said "yea right' but now I am saying,"GREAT JOB". I have call blocker on my phone but it would ring my phone,notify,me and I would still get charged for the time,minutes for the blocked calls but this application stops the call before I get a call and it does not take away my minutes.I almost went to my provider and asked for a number change but now since I have this program,I do not need to do the number change and then go through all of the address/contacts and update everyone,which is a big hassle.So thank you,both Crackberry and PrivacyStar for getting me out of this situation...

one to block my ex...claiming she still loves me after we've haven't been together for 5 years..

I'm a girl I recieve alot of weird calls from guys what girl wouldnt need this guys dont need this they mostly want a girl to call them and again they are a guy they should pay what girl should pay ;) and i some how keep geting my phone number well some one is giving it out to the public because im geting calls from guys even in different countries i must say crack berry this is a need for me :) so pick me!

This would be great so as you don't have to be rude some people just don't get it I hope I can win thanks

I am on a trial version right now. I love it. Maybe you'll let me win a free version to upgrade my trial!

Works great on the Tour 9630, easy to use and well priced. Let the free trial speak for itself and you will be happy to buy it at the end.

I'm just tickled pink that someone FINALLY came up with this program! I've been using it for the past two days and it works GREAT! Pick me for the free subscription! PLEASE!! PRETTY PLEASE!!

Please select me to run this program. It is right up my alley and sounds like a very useful piece of software to use on my Tour. I'd greatly enjoy being a part of your selected users. Thank you for your time, and a huge thank you for the services you all provide here!