PrivacyStar for BlackBerry Lets You Block Unwanted Callers - 5 One-Year Subscriptions Up for Grabs

By Adam Zeis on 17 Apr 2010 01:56 pm EDT


PrivacyStar first popped up late last year, bringing a great option for protecting your privacy and stopping unwanted callers. The app lets you block calls from unwanted callers, private numbers, blocked numbers and more. PrivacyStar includes a feature to look up numbers so you can decide if you want to let the call through the next time, or to block it for good. PrivacyStar is a great option for cutting down on those annoying telemarketers and unsolicited calls to your device.

Contest: We have 5 one-year PrivacyStar subscriptions to give away. Just leave a single comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PDT.

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PrivacyStar for BlackBerry Lets You Block Unwanted Callers - 5 One-Year Subscriptions Up for Grabs



theres always someone who somehow got your number, or someone that wont forget it! either way, this app, helps that. im in.

Finally...I was just thinking I need a call if you would be ever so kind as to select me that would be appreciated

Could totally use this right now. Someone gave out my number to multiple collection agencies, non stop calls.

Hey i got the app when bb app world put it out and i love it and sadly my 30 day trial just ended and I'm a cheap skate when it comes 2 payong 4 stuff so plz plz plz i would like 2 win a copy also its gay pride weekend in phoenix,az so support us rainbow hotties by selecting me 4 a copy plz plz plz thx love ya =P the luckiest person on earth - even in the whole universe - if all wars on earth end - and if you chose me for this gorgeous application.

Best regards from the very norh of Germany!

Mark :o)

Oh please pick me. I get calls that I would rather not deal with from people that I have been trying to get out of my life. This will be one more step to remove them.

NOTHING is worse then getting solicitations on your cell phone. ESPECIALLY from collections groups at banks looking for someone who gave your number to open a fraud account (will not mention any names... W#l@s F*r%o)

I have used the free version of PrivacyStar and it is everything that it says it is!!! I used it on a daily basis to get rid of the pesky bill collectors & random private calls from coming thru. Do recommend! It is a great app for the price, but if I can get a subsription for free......even better!!!!

I would love to be able to try this app...I have a lot of calls from blocked #s that hangup as well as a lot of solicitation calls. I really hope it does what it says! =)

Don't want to change my number, but don't want "certain" people calling me. This app would really come in handy.

YES! That would be awesome! I get heavy breathers ALL THE TIME! It's disgusting, but I don't want to change my number b/c I've had the same number for 10 years, and it would be a major pain to get a new number out to all those who need it!

I've always seen my friends use this sort of application to block out the pesky salesman and those unsolicited calls in the middle of the night (from some unknown country!)
But I've hesitated in purchasing one of these, and this would be a great opportunity to try it out.
Thanks for the chance CB!

How many of us ONLY have a cell phone and NOW waste minutes dealing with this types of calls? Add me to that list.

I think this is a wonderful tool now that our mobile numbers are going to be public. Would love to win this!

Is this app geography specific. Would this work in asia, india specifically? Would love to try it out.

The beauty of a cell phone is that you can still receive that important call that you used to have to sit at your desk and wait for. The worst part about a cell phone is that too many people call me. I've lost control of my time and my life.

The ability that PrivacyStar gives you to control who can and can't get through to you. This application will not only save me time, but give me back control over who can and can't get through to my cell phone.

I hope that I win one of the giveaway copies because I can't wait to try it!

Been looking for a good call blocker for some time now! I get around 3-4 calls every day that I will never answer! Please help me crackberry and hook me up with this great app!!!

It would be awesome to have access to a product that goes to this extent to protect one's privacy. I only wish that it weren't so necessary.

wow this application sure nice for stalker victim or even a rock star, no need to pick up call every times, just leave it to privacy star.

I would love this application it can be very useful, specially when you use your BB as your only phone and get telemarketing calls on it as well.

I need this program right now! I have too many people that call and don't get the concept of being ignored.

Best app ever made, made my life a lot easier getting rid of these annoying telemarketers and ridiculous restricted calls.

Finally a piece of mine from a stalker who doesn't understand that I don't know any Joyce. Sign me up! could block callers for free plus get awesome voicemail features for FREE using Google Voice. Just saying.

I need privacystar to get these 2 stalkers off me. The next step is change my number I would hate to do that. So plz plz pick me.

That thing is great! Crackberry u r the best!!! The best site for blackberry phones i mean crackberry phones :-)

Please pick me i would love to have this versus Smart limits by ATT. This is a must have on my phone

would love this app because i work nightshift and need my phone on in the morning time, so blocking calls is a must for me but i need it on to receive phone calls from my childrens school. thanks

For me, this would be the biggest blessing I could receive on my BlackBerry Bold 9700. There is ONE person that won't stop calling me no matter what. Taking their number out of contacts doesn't help as the caller can still get through and it's so annoying and heartbreaking at the same time. This would be wonderful for me, as I could block the call. Thank You. :)

I would love to have this. I constantly get calls asking me to get insurance for my credit card. It gets annoying - especially when the person calling can hardly speak my language, haha.

I absolutly Love this app. It's deinfitly worth the money! You can't go wrong!!!

Privacy Star For Life Snitches!!!

approx. 2 years ago we were remodeling our home and completed a request online in an attempt to find a contractor to help us remodel our home. at the time we received numerous calls however all the contractors we met with were very pricey, and decided to go with a contractor that a friend referred us to. to this date i receive 2 calls a week from contractors wanting to come to my home and provide me with an estimate on our already remodeled home. i have removed my number from the site, and have complained to them numerous time, however i continue to receive phone calls. a free copy of privacy star would definitely help get to get rid of these unwabted phone calls. thx for your consideration

I highly recommend this application. I have been using it for about three months and it is wonderful. Would love to have the one year subscription.

I know there are some calls I would like to block. It will be to be able to look up who is actually calling from numbers that I have no clue who they are.

I just had a creepy craigslist encounter yesterday and I wish I could make sure I will never
hear from this person again...