PrivacyStar 2.0 for BlackBerry released - Enter to win an insane superstar vacation!

By Adam Zeis on 9 Sep 2010 02:17 pm EDT

PrivacyStar, one of the top privacy apps for BlackBerry devices, has been updated to version 2.0 and includes some great new features. First off is the revamped UI. The app has a totally new interface making things much easier to navigate. Other updates include comprehensive call blocking, Do Not Disturb, reverse caller lookup and the ability to report telemarketing violators. If you are searching for the best way to block callers to your device PrivacyStar is definitely the way to go. Plans start at $2.99/month and the app can be downloaded from BlackBerry App World.

Contest: In conjunction with the new release, PrivacyStar (not CrackBerry) is holding an insane contest for a VIP getaway. The contest requires you to either shoot a 30 second commercial about your favorite PrivacyStar feature or purchase a 6-month subscription to the app. BUT - we have 5 "Golden Tickets" up for grabs. This means you just need to leave a single comment on this post to be entered for a chance to win. Now, this doesn't guarantee a winner from our comments, yet gives 5 people a chance to win without having to enter via one of the above methods. For more information, other ways to enter or to see full contest rules, check out Good luck!

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Reader comments

PrivacyStar 2.0 for BlackBerry released - Enter to win an insane superstar vacation!



I'd LOVE to win; and assure you I will spread the word of Crackberry to my friends on Twitter; and have them re-tweet. Word will be out to over 50,000 peeps!!!

Please enter me, I feel just like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Willie Wonka wants me to have a chance. Thank you!

This sounds like an AWESOME program to finally get back at those damn telemarketer idiots who feel they can ignore the Do Not Call Registry. The trip would be nice too!

Does it work on the Torch?

Kevin, after this CrackBerry Summer...I think I may need that "insane superstar vacay." Besides, I could always write about it when I get back. LOL!

-Aloha Joe

Winning one of those tickets with a chance to win the overall prize would be a nice thing to get. Thanks for the many contests.

PrivacyStar,and Crackberry I would LOVE to be included in one of those great Jets heading to Cabo. I'm ready to enjoy Privacy Star features from the sky. Since the very moment of take off I'll totally have new inter-face, that would make my current face show happiness. I promise that I will have plenty of situations and moments to change my status or profile on the Privacy Star, not only on my Blackberry, I will enforce it during the length of my "insane VIP trip" to extrangers for example things like: "call blocking", "Do Not Disturb" on my door, "reverse" out my way, and the ability to "report the violators" of my peaceful well deserved Insane Trip. If you are searching for the best candidate to enjoy every "momento", I Am definitely the way to go. I will pack and make plans at soon you folks notify me. I have all the necessary gear: Passport, bags, even an empty margarita glass Don't wait no more. Crackberry staff, you have a winner. Trust me don't waste no more time. email me.... ;)

As long as it better than that chocolate factory visit I got with the last golden ticket I'm all aboard.

Great app, hopefully even better vacay!

Crackberry isnt giving this contest, PrivacyStar is. You have to go to their website and enter by uploading a 30sec video/commercial showing a blackberry using PrivacyStar.

Does anyone else find it odd we are entering a "contest" to be entered into a contest?

Where's a mathematician to calculate odds when you need him? lol

4 days in Cabo sounds amazing. Only question is will I have BIS service while I'm there? I guess I could deal without it lol.

To win a vacation would be right on time. I was just telling a friend that I need a family vacation before November. This would be great to win.

Seriously... out of all my favorite tech blogs, ya'll have the best give aways. I'm in for this one, for sure.

well i won their free 30 day extension when i first DL the trial version why not this..just mybe

I'd love to set up a long call block list to everyone but family (for emergencies) while on that vacation. Thanks, PrivacyStar!

I'll throw my name in here. I hope wherever the vacation is that they have BB data services so I don't need to be disconnected.

Oh yes!!! I am all over this contest! Im in marketing and have a lot of ideas that could really pop! Id love to win this.

Wow to win this trip and to fly on a private jet would be so awesome! And to do a commercial for them would be double awesome! It would mean so much to me if I can win this contest.