At one investment firm in NY, privacy concerns are leading many to ask for their BlackBerry back

By Bla1ze on 21 Jul 2014 01:27 pm EDT

Over at CIO today, Tom Kaneshige ran an article titled: Mobile Workers: 'I Want My Blackberry Back' It highlights comments from an IT executive at 'a well-known investment firm in New York City' and the troubles the organization is having with their Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy and MDM solutions that ultimately has employees asking for their corporate BlackBerry back.

The issues with the MDM solutions tried range from severe battery drain on phones and tablets, not being able to receive push notifications, systems not working properly with the Salesforce apps and one MDM solution was even 'hammering the server like a denial-of-service attack, and thus had to be removed'. But as noted by the IT executive who opted to remain nameless for anonymity reasons, the biggest concern came down to privacy for workers or as noted in the article, the lack of.

One MDM solution tried allowed for the restriction of common apps but also notified end users when an IT admin was turning on location services or looking at the apps running on a device with no way for the end user to decline access to such things.

"Things like this drove a wedge between IT and the users," says the IT executive. "We became Big Brother. Everyone was convinced that we were doing this because we wanted to see what the hell they're doing. In reality, it's all about protecting the data."

"Maybe 60 percent of the people requested to go back to a BlackBerry and carry two devices," the IT executive says. "We were shocked, blown away, by the privacy reaction."

The privacy factor is increasingly becoming important for people and although this is only one documented situation, there's surely more organizations out there running into the exact same problems in the BYOD sector. The article doesn't note what MDM solutions were tried but BlackBerry aimed to solve a lot of the issues noted here with BES 10 and soon BES 12 by adding in BlackBerry Balance.

I fully suggest you head on over to CIO to read the full article as it also addresses how iPhones are consumer devices never designed for the enterprise. BlackBerry noted that after the Apple and IBM announcement, but hearing others also agree with it gives it even more weight.

What do you all think? Have you heard of similar situations happening? If so, drop them in the comments and let everyone know. I've heard several stories now of how Android and iOS are a PITA to maintain in enterprise, so I'm interested in hearing other, real life experiences as well.

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At one investment firm in NY, privacy concerns are leading many to ask for their BlackBerry back


I m loving this ppl wanting to go back to their BlackBerries!!! Why? Because BlackBerry is about security!!! . Glad to hear this is happening with companies that went to a different MDM provider instead of BlackBerry.

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Yup! It's like our parents telling us stop that you'll hurt yourself and we don't listen. Then we get hurt and guess what the parent (BlackBerry) was right!

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HA! cheers to that sir. They once were blind, but now they see.

Blackberry keeps Johnson National LLC moving

Happy to see people wanting their BlackBerry back. Too bad that they are still going to carry two devices.

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Fully Agree, the Z30 is the best full touch smart phone out to date. BlackBerry should market it aggressively.

I'm in Freddy!

Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing  ) new  BlackBerry Z30 (STA100-5), son! The Thor's Hammer of phones! Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile. Once you go BlackBerry, everything else is wack-berry! #longestsignatureeverthatishortenedabit

What don't you understand about Balance? You have you personal shit on the phone and the company has there secure side of the phone.

I don't know if this surprises anyone on CB, or outside the US, but here in the states lots of people are convinced (mostly by carrier reps) BB is out of business.

I also try to spread the word about BlackBerry here in the US. Many people have asked me about my Z10 and seem very impressed by it. They are then surprised not only that BlackBerry has an all-touch phone that runs BlackBerry and Android apps, but also because they already thought that BlackBerry was gone.

I got my Z10 at the AT&T launch in March 2013. To this day I still have not seen another one out "in the wild" here in upstate NY. I have seen Q10s, but no Z10s or Z30s. Sad..

 Proud BB10 user. The best kept secret in mobile 

+100, I'm out quite a bit, both for business and personal and I've yet to see just ONE BB10 device in someone's hand. I see older BBs here and there but after 15 mos, nada! I too have impressed people w/my phone but when they hear the name BlackBerry, they cringe. I often get picked on and asked why BlackBerry and I respond "why not?". smh

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Sadly it's not that easy. I've found Europeans ate more receptive but not really much better informed. Still got asked if BlackBerry was out of business.

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Ignorance is a B!tch...even with Canada next door the so called sales rep and others still think BlackBerry is out of business?

I will tell you why... these roles are generally fill by teenagers and young adolescence with no care to be informed. They do not read the news. They pay attention to whats cool out the box and on shelf at their stores. So, they have every right to sell the next big screen or the shiny coloured device. One can only blame the carriers for exploiting the youths of today. Supervisors do not disseminate credible information.

Obviously they will say its out of business if you get incentive per device for selling any other device :)

This says it all :)

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I hope that organization in the article tries BES 10/12. They are in for a treat. Might be a major shift coming in the next year for a lot of enterprises.. Blackberry products are no longer playing catchup, and there the most trusted enterprise solution. Lots of room for huge growth. My organization are still 100% Blackberry and we've had a huge success with BB10! over 700 users and counting. pretty much zero issues.. We use Balance.

that's right!!!!! Too bad the app gap is still holding Blackberry hostage. And YES i know a solution is on the way for Amazon to supply some relief with an "official" .APK store, but it's not here yet. And once it is released with the new version of 10.3, it still needs to be put out by the carriers. So you see..the app gap is still a very much a PROBLEM.

You can use third party stores for apk already. As with any apps, it's the permissions you have to watch.

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That in itself is another problem. What good is it to have a secure device if the apps you download need full permissions to run. BtW, the third party stores for .apk's you mention do not have apps signed by the entity responsible for the app. For example the Chase app is not signed by Chase but by some ramdom person (i guess the one that made the .apk available?) i dont know about you, but I am not installing a Banking app that is not signed by the Bank it is representing.

Not an issue on enterprise.
1st - Enterprise controls what apps , if any can be installed on the work side of the device. In most cases, like mine, if it's not in the Workside BBW, than it can not be installed.

Not an issue on non-enterprise. Android applications run in an Android Runtime Sandbox. It has access to certain functions (say GPS), but data access is extremely limited.

That becomes very complicated. If you are interested I will take you through the steps:

Step 1 - do not install any application which requires permissions you do not want to give.

Don't think Android apps work that way. For all of them it's either all or it won't work. At least that's been my experience.

Posted via CB10 IOS still gives you control over certain things. Like whether an app can access GPS, contacts, microphone, photos, ect. So you see, there are other options. My point is that if Blackberry plans of getting any users back from IOS (im not worried about Android. They will still dominate the low-end market no matter what) they better come up with a better solution than just an .apk store to bridge the app gap.

You working too hard to win an argument you have already lost. I find reading up on subject matter before you start is quite useful.

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Ok. You maybe right. Blackberry is gaining market share by the day/weeks
And I'm just a clown. You're right and I'm wrong. How's that?? Lol

I'm pretty sure the Amazon App Store that you can download right now has apps signed by the responsible entities you speak of.

They do, but most of the non-mainstream apps are not. So the pool of apps just got smaller if you care about security.

Exactly, the fact the developers of mayor app platforms are not willing to code for Blackberry 10 should speak volumes.

That's. Not the problem, even if we had the same apps,there will still be hate campaigns on BlackBerry, apps have been just a good excuse up till now, but what people will start to see is the innovations in BlackBerry 10,people have tried everything else and have found that nothing works like BlackBerry,

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This is true. I love my Blackberry z10 but cannot stand my Android/IOS wielding friends that have apps that are native and work smooth. Sure I have the Flipboard app (port). Buggy and slow. I also have the Sonos App..again buggy and slow. Should we have to suffer on performance because we do not have anyone coding native apps for the sake of having a device that is better at a few things? EVERYTHING is apps nowadays. That's why Blackberry is in the position its in. Excellent phones and now one will buy them.

Don't agree with everything you said, but one thing is for sure:

BlackBerry Android runtime is too slow. This prevents Android apps (from Amazon or Snap) from being a solution for apps.

I REALLY REALLY hope the Android runtime on 10.3 has some *MAJOR* *MAJOR* speed improvements. It really really needs it.

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There must be something wrong with me, crackberry is the only app I have. Never found any use for any apps.

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Where have you been you can get the android store now? And 1mobike market which both of those don't require any side loading. Where snap does. But is Farley easy to do. There are no apps that I don't have that I need. And the more companies that switch back to BlackBerry the more native apps we get.

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There's an app, which runs on 10.3, that allows you to change Android permissions. Yes, I understand. Some apps don't run without enabling all permissions. In that case, I don't install them or delete them same as I do with any app in BlackBerry World.

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Not surprised at all. Just wait until some big hack or massive security leak and the BYOD will cease to exist by upper management of any corporation. BlackBerry will return to many places that originally abandoned them.

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BlackBerry needs to capitalize on this ASAP. I'm a firm believer of BlackBerrys security capabilities.

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This couldn't be a better time for BlackBerry, (I'd they haven't yet) to consult this Firm and send a rep to demonstrate what they've been working on. This I believe would the word out to the other businesses in the US to start paying a closer look.

#poweredbyblackberry Z30

I have been saying this all the while. All the current competitors out there haven't got the Corporate world on their agenda, Mass consumer appeal is what they have and continue to pursue, Heinz made the mistake of trying to take BlackBerry in that direction. It can be done however, if BlackBerry has both an Enterprise solution and Mass Consumer division that offers a bit more security for those who maybe interested in security.

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Not a chance, this is good stuff favouring BlackBerry. Unless this article says BlackBerry is going bankrupt then it will be picked up by the mainstream media.

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The great thing about the Apple/IBM deal was that it allowed everyone willing to pay attention to see the Apple bull$hit at work and how it falls very short of reality many times.

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The Apple/IBM deal only serves to make people remember another much more reliable mobile company that has served quality since the 80s. Blackberry is indeed way ahead......... and quiet rightly so too!!!!!!!

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Just about 1 year ago, we looked at the IBM solution for a hospital to use. The solution then did not include any reporting that would to be used to prove compliance to government regulations.

Based on that conversations, and the speed at which the issue was eliminated.
They must be adding functionality even as we speak as a W.I.P. "work in progress", solution.
That tells me it was not created for the regulatory market, but like all the other solutions we have seen, the government regulations is included as an , as an afterthought.
I still believe when something is designed from the ground up to do a certain job, chances are it will be able to do that. It's when you add new functionality or change primary design elements, that to the core code can cause problems and even generate errors.
Thank goodness. there's still BlackBerry.
Now let's get at it.

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Ironically, what you say is true for BlackBerry too. They took a secure email communications device and added on features as necessary to try and be what other phones were popular for.

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"They" are still chasing him...

How could he work for them? Remote login... ? Sure he doesn't want to be found (out), so this would have to be implemented very expertly...

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

I work at a major corporation and one of only a few that still carry BlackBerry. I have heard a few complaints about security like the article states but I've heard more complaints about battery drain, email loss and calendar sync. Some are seeing the light but I believe it will take time for the tides to truly turn. I don't think BlackBerry is going anywhere anytime soon because people are starting to realize this. Once 10.3 drops and the app gap is closed the shift could be even quicker.

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Never thought about that, but reading it makes perfect sense. My niece works for a big insurer, has a personal iPhone but requested a work BlackBerry because she wants to keep it separate. Battery drain is something else that never occurred to me. Great find.

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And that's why I love the fact my "work" blackberry z10 has my personal profile and the same device also has my company's work profile.. and "never shall the two meet" - jk. Bottomline: my company owns the work profile and I own the personal. They (my company) can wipe or restrict or keep private anything they want on their side of the fence without touching what's on my side of the fence.. perfect harmony....

Publish this article in the Wall Street Journal.

Let's stand back and watch the fireworks.

It will be like July 4th all over again.

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The real value of this piece (and I cringe a little as I type this) is the emotional impact on the general public. If this tone shows up in a few articles, it might just turn the trend in a more logical direction. We've witnessed the pendulum swing in the other direction under pressure from the "sheeple." This is not new thinking for any of us. The fact that so many professionals are clueless and/or unconcerned is astounding. So hooray for those thinking and writing about this.

I think no one cares and blackberry better get back into the advertising business. Bondishesque commercials.

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Bwahahaha. Told you so. Happens when people are too clever for their own good. They will be back to Black.

Z10 STL100-1, OS

Good news!..Come back home @ all BlackBerrians!! And is it me, or is Bla1ze working at a Superhuman pace!? Lol..Good Stuff.

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That's awesome news. Hopefully other companies who value security will follow suit. Slowly but surely I think people are starting to realize security should be taken seriously and as a priority

Go Black Berry

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I work for a big Canadian insurer and thank goodness they've used BES10 since the start. I've tried GOOD and it's far from it. Loading up the app and logging in to check email and calendar is a way slower process than swiping to check everything in the Hub.

We just need more people to complain about battery life, separate work profiles and security and BlackBerry will be return to greatness.

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This big Canadian insurer must have smart management, advisors, corporate security and IT folk. I'd like to do business with them. ;)

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What?! Time for a BlackBerry Fact check here!!!

My Z10 connects via VPN using the built in options within the BB10 OS.

You'll need to know some of those settings for your 'consumer' vpn service...

Swipe down from top bezel
Click on settings
Go to Network and Connections
Click on VPN
Name the profile
Input a gateway/server location :

(...and then local settings)

Which VPN service are you using? From what I have read not all of them work, just the ones that use newer protocols.

This is great news for BlackBerry, unfortunately many people in the US just follow fads, I work in a public place and when I speak of device management, security, hardware, and apps, the first thing I hear is, well, the iPhone is better than BlackBerry, Samsung is better, why do you have a BlackBerry? I didn't know BlackBerry had an all touch screen phone! aren't they going out of business? But no one can explain to me why their iPhone or Samsung is better, oh one person did say they advertise more than BlackBerry and Labron James endorses Samsung! Lol WTF people can be so Shallow Minded!

Posted by my QNX powered Z10

Shame that fewer "IT Professionals" realized that BB's running BB10 were vastly more capable than any mdm solution. The ability to switch from Enterprise mode to personal mode on the fly was not well understood I think

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So finally People are realising the importance of BlackBerry devices...may it be security or the notifications...And after the release of new OS 10, now BlackBerry is no longer limited to its native apps and is no less than any phones out there in the market....proud to be a BlackBerry User :)

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Carrying a blackberry is the only sure fire way to make sure your iPhone makes it through the day.

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Now, have the IT 'expert' needs to further his conversation by stating that one really does not require a fun-phone, plus a BlackBerry, like the old days, because as we all know, the new BlackBerry can do both through balance.

I never understood why companies would allow BYOD. If want to do non business related stuff do it on your own device.

Employees want to be able to play on their work phone, as well as make phone calls paid by the employer.

And on the other side, employers want to reduce mobility costs by making employees pay for data and voice and hardware for the company :-)

All this is a major misunderstanding.

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Anybody see that surprising "pro apple website" BGR article today? "Security intentionally compromised by Apple". Bahahaha, apple

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This story/news has gone viral today,lol. Sure would love to be a fly on the wall at IBM headquarters. Oh wait, all I need is an iPhone to listen in,alas I don't own one. My awesome Z30 just wrote this,with a little help from me. Touche IBM/Apple!

"iOS security intentionally compromised by apple"

Send that to all the enterprises switching to Apple

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This is no surprise to those that know about the risks of BYOD and importance of end-to-end solutions (built from ground up business device being at one end of it).

Looks like Privacy and Security bit the bottoms of employees in that didn't think they cared about privacy and security. Will also create a ripple effect into their consciousness about their own personal devices. So back to carrying two devices OR use a BB10 device that gives you best of both worlds.

John Chen's focus on enterprise strategy: On track

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The trustworthiness of the NSA could be what sets blackberry apart from the others.

After the Snowden scandal, it is now acknowledged that ALL the smart phones can be accessed by the NSA.

But, as long as two factors stay consistent, blackberry wins.

Unlike the security services of countries like china, who will gladly spy on innovative people to steal their competitive ideas, the united states still has a good reputation for spying for truly national security reasons. (not to find out the lowest bid for European airbus).

However, many of the other platforms... android, apple, microsoft, and Motorola...etc... they are simply too easily exposed to private investigators who have devious profit motives.

Unlike blackberry, these others can end up serving communist dictators, oil companies, and foreign terrorists.

Although the NSA can see them, PIN messages are literally the last private messaging system available to a person who has privacy responsibilities. Private investigators can see everything else quite easily.

BlackBerry is wise to jealously guard this advantage. If they don't, then all of our efforts at crackberry have been for nothing.

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That was the NSA spying on airbus to the benefit of boeing, so yes that was American industrial espionage.

Most of what the NSA is for black mailing prominent people or steeling. State and corporate secrets.

They don't bother spying on the 'terrorists" because the CIA created them.

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So it would be interesting to see if anyone has forwarded this information on to BlackBerry, there is a great advertising opportunity here for them to take advantage of, perhaps some marketing out in the real world, show the regular Joe and Jane lunchbox that BlackBerry is here it has great new phones and is a part of a very secure package with bes, educate the bottom of the tree and have them request it from their IT department eventually the sound gets loud enough that they have to pay attention.

At the same time work the IT people plant seeds, they may already be doing this I don't know but this seems like a great opportunity to get BlackBerry back in the door.

Mr Chen the ball is in your court

From my Zed 30 running

I cannot understand why Android sights do not talk about this more often. And the Technology shows also tend to ignore these type of problems.

I wonder if Umi has accepted the surrendering of his personal data for the ability to use Google Maps even though Google is tracking his every move. Can he not see a downfall of such an invasion of privacy?

I would like to see an article in The Globe and Mail about these issues, but that would not be possible because it would not let them bash BlackBerry again.

Google is the New Big Brother, use with caution.

Comeback time for BlackBerry!
And the Passport is right around the corner. Perfect!

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When the co. I work for started moving to BYOD and everyone insisted it was gonna save the co. so much money I laughed. I said it might save money on the cost of buying the device (The cost has shifted because now the business unit is purchasing an iPhone for its employees instead of getting a BB from IT) but wait until an executive with an iPhone has his data compromised. The logistics of supporting all these devices is a nightmare. Originally IT said they wouldn't support the devices but reality has set in and now support demands from customers has overwhelmed us.

Great piece! I have to say, getting into the corporate world is what first introduced me to my love for BlackBerry. It was a leg up over the competition. Fast forward to today, I am still with BlackBerry with no signs of ever changing it. My Q10 runs my business world. Lighting fast responses to emails, killer battery life and a design that just stands out in a sea of clones. My Z10 gives me the extra real estate I always wondered about and all the games, apps and fun once missed with my "all business" Qwerties.

Ok. Im listening all the time here about bb phones security and all this stuff. But how do i know as a simple user that this is true? How do we know all of us as simple blackberry users that this is true? Is there any proof about that or just we saying it again and again untill we believe it?

There are several aspects in the word "security". That article on relates to confidentiality, and for that matter it is the same. Every company is fact-checked by their competitors... or simply there is an issue and bloggers / journalists write about it.

I haven't heard of confidentiality issues with BES5/BES10.

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The world is catching on...slowly. We're just a big attack away to make companies realize it.

My company only uses BlackBerry, for the last decade I've worked here. Don't see it changing either.

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Doesn't surprise me that this is happening what does surprise me is how long it took

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The only problem that BlackBerry deals is poor advertising!many people doesn't even know the existence of the company!!!So that means no selling devices!And that equals to the app gap,no request = no offer!
Bad marketing, its a pity

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I love not reading crap about BlackBerry anymore, but positive momentum that the company is continuing to build off of.

My company has deployed AirWatch to manage devices, and while I'm not close to that field, I sit on morning calls frequently where they discuss service outages. And I've heard on more than one occasion that battery drain was a huge deal on a lot of the Android devices managed by AirWatch. I'm not sure if we have a company specific problem or if it's the AirWatch server software itself.

If only they'd swtich to BES 10 (then 12).

The issue here is people are uneducated. iPhones are terrible for work. Androids are terrible for work.
So why are companies going with these inferior OS's and inferior management softwares? Stubborn IT Fanboys.

BlackBerry offers the best solution regardless. FACT.

Posted on my Q5

Why? 2 words: NO APPS. Unfortunately that's what its come down to. Whether theY cater to the Enterprise segment or not. People are NOT going to carry 2 smartphones unless they have to. And guess what those enterprise customers turn into after their 9to5? Exactly CONSUMERS.

No apps makes no sense. Bb10 runs Android apps. Android apps are the most numerous. If no apps was such a big deal the Apple Macintosh computer would never have survived this long. You mad, bro?

Posted via CB10

Are we talking about surviving/staying a float? or Actually gaining market share and staying relevant. Because if it's staying a float, I think Blackberry can accomplish that for the foreseeable future. And like I stated before, yes BB10 has the android time which runs Android .apk's but the performance of such apps sucks. And if you are going to tell me that they run just as good as native apps...then I think you are the mad one friend.

I think a lot of people misunderstood the article. It isn't that BlackBerry is more secure. It is just that they don't want their work on their phones, so they rather have two phones so that work isn't on their primary phone (iphone) the security they want is to keep their personal lives out of their work.

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My zed 10 IS business to me. Emails, running credit cards off site (the BlackBerry browser works seamlessly with our Web based software), constant phone calls-id feel VERY nervous using anything other than a blackberry. I have a commitment to protect client info, and I do that with my BlackBerry. My customers put food on my family's table, and I won't risk customer dissatisfaction by using a half-a**ed security solution like IoS or android.

BlackBerry IS security,blackberry IS business to me.
For business there is no other phone.

BlackBerry by choice, BlackBerry for life

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And guess what, all these folks migrating back are in for a treat if it's their first time using BlackBerry 10.

It's a far cry from the O/S 7 they left behind.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

Sadly, it may come down to people and corporations suffering from some type of attack or breach before they realize the value BlackBerry offers thru its platform.

The vast majority of smartphone users still are private consumers who probably don't give a rat's behind about security and more about a camera lens that allows them to take better selfies. It's a reflection of current priorities.

I'm sure there's more stories like this but they don't get reported. Privacy has always been a concern. People take a lot of things for granted...

Not Fours Years But A Lifetime

If anyone has ever tried to mesh anything apple, especially iOS with their corporate infrastructure knows that it is a man hour and hardware heavy undertaking.

Posted via CB10

Don't know what all the complaints about apps is about. Blackberry has plenty of apps and games for most users. Here in Canada I do my banking through the BMO secure app . The people who write apps (like for American banks), and games for the BB will only write apps if they can see public interest. In the USA, the media has made sure that only negative articles are written about Blackberry thus leading to our American friends getting brainwashed into believing BB is finished. Also if you are at work, your phone should be (lol) used for mostly work and not for playing games. All the rest is included in the Blackberry. My wife and I have a BB10 and BB30 and have all we need for work and play. Its unfortunate that there is so much misinformation about Blackberry. People like the so called analysts at the Street like Cramer and Mottball Fool should be take to task for false information.

BYOD has always been a joke. IT is big brother by the way, that's always been the idea behind corporate IT - centralization of knowledge and centralized administration of technology. It's big brother by design, always has been.


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Well, this is good news for BlackBerry, as for you guys saying that BlackBerry should do more advertising.......... look at the passport. how much advertising have they had to do to get the attention that they now have on that device? Social media works extremely well if worked right, and the way it appears Mr. John Chen and his team are trying to capitalize on that . It saves money and if you hear it from your friends instead of on a commercial or something???????????????? Yeah I think BlackBerry is on the right track!!!!!

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Wall Street and its corrupt ways are now feeling the effects of its lies and misinformation against BlackBerry. I hope they lose a ton of $, unfortunately if they do, it will be giving back by the Federal Reserve Bank, which ultimately falls back to Main Street.

Posted via CB10

I've downloaded the Amazon App Store link. Thanks for the instructions Crackberry! And I've downloaded the Chase Bank App from Amazon. I am running great (and secure).

I can see the future now, the Chinese have taken control of the US Air Force via hacked iPhone's, a QNX controlled drone assassinates John Legere (John Chen denies any involvement), BlackBerry acquires Google to develop Disney stickers for BBM and Alicia Keys is one of only four people left in North America still using an iPhone.

I'd be curious if the firm took a containerization approach (where IT Manages a isolated apace on the device) or a device management approach (where the entire device is managed by IT).

I cannot imagine an MDM solution actually DDoSing a server.. wow.

Posted via CrackBerry 10 (CB10) application using my BlackBerry Q10.

It happened in the past with just iOS4 hammering IMAP servers to the point that admins had to block them entirely.

Posted via CB10

Balance is a BlackBerry 10 only feature and BES 10 has similar problems as other MDM, such as battery drain (data sync) and security holes (remember heartbleed?) on Android an iOS.
Those enterprise users are right though, best to carry a BB10 device for work and an Android device for privacy and security. Air gap security is better than any on device data segregation mechanism and you get twice the battery life :)

It sounds like people just want separation from work and personal data. Which is they they're opting for 2 devices rather than 1 for both. Which makes sense, same reason you don't use your work email address for personal correspondence.

Well this goes well to the adage, not everything that glitters is gold! Sure the Retardroid and Applesuck-n- fuck devices look shiny as hell but on closer inspection they've got (genital) warts and imperfections like all others BlackBerry included!

At my workplace the IT department looked at BYOD but being a public entity, this idea was quickly rejected due to security concerns and privacy issues. When you have some 58,000 core employees and about as many others in aggregate agencies...Samsung and Apple didn't cut it...

All upper management, IT department and designated employees (accounting, maintenance etc.) and many others, are using BlackBerry devices exclusively.

Many have updated to Q10 and Q5 devices as well as Z10 and even a few Z30's...

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

Leverage this! Buy the rights to use AC/DC's "Back in Black" as the theme music for social/TV/Radio ads

"So look at me now I'm just makin' my play
Don't try to push your luck just get out of my way
Cause I'm back
Yes I'm back
Well I'm back
Yes I'm back
Well I'm back back
Well I'm back in black
Yes I'm back in black"

All the more reason for BlackBerry to make a Z30 on steroids asap after the Passport and Classic launch.

I've seen SO many excuses being made for Apple over the years it's disgusting. People seem to want the Apple device at any cost. Battery life is poor, so rather than consider another phone they buy an external battery. Apple phones drop calls more than other phones, so rather than consider another phone they buy a case for their Apple. Security is a concern so "don't check important information from your phone". And on and on, etc. The "cool" factor trumps everything, unfortunately.

At my employer, Apple products are used almost exclusively by former BlackBerry users. They really don't care about security. Or they find iOS is good enough.

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"Things like this drove a wedge between IT and the users," says the IT executive. "We became Big Brother. Everyone was convinced that we were doing this because we wanted to see what the hell they're doing. In reality, it's all about protecting the data."

"Maybe 60 percent of the people requested to go back to a BlackBerry and carry two devices," the IT executive says. "We were shocked, blown away, by the privacy reaction."

What are there users IDIOTS!!

- BES Admins can implement changes that doesn't notify end users. The fact that USERS are getting corporate data on their personal devices SHOULD'VE ... A) Been signed an agreement of monitoring of 3rd party apps that can circumvent corporate data policyies, b) jailbroken phones that do the same (or rooted phone OS') and c) ANY Legal means to protect corporate data will be taken without d) all of the above affecting personal data and protection and isolation of personal data from corporate data being monitored!

THIS SHOULD'VE been signed by end users BEFORE ADMINISTERING corporate data!

Fools! That is simply WHY the executive didn't have his/her name stated because they where FOOLS not to implement this first stage before allowying BYOD!!!


LMMFAO!!!!!!! No experiences to share...just simply here to gloat. "I want my BlackBerry back." Oh how sweet the sound. I hate to say it to all the nay sayers, but...told you so! Actually, I don't hate it. I LOVE if :-D

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Who cares about these useless apps? I have a Blackberry because I am a professional and I need to get things done. If I play games it will be in the real world - and I play for keeps ;)

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Even if they have problem, iphone users wont complain. They want to protect their careless investment.

Yesterday I asked a guy why is he getting an iphone 6, he said it had sapphire glass thats why.

Where is the sense?

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I was saying that since the beginning with people around and they kinda dismissed it. I guess until it does not hurt peoples will go with the "funnier" thing than the real thing.

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As enterprise business people continue to feel this way and the numbers of those people increases. With the coming release of the Passport, I think this issue will help drive sales. With the larger on-board storage and other specs, I believe the Passport will fair well in the market.

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As always you deliver the goods! GO BlackBerry go! Hopefully more companies will release such good information and BlackBerry is here to stay! < 3 my Z10 looking forward to the Passport!!

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I feel strongly enough to have to say, I have used blackberry since they first came out, have also used other phones. What amazes me on here are when people deliberately comment that people cringe or say stupid comments if you are seen to use a blackberry, and they claim to be supporters and users of blackberry. What idiocy is that. Maybe I should make a comment if someone doesn't drive a particular car everyday, it doesn't happen, and if it does then only a fool would make such comments.

I think being positive about a solid quality brand is what is important, not highlighting stupid remarks if in deed they are real!

Anyway small rant over back to celebrating the continued positive growth of blackberry :)

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Never heard a peep from anyone wanting to go back to blackberry. Usually, its the opposite. When they finally get something else in their hands, its like a "AHA" moment.

Almost 200 post in here and 190 are from people that have never touched a bes server or used a bb10 device in a corporate environment. I was hoping to see from post from actual bes/mdm admins.

Has CrackBerry ever Considered a private forum for Industry professionals so you can share opinions and ideas about bes 10, other mdm solutions, tips and tricks what works and doesn't work in your environment. The way is now when you post a great topic like this it's just filled of post from regular Consumers with no experience on the administration side.

Agree but get the messed up BB10 contact list; email sync; and SMIME issues fixed. All basic stuff.

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I work for a big pharma company, and they are not so much moving away from Blackberry but allowing a greater choice of devices. Most people who get a choice of phone are going for iPhones over Blackberry, and those of us who don't get a company phone are using our own devices. For me that's a Note3 with Knox, and I have to say it's seamless and means my personal device partition isn't open to the whims of our IT department (although I do miss my 9900). I'm not aware that anyone is being offered BB10 devices in our company, if they are I haven't seen anybody with one.
My company employs about 60,000 people and a couple of years ago everyone eligible for a phone had a blackberry, now it's probably 1 in 3 have a blackberry. Be interesting to see whether any more large companies start returning to Blackberry or whether the choice of iOS and Android has weakened their market share too much.

My company is a BYOD company and my coworkers have nothing but issues. While everybody is spending time complaining to IT i just get to plug along and get work done because my Q10 was made for this!!! I love the fact that I can go home and (flip the switch) and not be bothered by work or have to weigh myself down with another device, and if I need to pound out a email I just flip the switch back!

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This is so true I have an iPhone and Blackberry I compare between BB and iPhone in who is the fastest receiving email and BB is the 1st place and iPhone for 10 second behind need BB back for Business and Personal.

Yesterday, a customer of mine had an issue with one internet connection and the backup internet connection became the primary (and of course the IP address was changed).
This specific customer has mixed environment with blackberries, androids and iPhone.
Blackberries are on BES and the rest of phones are just simple activesync.
Guess what happened, the blackberry users did not notice ANYTHING, they continued to have connectivity and of course they could access the internal network.
Now, the iPhone and Android users, suddenly could not receive emails, could not connect to the VPN server etc.
The first action that we did, was to change the DNS records to point to the new IP Address BUT
1. The DNS records take time to be updated
2. A lot of devices, instead of having the FQDN defined in activesync settings, had just the IP address.
Now try to support a user that is abroad, and tell him to change the settings on the phone. You never have such problems with Blackberry. I just wish they just expand their license shop to more countries.

Second example. This time it is personal.
I have my own servers at home for email etc. The internet connection was lost because of works on the street. The problem was for several days. The solution that I made was "simple"
I had an 3G router, got a prepaid datacard, put it inside the router and the blackberry had connectivity to the mail server (throu BES).
I dont know what happens in other countries, but where I live in, the mobile provider is blocking all the incoming traffic. Which means that I cant simply expose port 443 to the internet and connect directly to it.
Which means that any other devices that would use activesync, would not be able to receive any emails while outside the house. This of course did not happened, because we all use blackberries and had connectivity all the time. Needless to say that we are able to connect to the Alarm system and other appliances on the internal network without any hassle or extra settings.

Been saying that all along. If companies are hiring chumps who wanna play stupid games on their iPhones, they shouldn't be working.

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That must be the Snowden effect so they all want to go to their blackberry. That will somehow help blackberry to get back the market in the US that have lost in iphones. Positive news for blackberry tho

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I don't think that Snowden really helped blackberry, even when there was a paper from NSA which stated that in order to break into blackberry, there was a special team that was working for the specific target.
Actually, BlackBerry did not do anything, they where “hiding“ instead of showing the advantages of the platform. And it is more than one year already that has passed

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