Quickly print your BlackBerry photos at Walgreens with Printicular

By Alicia Erlich on 23 Dec 2013 10:36 am EST

Being it is the holiday season, the one thing I am sure you will all be doing is snapping photos of those special moments and sharing them with your friends and family. Now back when I was growing up we actually had to remove the film from the camera and bring it to the local drugstore to have them process it. Skip to modern day and Printicular offers you all of the convenience without the hassle. It is a convenient application that sends your BlackBerry photos directly to Walgreens to be printed and picked up more or less within an hour, depending on their schedule. 

While it supports choosing images from your device or media card, there is also an option to sign directly into your Instagram account to pull your images from there as well. Once your photo(s) are selected they are placed into the cart for checkout. From here, users may choose the size and quantity of the prints and even redeem a Walgreens coupon code. For a limited time, the developer posted a 20% coupon code of QPSAVE in the app description in BlackBerry World. Though I do not know when it expires.

After completing that step, simply locate the nearest Walgreens store, enter in your name and contact information, and submit your order. Walgreens will send a confirmation email when your order is processed and when it is ready for pickup.


  • Easy to Use - Simple High Contrast Interface
  • No Log-On or Account Required
  • Send Photos to Any Walgreens Location
  • Select 4x6, 5x7 or 8x10 Prints
  • Pick Up In About an Hour!
  • No Shipping Handling Charges
  • Pay at the Store, Not Online

While the days of 35mm cameras and bringing in those rolls of film may not be as popular as they once were, it is nice to know you can still head to the store and pick up your photos. Whether it be sharing with friends and family members who may not have access to social media, email, or Dropbox, as my grandparents and aunts and uncles do not, or you just want a quick print and do not have access to a photo printer, this is a fast and free way to go. You can download Printicular for BlackBerry 10 at the link. Please note that this application is only available in the USA.

Download Printicular for BlackBerry 10

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Quickly print your BlackBerry photos at Walgreens with Printicular


Igrann, sideload, or download from Google Play on 10.2.1

Posted via CB10 on Z30STA100-5/

I just downloaded and sent a photo to the nearest Walgreens all in less than two minutes. I'm very amazed at the simplicity of this app! I also received a confirmation from Walgreens within 30 seconds of sending. I hope I can give a donation to this developer at some point.

Keep The Faith

I just wanted to share my story at the yorkdale mall Bell store in Toronto

I was just looking over at the Z30 when the sales rep came and we started talking, he said he doesn't sell any blackberry because he doesn't understand them.

After I showed him all the features he was truly amazed. He was shocked how good the operating system is.

This is a huge problem where sales staff don't offer and educate the buyers about certain products like blackberry and how bb10 operating system is so powerful.

We need to start going to our local cellphone store and talking to staff and advising them to push bb10.

Dark Theme 10.2 white Z10

On the other hand,

Great to see wallgreens having this app is the US,

There is great number of users on American that love blackberry but are scared to show it due to the media

Dark Theme 10.2 white Z10

I live in Canada right across the border from a Walgreens and I would use this but it'd only available for download in the States

Posted via CB10

I just did a test and my photo is ready for pickup after 30 minutes. Awesome service and perfect app! Where do I make a donation?

Keep The Faith

36 minutes to be exact! I love that I have a Walgreens within 1.5 miles! Thank you again Alicia!

Keep The Faith

I think this is a G8 tool and feature. Would love it if you could pay online thru PayPal or other. If pictures are sent to relatives for pick up I would not want them to pay for it as they are gifts or sent as surprises. Especially to Grandparents and so on. :-)

Posted via CB10

I have a new Z10. Says unavailable for this device. Gotta love when these forums push out announcements that an app is available, but never include in their blogs that it isn't for ALL blackberry users, especially the newest ones! Another bogus post. Typical.....

Posted CB 10

@BlackberryCanada, if you're using your Z10 out of the States, that would explain why you're unable to download the app. The last sentence in Alicia's post states, "Please note that this application is only available in the USA." Hopefully it will be made available abroad in the future so you can try it.

What he said! People spend far too much time being critical when all they have to do is read and follow directions clearly. As the New Year approaches let's all be kinder to one another on this blog.

Keep The Faith

Fuzzy prints ..
from a low quality printing company ..
from phones that produce low quality image files ..
un-suitable for most printing.

It may be better to print on your home printer as 'best' quality on photo paper

Anyone else actually see their prints yet? How about quality? Obviously not high quality, but how about good medium (assuming the shot was decent)?

Posted via CB10

Let the buyer be aware
As the store to see samples of their work before ordering
Not all locations have proper QC

I tried to upload and print pictures twice and both times the email I received from walgreens was that there was a problem and could not print. I even went to the store and they told her that they never received the order.
???? It would be nice if it worked... just saying

Posted via CB10