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PrintHand Mobile Print Premium updated with Office and PDF support

By Adam Zeis on 21 Aug 2013 12:00 pm EDT

One of my new favorite apps is Printhand Mobile Print Premium. We first saw it hit BlackBerry World a few weeks ago and I was ecstatic to say the least. My one big gripe at the time however was that there was no support for printing any type of document files such as PDFs. Thankfully that has changed with the latest update.

Printhand Mobile Print Premium has been updated and adds support for both PDF files and Office documents, making it one sweet Wi-Fi printing solution. The app itself requires no extra software or a PC like most other printing apps available, so you just need to install it on your BlackBerry and print away.

You can select any Wi-Fi printer on the same network and print any Office or PDF file, Facebook albums, photos, emails and web pages. It's a bit tricky to find a document at first as the app is an Android port so you don't get dropped in your root directory, rather the Android folder on your device. You can easily move files using the File Manager so you can access them quicker so that's not too much of an issue.

Printhand Mobile Print Premium is available in BlackBerry World for the Z10, Q10 and Q5 and is well worth the $4.99 price tag.

More information/Download Printhand Mobile Print Premium



No additional software, Wi-Fi printing.

Must have.

Posted via CB10


Almost, must have would mean it's native. Sometimes Android apps have such clunky interfaces... I might give it a try though, when the price goes down.

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

Adam Zeis

No clunk really aside from the browser to find docs, but if you stick them in the same folder each time it's quick and easy. 


Would be nice if it was possible to use the native file picker like Skype uses it when sending files.


Is there like a trial version or a free version with fewer features or whatever?

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10


Which folder? When I click on files on the main menu it tales me to a media folder that I cannot access from the file manager.

Posted via CB10

Adam Zeis

Should be the misc/android folder on your device


Got it. Thank you.

Posted via CB10


I'll have to try this. I really wish HP ePrint will come the BlackBerry World.

Posted via CB10


Setup and HP ePrint email address and you can print that way. I've been using that since I've bought my ePrinter a couple of years ago.



These are the essential apps BB10 and all Blackberrys should have to remain relevant to the workplace.

Posted via CB10


Still question why BB10 doesn't have wifi printing native.

Been wanting this, so will need to give this a try

Swipe, swipe it good...via CB10 from my Z10


Oh Man!!! another android port, too bad it is not native.


A lot of android ports have been switched to bb10 native ones in due time. It may be an easy way for them to test the waters so to speak and see if there is actually some form of demand/revenue.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!


Printing to paper? LOL, I choose to never do that. Unless I'm absolutely needing to do that, and that's extremely rare, never in fact. I can't remember the last time I printed something to paper.

Posted via CB10


Same here though paper surely still has its advantages. We can think of paper as BlackBerry; appealing to a limited market with unique features like the iconic Bold-style physical keyboard.

Posted via CB10


Why such a long-winded name? You'd think app companies would want to choose something a bit more memorable.

Posted via CB10


I print movie and concert tickets out on my wifi hp printer with my hp and mac laptops, being able to use my z10 is a great option.

Posted via Z10


Thankfully I can email to my hp to print.
I guess this is useful to few.

Posted via CB10


Still dependent on a PC. This is one step closer to freedom from needing a PC, skipping that step.

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D


How I'd it dependent on a PC???

Posted via CB10


How IS it?

Posted via CB10

Sayumi Whisp

Sounds good and I'm sure it runs great with my 10.2 and android 4.2
Like the new runtime :)

Posted via CB10


Will it print files from Box or drobbox?

Posted via CB10


Will this work on my network printer? Essentially it is on the wifi network through my win7 machine. But the printer itself is not wifi capable.

Posted via CB10


Would like to see an app like this have the ability to be added to the "Share" menu so that I can print anything I'm looking at on my device at the time I'm looking at it. E.g. I have something open, hit Share - - Printhand, and it opens the app and prints. Having this as a native application would probably make it easier to add this sort of functionality, so I'd really like to see it go native. I don't doubt it works as advertised as an Android port though, most are pretty smooth, especially with 10.2.


Please check that your printer is supported on the print hand website, before purchase. Now I'm looking at upgrading my printer.

Posted via CB10


It looks like most business class printers are covered, I just wish that they would add support for LAN printing as opposed to just wireless printers. I bought the app even though I only have Ethernet devices, but according to their tech support the feature is coming.


This would definitely be a benefit. If I could print to our networked photocopier, it would definitely add to this app's possibilities.


Awesome, I see my HP Photosmart C7250 in there! Done and done!

Posted via CB10


Weird. Link works if you copy and paste into browser, but doesn't work if you click on it from in CB10.

Posted via CB10


The link URL is missing an m. or www. prefix that's why.

Posted via CB10


Seems the app is available in demo mode for test free of charge...but the FAQ page on their site states this is for Android.
I've sent them an email to see if it's a BlackBerry option.

Their site lists it for $ we get it less than half priced for BlackBerry...

Sent via the awesome Zed10 BABY!


Have not tested docs to go files, but PDF prints fine on my network printer. PH does not find the LAN printer, but I can print to both Mac an PC once the PH print utilities have been installed. It's a little slow initiating print, but this and other fixes are coming according to the developer and a native version is under consideration. I have no personal interest in the developer, but recommend this app.

Posted via CB10


Nice to try..

Posted via CB10


Just wondering if it is ever possible to print directly from mobile to NON wifi printer?

Posted via CB10


The app currently prints to wifi enabled printers and non-wifi on a network if you have their print utility installed on your pc or Mac. I think direct printing from BB to network is planned, but you should ask the developer for a more precise reply.

Posted via CB10


Ok, went ahead and bought cuz they listed my Epson r3000 printer as compatible. Sure enough, it picked up the printer on my wifi and I could easily print from gmail.
Glad to hear developer is working on improvements.

I give it a big thumbs up.

Sent via the awesome Zed10 BABY!


How I wish they would've made something like this for OS7


This is the functionality I've been waiting for, the previous version didn't seem useful enough. Bought!

Immediately found and configured my Epson Artisan 837 on launch, prints PDFs fine. Yay! (I did find one PDF file it didn't like, it automatically pops up a dialog saying you can send it to them and they will try to fix the rendering error.)

Now we hope for a native version. ;)