Princess Leia joins the Rebels in Angry Birds Star Wars

By Adam Zeis on 19 Apr 2013 03:41 pm EDT

Angry Birds Star Wars received an overdue update that will have loads of BlackBerry geeks rejoicing. Princess Leia has finally joined up with Luke, Han and the rest of the gang and is ready to take on the evil Empire.

If you haven't tried this one yet, now is the time - it's an awesome game and still free so you have no excuses.

It is a dark time for the Rebellion. Evading the dreaded Imperial Starfleet, a group of freedom fighters has established a new secret base on the remote ice world of Hoth. Unfortunately the evil Darth Vader discovers their hideout and the desperate Rebel birds must escape the AT-ATs and Pigtrooper hot on their trail. But the Rebels have an ace up their sleeve with the debut of PRINCESS LEIA!

If you're like me you most likely wore this game out weeks ago after picking up a Z10, so this is definitely a welcome update that should refresh things a bit.

The update brings the version up to and available now in BlackBerry World.

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Awesome! Thanks for the update.


Got the update yesterday but I haven't played the game in a while.


Updated yesterday but haven't played it yet.

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Ummmi i had Lea from day one...
I know I used Lea in levels before yesterday's update.


I'm confused ... who was first?

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Update was probably for the q10.

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I've also had leía from day one. What is this! Lol

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There is nothing new from what I can see, I have 3 stars in all levels and nothing looks different to me, no new levels :(

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Iwassparticus - awesome job. I literally lol'd

Prescott - you're probably right.

Just Me

Also confused. Pink Leia was there on day one.

Access bb world by typing the following in your browser:


Love this game. I hope we get another update soon with some of the other worlds that my 9-year-old pointed out are missing :)

Goliath Gt

Who cares why we don't talk about the blackberry world not working

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Open it threw the music app.

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michael shanoss

My blackberry world hadn't been working for the past couple days now. Anyone else? For the bell network on z10

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Same here. Bell too the only way to work is over music app then settings and then to blackberry world

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Go into your music app. Hit the thee dot menu button at the bottom right. Open blackberry world.
It should be fine after that.


My BlackBerry World also not working - z10 on Vodafone UK

Help please......

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I would love to update but my app world is not working. Anyone else having this problem?

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Duncan Campbell

Updated but why no new levels?

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My blackberry world is working fine on the Bell network
I also do not see anything new with the 30 meg update

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Is your BlackBerry world loading?

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Maybe I haven't played this game in too long. But the game seems to start up quicker. But I always remembered using leia. She shoots the pink net, no?

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Also works on my Q10!!!!

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Spent too much time playing it. Looking forward to more great games

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Peter Charlton

From what I see there's no new levels

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Good for the Blackberry geeks, but we've had this update forever on Samsung lol. Hope Blackberry gets us a BB10 update someday for our defunct Playbooks so we can take them out of mothballs and use them once again.


So I too was a little surprised when I saw leia was supposed to be on the update as I had her from the beginning but Chewy was added as well as a bunch of levels in the planets for at least I have more playing time...Chewy doesn't do anything interesting....

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Um, no. I can't find anything new with this update. I already had all of the available characters, levels and bonus levels. On another note, I've been waiting for updates to the PlayBook angry birds games for months. Have they stopped?

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The only thing that changed is that prior to the update the game was 80mb and now it's 30.4mb. No new game content has been added as of yet, not the final levels of Hoth, Cloud City or even the Bobba Fett levels...

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My little brother would love to get this upgrade. Too bad I still can't access BlackBerry World.

Hello, BlackBerryHelp !

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I found no new levels.

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I agree! According to a very reliable source, my little brother, Princess Leia is already in Hoth. And he said, "There's no need for an upgrade!"
Another CrapBerry blog post!

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I can't see you difference too. It's exactly the same.

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I wonder if the Angry Birds update was minor but Rovio and company simply forgot to change the update description in BlackBerry World. (I.e. This update description was from a long time ago.)

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This would be awesome if blackberry world actually worked

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Duncan Campbell

Tried emailing rovio... got a lovely response telling me where to go basically. Lack of proper updates for AB is very disappointing

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Faroukh Naseem

BlackBerry world isn't working since a week! Any ideas? Guys?

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Duncan Campbell

Try opening it up through music first of all. Then it should start working. That's how I got mine going anyway

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There's no Go to BlackBerry World in Music App. I still can't access BlackBerry World.

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Aluminum Falcon

Just can't wait for angry birds star wars to come to the playbook


AppWorld issue:

Open browser

Go to appworld://music

Go into settings (swipe from top) and navigate a couple of options, then go back.

That did it for me couple of days ago.

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C blackberry 10 needs apps like this all the rest suck come on new phone upgrade on the apps come on

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C need Apps like this come on new phone upgrade on the apps

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Princess Leia where are you tonight?


Is this particular app a HUGE Battery killer ? Had some friends over and their eleven year old played for fifteen minutes, and my battery dropped from 24% to 10% and reached 41degrees C !!