Prince Harry helps his good friend recover stolen BlackBerry!

Prince Harry to the rescue!
By Michelle Haag on 18 Dec 2011 04:45 am EST
If you were on the phone with your friend, and you heard them get mugged and their BlackBerry taken, you'd probably do all you could to help them recover their stolen device, right? This was exactly the scenario in South-West London this weekend, but the victim -- Thomas van Straubenzee -- wasn't just on the phone with anyone, he was talking to his good friend Prince Harry.
"Prince Harry was aware of what had happened to his friend and drove to the area immediately to try to find him," an aide said. "He circled the streets for a while in his Audi before following intuition and finding his friend at a local police station in Battersea Bridge Road. The Prince wanted to be there to offer some comfort and friendly support. Prince Harry made his way to the station and by the time he arrived the police had already enacted a number of operational procedures, which involved very swift action and the kind of scenes you see on The Bill. Both the Prince and his friend were very grateful to the police for how they handled it."
This is the first time a senior Royal has entered a police station and reported a crime, giving his statement. As for the mugger, he was caught and the BlackBerry was returned to Thomas. Hopefully Thomas had BlackBerry Protect running on his phone, and if not this incident may prompt him to do so. Being close to the Royal family, he probably has all sorts of contact information and messages that shouldn't fall into the wrong hands. Thanks for sending this in Mark!

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Prince Harry helps his good friend recover stolen BlackBerry!


Sisi, who found the cocks! they are hawking around the world that's for sure! I receive my December 24 for Christmas, we hope there my wife bought it at a shop and no one really bum

This is another sign that BlackBerry as a device is doomed. Look what kind of articles CrackBerry is printing these days.


Are you out of your mind? This is headlines in the UK and the last time I checked crackberry covered UK too. In case you missed it the BB was RECOVERED. What if that was using BB Protect? All you want is news on delays and stock falls? The man was mugged for his BB talking to a PRINCE.

If the phone was an android or apple they couldn't careless. Carrier IQ has been stealing information already from day one!!!!

Prince Harry is not like his father Prince Chuck. He is actually in the real world.

His father wouldn't know what to do much less call the police.

Another Pulitzer-worthy piece by Crackberry. Thank you for keeping me updated on what's really relevant.

RIM as a company is going nowhere fast, no new handsets for a year and their stock is in the toilet. And the best CrackBerry can come up with is Prince Harry's friend's stolen BlackBerry? Come on guys. Maybe start suggesting solutions instead of posting garbage like this.

I think all the people that don't like what is posted here should start their own websites "crackphone and crackdroid" then they could do all the complaining they wanted and it wouldn't take up valueable space on our (blackberry lovers) servers. Also we wouldn't have to read the crap they post.

Um, did I mention the competition in my comments? Nope. Everyone has a right to an opinion and mine is when the going gets tough CrackBerry doesn't get going.

What's wrong? Crackberry always have had a celebrity sighting section. It's not like there are no other articles. And it's not like HRH Prince Harry is just some chav boy no one cares about. We may not like him, but you know...he is, afterall, a celebrity...

Most readers here have no idea how huge this is going to play in the UK and elsewhere. The 'royals' have every move reported ad nauseam in the media.

Google 'Prince Harry' and you'll find several hundred articles already posted only hours after the event. And Blackberry is front and center in the reporting.

Is this serious? He probably was so drunk that the silver spoon in his throat got up to his brain and he left his precious BB who knows where and had to go to his "royal" friend for help! What a jerk!

Everyone loves to bash Blackberry's for no new sets soon enough or a low stock price Last time I checked the stock price of my cell's maker had nothing to do with how it worked, and some of the latests ang greatest are buggy as hell.
To hear the Prince's friend has a Berry makes them implied cool. More articles like this help sales which in turn help the stock price trolls.

Glad the BB was returned and nobody got hurt.

But a top England Royalty member driving a "German" Audi and not something made in England seems really bad and tasteless.....

dude...first of all, they are British Royalty, secondly they are German...don't post your ignorance for the world to see

Glad to hear the blackberry was returned and all went safe for all involved. It really goes to show two things: one, not all royals are above stepping into the public to help a friend; and two that poor guy was mugged for his Blackberry. It's still a relevant device, and will be for quite some time I believe, even if it slowly gets phased into a corporate-only device again simply due to how secure it is compared to iPhone or Android. I can hardly wait for the next series of devices, and I will gladly wait for the next series of devices. My 9810 will hold up just fine until then.

but UK has quite a reversed situation...BB is seen as the cool device...because young teenagers think getting a BB when they are young is cool..