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Prince Charles and Camilla Given BlackBerry Smartphones Courtesy Of Ontario Premier McGuinty

By Bla1ze on 14 Jan 2010 11:19 pm EST
Prince Charles and Camilla Given BlackBerry Smartphones Courtesy Of Ontario Premier McGuinty

The Globe and mail wrote up an interesting article the other day surrounding Prince Charles, wife Camilla and their recent trip to Canada. According to the article and the source being that of Clarence House (the Prince’s home estate) and the Daily Mail both, Charles and Camilla received BlackBerry Storm 9500 smartphones from Ontario Premier, Dalton McGuinty.

When contacted for the reasoning as to why BlackBerry smartphones were given to the couple, McGuinty's spokeswomen stated "the BlackBerrys were “entirely” the Premier’s idea and he routinely gives BlackBerrys while hosting foreign dignitaries and when traveling abroad." And Karman Wong stated  "I recall on a 2005 trade mission to China where he pulled out a BlackBerry to show a Chinese minister the device - which at the time wasn't really permitted in the country.‪” 

Now, I can respect that reasoning but I surely would have gone with some Bolds rather then Storm 9500s. Wonder what OS Prince Charles is running?



Wow...didn't even get a Storm 2?!


Hahaha +1 valorian, my thoughts exactly!


What's he trying to do? Offend them?


clearly this guy didnt like them if he gave them the first gen Storm...


"Now, I can respect that reasoning but I surely would have gone with some Bolds rather then Storm 9500s. Wonder what OS Prince Charles is running?"

I like that part =P


I hope they at least updated the software on the Storms...


Last people on Earth that need to be "given" anything.


What was McGuinty thinking?!? 9500's?!?! ><


Dalton McGuinty is an idiot.

Only promises he has kept is to the teachers in Ontario and that's because his wife is a teacher.

The sponge bob can't even give the royal couple an up to date device.


If you're giving gifts to royalty (or royalty and the royal mistress) shouldn't you at least step up to give them Storm2's?


Clearly I am not alone with this line of thinkng...


wow, what a punch in the face to get 9500's at least get a storm 2


Specific model aside, what's the thought-process behind believing that the royal family of a major developed nation are incapable of picking their own phones? It's not like RIM products are unheard-of. Either the royals have BB phones already, prefer something else, or prefer to not carry phones and have "their people" do the talking.

A phone is a personal tool. To hand one over as a gift to someone who has the financial wherewithal to buy whatever phone (manufacturer) they want is like handing royalty a bag of underwear.

Yeah, RIM's an Ontario company but this is just stupid.


As I understand it, the gifts the Royals get are all carefully stashed away and never used - partly as not to infer favoritism and partly because they get this sort of swag wherever they go and frankly don't need it.

Oh, and they have People who do most of what they might use a Blackberry for.

Meanwhile, lets at least hope for Chuck and Cam's sake they weren't locked into a contract with any of Canada's Wireless Providers.


Heck if Dalton McGuinty is giving away free phones, why not give them to the Tax Payers of Ontario. Like really, the Royal Family get royalties and everything from Canada why do we need to give them a phone as well. If I were given a Storm 9500 sure its not THE Best phone, but hell it sure is free who can really complain about a free phone?


Cost of Royal Visit To Canada: $2.57M
Cost of 9500: $500

Ontario Premier forgetting to update the 9500 software to something that works : Expected

Prince Charles and Camilla joining so they can get the phone running the way it should: Priceless!


hahahhahahaha good one dude!!!!


I need to add him to my BBM.


Charles"How do you turn this thing on?"


I wonder if Charlie will give me his