PrimeTime2Go Coming To A Bold And 8900 Soon!

By Bla1ze on 1 Apr 2009 12:18 pm EDT
Primetime2Go Gets Official!

We dropped the "rumor" that this was coming as few days back now, but at this time with CTIA pretty much in full effect we can now give you all the official nod that Primetime2Go will bring full-length television shows to such devices as the BlackBerry Bold and Curve 8900 (initially, more support is expected later).

Some big studios such as NBC, CBS and MTV have signed up to get their share of profits as from the Toronto-based QuickPlay that will charge a monthly subscription fee of $7.99 for its PrimeTime2Go service, which it will deliver only over Wi-Fi links so that their is no carrier involvement. So will this feed the entertainment needs of BlackBerry users? 

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PrimeTime2Go Coming To A Bold And 8900 Soon!


Damn wi-fi. why don't all devices have wi-fi now? telus only has two phones that I know of with wi-fi and they are both WinMo.........I guess I'll just keep downloading the shows and putting them on the card until the day comes where I am able to pay for a good TV service.

WiFi only means no Storm...this would be a GREAT selling point for the Storm with its large screen and younger target audience. I would pay the subscription fee for this if my Storm supported it. Now I'm just annoyed...

I have the bold and at&t gives us the cellular video app CV that lets you stream over 3G free but its really low quality video. How is this an upgrade? Wi-fi only downloads? WEAK bring me 4G

VZW f-ing sucks! I love my Storm, but to all the people who say the lack of wi-fi is no big deal, this is proof that it IS a big deal. There are going to be these types of things developed specifically for wi-fi, now and in the future, and that means that us loyal VZW customers will be screwed as far as having access to these programs. It really sucks that VZW intentionally limits the capabilities of their devices.

I hate you Verizon! Let us have a Berry with WiFi! Is it really that big of a deal for you to let us have a WiFi BlackBerry?

Wi-fi only? C'mon guys. What about us Berry users without wi-fi on their devices, like the 95xx series? Definitely an app I would like to have, but the device doesn't have it

Is there a business model out there that I can by movies and TV shows on an individual basis, rather than being tied into a recurring monthly fee. I use the video feature sometimes, maybe once or twice a month and and I probably would not get my money's worth from the service.

You can use iTunes for this, then just move the files to your SD Card. You may also be able to sync using the new version of BB Media Sync. One thing to check though is that the shows will not be tied to iTunes (locked). I think they have lifted all the PITA licensing on the files. I know they did on music but not sure about videos.

I get plenty of videos to keep me busy from videos4bb.

I'm sorry... if I am close enough to a wifi router I am sure to be close enough to a computer or television to watch these shows properly. Epic fail IMHO.

lol, steve's facial expression.

i usually watch my shows online, bigger screen, more comfy, and for free. i dunno if i would use this, but cool feature to have i guess.

this is stupid. wifi only is a waste for them. i see this being a huge flop. storm owners as well as the new 9630 (when it is released) owners wont be able to use this.

WOW, that is so awesome. I can't wait. I am super glad that I switched the 8220 for the 8900. I would have been left out.

Hell NO! Not even close!

Only delivered through wi-fi?!? I guess Verizon customers are pretty much hosed on multiple levels since we don't have wi-fi or either of the phones listed.

Is this another April Fools joke?

Hello I would subscribe to this if they offer enough channels to watch. Example: Two and a half men, Ramon, Judge Shows, American idol, Yes dear, Dr Phil, Oprah, maybe Vh1, Mtv. Etc …

I really wish rim would do a little push for more storm love. If they would come out with a decent official os and try to push for services like this the storm could be a real competitor. I know that this isn't a rim thing but it sure would be nice to see that rim as well as other companies have the storm on their mind.

In watching the keynote speach, one of hte things I noticed was talk about downloading TV shows to SD card. I am guessing that means this app would also allow you to download the shows whenever you want (like overnight) and take them with you for watching later.

If that's the case, then maybe they can make a PC/Mac portal that will download the shows to BB via USB. That way, us CDMA BB users would have access to the same media, even with our lack of a WiFi Berry.

These are the times that make me question my choice in phones. I wish they had done a more thorough job before unleashing the storm.