PrimeTime2Go is available on the BlackBerry Torch 9800 from AT&T

PrimeTime2Go Torch
By David Boyd on 13 Sep 2010 08:09 am EDT

PrimeTime2Go from QuickPlay Media has long been a favorite app on mine on my BlackBerry. I was happy to see that it is available for download for all AT&T BlackBerry Torch users. I have previously reviewed it with a Bold 9000, Curve 8900, and on the T-Mobile Bold 9700. The service on the Torch in general is just as I have experienced it on previous devices, so check out those reviews for more detail. For those who haven't heard of PrimeTime2Go, let me give you a quick synopsis of what it is.

PrimeTime2Go provides you with a mobile TV viewing experience. The service is only available on certain BlackBerry smartphones with Wi-Fi, and it costs $9.99 per month. If you are out of the house and on the road frequently, I have found this to be a great way to stay on top of your favorite TV shows

If you have a new AT&T BlackBerry Torch and are looking for a new entertainment app, I suggest you go to the media folder on your Torch and click on the PrimeTime2Go icon and start the download. Happy channel surfing!

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PrimeTime2Go is available on the BlackBerry Torch 9800 from AT&T


Am in the UK, always find these programs fail to support us here. I know it's down to licencing but at the moment we have BBC iPlayer and that's it.

Not quite the same but we can have live streaming from yamgo and yesterberry, yamgo was better before channel 4 and E4 had to be removed but still good and yesterberry let's us watch a few of our channels and some US ones if needed.

This is a decent option to being able to watch tv on your blackberry. I still prefer the slingbox solution. Although slingbox has higher upfront costs (Slingbox + blackberry app), in the long run, it's a cheaper solution. There's no monthly subscription and limitless tv shows instead of just the 65 (or so) PrimeTime2Go offers.

Cool write up. I wonder how the quality is. I realize it wouldn't be like watching cable on your BlackBerry, but maybe I'm wrong. I have some frustrations with my Sprint TV, mainly around audio/video syncing problems - the audio is about two seconds late. Wondering if this is better?