Prezenn - Create and export presentations with your BlackBerry PlayBook!

Prezenn for BlackBerry PlayBook
By Michelle Haag on 23 Mar 2011 08:49 pm EDT

With all the PlayBook announcements this week from RIM, everyone is even more anxious to get their hands on one. Thankfully, due to a lot of hard work, there will be plenty of applications in BlackBerry App World for the PlayBook once they start shipping out.

One of these apps is called Prezenn by developer Signalphire. Prezenn is a fantastic looking presentation application that allows you to create slideshows right on your PlayBook, wherever you are. You can add graphics, text, color - basically anything you would normally need in a slideshow. While watching the instructional videos I noticed a really interesting feature. When adding images, you can open up a Google search from within the app, find an image from the internet, and insert it directly into your presentation with one touch. No resizing required!

Once your slideshow is ready to go, simply email it to your inbox where you can open it with Powerpoint or OpenOffice Impress for presenting. If you have a SlideShare account, you can also upload it there. The convenience of being able to do all of this, and not be tied to your desk, is huge. Prezenn was literally just approved for BlackBerry App World, so we don't have any info on pricing yet, but this is definitely an app you'll want to remember to get once you get your PlayBook.

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Prezenn - Create and export presentations with your BlackBerry PlayBook!


Looks cool. I'd love to be able to import a ppt and then write free hand on it in this or some other software. That would be great for presentations.

I am not impressed with the playbook ... I've been able to watch full flash videos and html 5 with my evo 4 g ... android is already light years ahead of blackberry with their phones .... the playbook hasn't even been released yet ... what a joke! I can't believe I use to b a blackberry user and supporter :(

I am not impressed with android. So what. Be happy with Android, others will be happy with the brand new "joke" :).

I think that is a very useful productivity app. Hard to think of it as just an "app" since it is very rich with features and capabilities. Very well done!

Anxious to see the price points of PB apps as more come online..