Prevent pocket dial eavesdropping with SecureMic for BlackBerry smartphones

By Alicia Erlich on 17 Feb 2013 03:29 pm EST

One of the reasons why I keep my BlackBerry in a case (among many others) is because of the dreaded pocket dialing. You know that situtation, for some reason when your BlackBerry is in your bag, purse, or pocket and, unbeknownst to you, dials out to one of the many contacts on your list. The party on the other then happens to pick up and proceeds to listen to whatever conversation is currently in progress, which may not be for suitable for their ears because of content or background noise.

If that scenario sounds all too familiar then you are not alone. I've received plenty of calls from friends, family, and co-workers who didn't realize they dialed my number or how I listened to the entire ruckus going on in the background.

SecureMic Inc. has the answer to this issue that will make sure conversations stay private and prevent any further embarrassment and eavesdropping. It is an easy to use application that quickly shuts down your microphone to ensure that no one will be listening in on your phone calls without you knowing.

  • Quick and easy activation / deactivation of SecureMic
  • Scheduler to turn on / off SecureMic automatically
  • LED indicator to let you know SecureMic is active
  • In call disabling of SecureMic without having to reactivate the app after your call has ended

We are all guilty at one time or another of accidentally dialing someone in our contact list. I admit there are times I probably stay on the line a little longer than I should, it's human nature. SecureMic is geared towards those who work in the business sector, government agencies, law enforcement, financial industry, and of course for personal use for these situations.

If you want to try and block unwanted people from listening in on your accidental calls then you can grab this for $2.99 for devices running OS 4.5 and higher (this application is not compatible with BlackBerry 10).

While some may balk that SecureMic is a little pricey for just automatically turning on the mute feature during outgoing and incoming calls, it does get the job done. It keeps confidential meetings and private conversations from being leaked to unwarranted third parties and provides peace of mind to busy professionals.

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Reader comments

Prevent pocket dial eavesdropping with SecureMic for BlackBerry smartphones


I have! However, there have been many times I locked my phone only to pull it out of my pocket or purse later to find it's unlocked. Sometimes a little extra peace of mind is worth it, and this is one option for that. :)

Yep, use the lock button on the top of my BB Bold 9930 every day. But like Google CEO (now Exec. Chairman) Eric Schmidt once said during a CNBC interview about privacy: "If you have something that you don’t want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place..." Or, in this case you shouldn't be saying anything that you wouldn't want anyone to hear anyway. ;)

Have you ever been in a business meeting and were speaking about confidential company information, that no one outside of that room was supposed to hear or know about? Locking your phone prevents that from happening (as does turning it off, which usually isn't an option that anyone really wants to do).

One dosen't really need this. The lock is a no brainer for me. Anytime I am not using my 9700 i hit the lock and it is pretty much an automatic movement I don't even think about it. Its hardly a big deal to deal with and prevent said situations.

To Everyone saying lock your phones:

It can still happen anyway. You can never be to cautious If that's you're cup of tea

Not if you use a password! I have never once pocket dialed anyone in the last several years of using BBs. I think that's what people are talking about when it comes to locking. Not just the pointless lock button at the top, lock with password ans save yourself the $3

I kinda like the fact that the legacy BBOS has not been forgotten by all developers since BB10’s arrival. If this is the route some would take, more power to them. Additional applications and choices are always a good thing. I however, wish to stop the dialing itself in the first place as opposed to just muting the phone.

I agree with those who say to use a password in conjunction with the lock key. There is no way around that, and works so well natively. I however, believe the password input is a bit mundane, so I choose to use PatternLock by Tafasa. It takes the same amount of time as using a password I guess, but with all of the additional options & sounds included, it makes it functional and fun as well. Highly recommended!

Mine is locked and holstered when on the go. I might consider using a magnet inside my pockets, or jacker pockets just in case, because you never ever know. That is, unless you are carrying a portable hard drive, don't use magnets in the pocket that are super strong. :P

Hi friends,
I have always been a BB fan, however BB is no more secure like it was known to be. I recently got this secure mic installed as i suspected that somebody was able to listen to my communications on call as well as when the phone was idle. Initially i refused to accept the same but when nothing seem to get going it almost seemed like somebody was blocking me at evety step. I downloaded the secure mic app which worked for a while but off late i have observed even when the app is activated the mic does not lock, and i do not have to unmute the mic before i can speak on an incoming call. Can somebody please advisenif you have faced this problem and how can it be set right? Alternatively is there another BB app better?