Press Release: YouMail Delivers Free Visual Voicemail for Smartphones

By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Jun 2008 09:11 am EDT

YouMailIndustry’s Only Free Consumer Voicemail Service Brings Visual Voicemail Experience to Blackberry, Blackjack, Treo, Motorola Q Devices and More

Irvine, Calif. – June 5, 2008 – YouMail (, the only generally available, free, customizable cell phone voicemail service, today announced the public beta of visual voicemail for smartphone users. The new mobile platform allows users to access YouMail from their smartphone home screen, enabling them to listen to voicemail messages, or forward messages on to other people, or reply via SMS without ever having to dial into their voicemail service.

“Since the launch of the iPhone, consumer appetite for visual voicemail on smartphones has been growing,” said Alex Quilici, CEO of YouMail.  “Our new visual voicemail service represents one more free and useful feature in our powerful and unique product offering.  At a glance I can see all of my voicemails and choose which to play and in what order.  For people who get a lot of voicemails per day, this provides an organized  way to determine priority.  In a world where we seem to find bite-size messages in SMS or Twitter form preferable, many people find this approach better than spending time listening to and often forgetting an audio message.”

To begin accessing YouMail’s visual voicemail service, users visit and log in to with their YouMail user ID and password from your cell phone browser.  The user can then easily bookmark the site from their smartphone home screen for easy one-click access in the future.  Visual voicemail from YouMail allows users to easily view, listen and forward their most recent voicemail messages, while viewing the callers photo, name, city and state.  These features are available through the mobile Web so the user never has to call their mailbox.

YouMail’s new visual voicemail service is available on nearly all smartphones including devices manufactured by RIM, Motorola, Palm, Sony Ericsson, HTC, Samsung and Nokia.  The service can even be used on iPhones and iPod Touch devices.

YouMail offers the ultimate flexibility for accessing voicemail with three useful options: email, on the web, or over the phone.  In addition, users have the ability to receive transcriptions of the voicemails sent in e-mail or text messages.  YouMail is the only service currently available that allows users to choose which greetings a caller hears based on caller ID - recording greetings themselves, choosing from a large and growing library of user-generated greetings and away messages, or even using YouMail’s “Smart Greetings,” which automatically personalizes the greeting for the caller.  Users can even treat voicemails as digital content they own, easily saving them forever and effortlessly sharing them using popular sites like MySpace, Facebook, Digg and

About YouMail
YouMail, Inc is headquartered in Aliso Viejo, CA.  YouMail provides a free, dramatically better cell phone voicemail service that allows users to better express their personality and be more productive through a collection of unique and powerful features, and the leveraging of the YouMail community of users.  The service has a growing set of distribution partnerships with major mobile service and content providers.  To learn more and sign up for the free YouMail service, go to

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Press Release: YouMail Delivers Free Visual Voicemail for Smartphones


I tried to opt out of their SMS messages, as I don't have an SMS plan. Be warned- they don't mean it when they say "You won't receive any more text messages from us". I got several after "opting out". When I called tech support, the guys answer was "Oh. Okay. Whatever." (Not an exaggeration)

They might have a good product, but between the nonfunctional "opt out" process, and the nonfunctional support, I decided it would be a lot easier if I dropped the service.

I've been using You Mail for about 6 months now after having used CallWave for about 3 months.

The YouMail Service is great because I don't have to check my VM anymore because I can read my messages.

This new feature should be great!!! I'll try it out today!!!!

I have used it for the past month and love it. I can customize ny voice mail and setup special recording for different phone numbers that try to call. Must have

Works good for me except I am slightly confused about one thing. Is there an actual program I can download to my Berry to be able to see all the visual voicemails, is it only the text messages, or do I have to go to in my browser everytime..

Have to call CS to activate call forwarding of unanswered calls and also get charge 20 cents a pop. Dang Sprint! Ruin everything!

Kind of a pain to use the browser everytime to use the visual voicemail feature. It also routes the messages through the media player so everyone around you can hear them which kinda stinks. I wish you could upload contacts as well from outlook or something

Here's why. There isn't a single Visual Voicemail company that implements an highly secure digital transcription system or program. All your voicemail is listened to by a person and then transcribed for you. I don't know about you, but I don't want anyone but me listening to my voicemail.

Agree, that's pretty creepy! Freaks me out every time I think about it. But actually you should know that youmail is one of the only systems out there that is 100% automated ** so that NO ONE is listening to your voicemails, and I think they are the only ones that offers a fully automated community correction tool where the power of the community actually improves the speech-to-txt transcription engines. Ciao!

100% automated **

Hey, what's the "**" for? Seems like you're someone that works for them and needs to have the ever popular "Semi-truthful" statment w/proper stipulation indicators (i.e. **).

I dont like that the messages played from go through the speaker phone cause everyone around you has to hear it unless you wear headphones or something. They need to make in an app that you download, that would be much better and more like the iPhones system which Im sad to say is very nice.

I've used YouMail for about 5 months now and am very happy with it. It's much more customizable when compared to T-Mobile's offering.

As for this Visual Voicemail feature, it sounds great, but isn't actually very useful in practice. It runs through the BlackBerry's built in web browser and even with Wi-Fi, takes considerable time to load. It took me several minutes to get to the page where I could look listen to a voicemail.

If this was a BlackBerry application that automatically downloaded new voicemails in the background - providing instant access (much like the iPhone's visual voicemail) - this would be a super sweet tool and EVERYONE would want it on their phone.

I use SimulSays, and I don't pay. I don't opt-in for the text transcription (that service is called SimulScribe), but there's an installable app that gives me visual voice mail instead. It's awesome. Involves long distance calls since calls are technically forwarded to an out of state number to be recorded and downloaded to your SimulSays app. Seamless and occurs in seconds. My callers are limited to 1 Min long, but I dont want people to leave me longer msgs. Love it!

worked great for the first 6 hours. Now its suspended it's beta test and calls are not going through. When someone calls me to leave a message it says there is an error.

I have been using Youmail for at least the last six months.

It a cool service that is easy to set up and its free.

Lots of cool features such as voice mail messages being e-mailed to you as attachments.

You can have custom greetings for anyone. One number will cam get a message saying that your out of the country while another can have your favorite mp3 or any other message play. You can upload files to play as messages or record them using your phone.

TRY IT! you will like it....if you dont you can revert back to your old voice mail.

I know it says Beta suspended, but my calls still went through. I just left myself a voicemail. And I was able to use the V-VM online and through the phone to listen to it.

I think my voice must net be very good for transcription,though. Man, was that thing waaay off...:)

I do agree with all about a dedicated app, though. I do NOT like it going through the speaker.

Very cool service, though.

One other thing I'd like. A way to upload a contact's pic rather than only showing pics of other YM members only.

This program has the right idea although needs a lot of work. It's to much work to get what you want. Also froze my BB so I had to hard boot it. Give them time, and perhaps it'll be easier, the way all things on a BB is suppose to be. That's why we use/have BB's in the first place.

I downloaded and set up the Youmail system and I checked my voicemail and deleted them and the symbol won't go away. Does anyone know how to fix this?

If you do not want your message to play through the speaker there are a couple of ways to go around this. One is to call the included number and use it's regular voicemail service. The other is to pause the MP3 before it starts playing, hit menu, and scroll down to activate handset speaker.