Press Release: RIM Announces Free BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express Software for IBM Lotus Domino

By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Nov 2010 12:01 am EDT

BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express for Lotus Domino

Never forgetting their enterprise roots and further bolstering their dominance in the business space, RIM has just announced a new offering to their Free BlackBerry Enterpise Server Express service with support for IBM Lotus Domino.

Press Release

RIM Announces Free BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express Software for IBM Lotus Domino

Wirelessly Synchronizes BlackBerry Smartphones with Lotus Email, Calendar, Contacts and More; Works with Business and Personal Data Plans

Waterloo, ON. - Research In Motion (RIM) (NASDAQ: RIMM, TSX: RIM) announced today BlackBerry® Enterprise Server Express for IBM Lotus Domino - free server software that wirelessly synchronizes email, calendar, contacts, notes and tasks between BlackBerry® smartphones and IBM Lotus Domino without compromising security. The software is available today here.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express uses the same robust security architecture of the market-leading, premium BlackBerry® Enterprise Server, and includes more than 75 of the over 500 smartphone controls and IT security policies available with the premium version of BlackBerry Enterprise Server software. It supports BlackBerry smartphones on business data plans as well as most personal data plans*.

"BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express is a free download that is designed for businesses of all sizes. It provides an easy way for businesses to get started using BlackBerry smartphones with IBM Lotus Domino and it's also an ideal no-cost software solution for businesses that want to allow their employees to connect their personal BlackBerry smartphones to their work email," said Jeff McDowell, Senior Vice President, Enterprise and Platform Marketing at Research In Motion.

"There's tremendous growth in work force mobility, from small businesses through to major corporations, and there is clear evidence that shows how smartphones can increase organizational responsiveness, improve productivity and help employees make the most of their time," said Ed Brill, Director, Messaging and Collaboration, IBM Software Group. "BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express is a great opportunity for businesses to cost-effectively extend Lotus Domino to more employees on BlackBerry smartphones."

With BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express connected to IBM Lotus Domino, BlackBerry smartphone users will be able to:

  • Wirelessly synchronize email, calendar, contacts, notes and tasks
  • Manage email folders and search email on the mail server from their smartphones 
  • Book meetings and appointments, accept meeting requests, check availability and forward calendar attachments 
  • Set an out-of-office reply 
  • Access files stored on the company network 
  • Use mobile applications to access business systems behind the firewall

For IT administrators, BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express includes:

  • A Web-based interface that allows remote administration and makes it easy to deploy applications over the air, connect and manage BlackBerry smartphones, and apply usage policies
  • Over 75 IT controls and policies, including the ability to remotely wipe a smartphone and enforce and reset passwords 
  • Employee self-service tools for securing a lost or stolen device
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express works with Domino Enterprise Server and Domino Messaging Server. It can support multiple Lotus Domino domain environments from a single Web-based administration interface and can be run in parallel with the premium BlackBerry Enterprise Server software for the same instance of IBM Lotus Domino.

Software, the BlackBerry® Clients for IBM Lotus Sametime, Lotus Connections, and Lotus Quickr, and other enterprise-grade systems. The premium BlackBerry Enterprise Server is ideal for managing company-issued BlackBerry smartphones, whereas the free BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express is an ideal option for securely connecting employee-owned BlackBerry smartphones to the corporate network without adding software licensing costs to the company.The premium version of BlackBerry Enterprise Server for IBM Lotus Domino provides more extensive mobile device management capabilities, over 500 smartphone controls and IT security policies for more granular control, and is required for add-on solutions such as BlackBerry® Mobile Voice System, Chalk Pushcast

BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express for Lotus Domino is available today in seven languages, including English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese and Brazilian.

Reader comments

Press Release: RIM Announces Free BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express Software for IBM Lotus Domino


My company Still does,

I was pushing BESX as a reason to move to Outlook/Exchange to save on BES fees, now with BESX for Lotus, I can't use that argument,

man I HATE lotus notes

I hear people complain about Notes/Domino a lot but we're using it (version 8.5) along with BES and I find it to be a really powerful system. Why do you think of it as "antiquated"?

Having handled sys admin duties with both Domino and Exchange I'd take Domino any day of the week... especially considering the fact that Domino supports multiple OS's on both the server and client side while Exchange supports Windows or a different version of Windows.

I will admit I have not used 8.5

but as a person on the road, Lotus notes takes 2-3 times longer to replicate than I see others in my industry running Outlook.

formating sucks on email, it's attachment handling is subpar

contact manager is cumbersome to enter large amounts of contacts into, and it's call reporting takes 3 times as many clicks as Outlook journaling,

i think ibm needs to buy out rim. they both operate similarly (safe / conservative, lots of cash on hand). think about it'll be called ribm (research in business machines) lol!

The implementation of Lotus Domino is actually growing in size. You would be surprised at how many Fortune 500 companies still use it.

My client uses Notes for mail too. I hate it. So many little things that Outlook does better. Oh well.

Happy Friday everyone!!!

The company I work for still uses it extensively (And they're Fortune 500). They make great use of the custom databases you can build. They track everything from plant policies, to customer reported defects, to product design changes and reviews. We run 8.5 and it's not bad at all. Now to convince them to add this so I don't have to find a company computer to check my mail. Time for REAL "Roaming Notes"

This is a great addition but it would be great to have Verizon and AT&T's buy in on this product. They still "officially" require a BES data plan even though it will work with a BIS plan.
Being a corporate partner with them we are unable to promote that it is BIS capable so we decided to not implement the solution in our environment.

The company I work for still uses it also (They are fortune 500) We are still stuck using the 6.5 client, I wish they would upgrade us to 8.5 it is so much better!

Perfect, I work for the company that makes Domino and I am pleased that I can now use my personal BB on their corporate servers. At least when they finally get the BES-X server setup....