Press Release: Research In Motion unleashes BlackBerry 6

By Bla1ze on 3 Aug 2010 11:38 am EDT

Along with the announcement of the BlackBerry Torch 9800 came the announcement of BlackBerry 6. Since the BlackBerry Torch 9800 will be the first device running on BlackBerry 6 a press release for BlackBerry 6 in general has been released on it's own. Hit the jump for the full details from that release. The news we all wanted can be found in this statement:

BlackBerry 6 will debut on the new BlackBerry® Torch™ smartphone (announced today) available from AT&T on August 12 and it is also designed to run on select BlackBerry smartphones already in market. Subject to carrier certifications in the months ahead, the new OS is expected to be available for the BlackBerry® Bold™ 9700, BlackBerry® Bold™ 9650 and BlackBerry® Pearl™ 3G, as well as future BlackBerry smartphones.

Now all we need is a really fast roll out to other devices and even faster carrier adoption.

RIM Unleashes BlackBerry 6

WATERLOO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Aug. 3, 2010) -  Research In Motion (RIM) (NASDAQ:RIMM)(TSX:RIM) today announced BlackBerry® 6, a new operating system for BlackBerry® smartphones that retains the trusted features that distinguish the BlackBerry brand while delivering a fresh, approachable and engaging experience that is both powerful and easy to use. BlackBerry 6 features a redesigned interface that seamlessly works with a touch screen and trackpad, expanded messaging capabilities that simplify managing social media and RSS feeds, an advanced multimedia experience that rivals the best in the industry, a convenient new Universal Search tool, and a new and efficient WebKit-based browser that renders web pages quickly and beautifully for a great browsing experience.

"BlackBerry 6 is the outcome of RIM's ongoing passion to deliver a powerful, simplified and optimized user experience for both touch screen and keyboard fans," said Mike Lazaridis, president and co-ceo, Research In Motion. "Following extensive research and development to address consumer needs and wants, we are delivering a communications, browsing and multimedia experience that we think users will love, and we are thrilled to debut BlackBerry 6 on the amazing new BlackBerry Torch smartphone."

Visual, Fluid Interface

BlackBerry 6 has been redesigned making it easier and more intuitive, with clean, sleek visuals and natural, fluid navigation. Designed to be both fresh and familiar, the new interface enables a productive, fun and highly satisfying user experience whether using a touch screen or trackpad and keyboard.

BlackBerry 6 offers multiple views that help users better organize their applications and content. Icons are arranged on the Home Screen in 5 customizable views (All, Favorites, Media, Downloads and Frequent) that are navigable with simple swipes. Users can organize where they want their icons to appear, and can add contacts or web page shortcuts directly to the Home Screen.

Also new to BlackBerry 6 are visually-rich, context-sensitive Action Menus. Within a given application, by clicking and holding the trackpad or through an extended touch of the display, users can bring the most common actions or tasks of an application to the surface. In addition, users can seamlessly multitask by holding down the Menu key, which pops up a visual grid of all the applications currently running, so users can instantly switch between applications.

A powerful Universal Search tool is also accessible from the Home Screen. By simply clicking or tapping the Universal Search icon, users can search for any content on their handset, the web or in the new BlackBerry App World™, which is also integral to BlackBerry 6.

Fast Rich Web Browsing

BlackBerry 6 integrates a new and efficient WebKit-based browser that renders web pages (as well as email) quickly and beautifully for a great browsing experience. It features tabs for accessing multiple sites simultaneously, an auto-wrap text zoom feature that can intelligently wrap text in a column while maintaining the placement of a page's key elements, and pinch to zoom.

Social Feeds and Text Messaging

The new Social Feeds application simplifies the management of social networking and RSS feeds and provides integrated access to the native BlackBerry® Messenger (BBM™), Facebook®, Twitter™, MySpace™, AOL® Instant Messenger™, Google Talk™, Windows Live™ Messenger and Yahoo!® Messenger applications for BlackBerry smartphones. Social Feeds streamlines the user experience, provides an integrated view of friends' activities across multiple social networks, and lets users post updates across multiple networks simultaneously. Users can also easily add their favorite RSS Feeds from the Social Feeds application or directly from a website while browsing.

RIM's new Text Messages application also adds exciting new features for users who communicate mostly via SMS and MMS, including the ability for users to now view a conversation in one threaded 'chat' as well as share photos, videos and other rich content.

Engaging Multimedia Experience

The multimedia experience in BlackBerry 6 is designed to give users a more engaging and streamlined experience with album art everywhere in the new music and video players. The new BlackBerry® Desktop Software 6 integrates media sync for easily syncing photos and videos as well as iTunes® and Windows Media® Player music with the smartphone*. It also includes Wi-Fi Music Sync, a unique feature that allows users to view their entire iTunes® or Windows Media® Player music libraries from their BlackBerry smartphone, create and edit playlists, as well as select music for download. When in range of their home Wi-Fi network (or via USB), the changes are synced with iTunes® or Windows Media® Player and the songs are automatically downloaded to the smartphone.

BlackBerry 6 also gives users access to a range of camera modes that can help them capture better images. Editing, organizing and sharing shots is amazingly simple, with intuitive options for grouping pictures.

The new Podcasts application makes it easy for users to find and manage audio and video podcasts. Users can view all the podcasts saved on their smartphone, browse a catalogue of podcasts available for download, subscribe to them, and wirelessly download the content directly onto their smartphone. There is also a dedicated YouTube® application, so viewing and sharing videos is easier than ever and users can also easily search for videos using the new Universal Search tool in BlackBerry 6.

Compatibility with Existing BlackBerry Smartphones

BlackBerry 6 will debut on the new BlackBerry® Torch™ smartphone (announced today) available from AT&T on August 12 and it is also designed to run on select BlackBerry smartphones already in market. Subject to carrier certifications in the months ahead, the new OS is expected to be available for the BlackBerry® Bold™ 9700, BlackBerry® Bold™ 9650 and BlackBerry® Pearl™ 3G, as well as future BlackBerry smartphones.

Research In Motion is releasing an SDK for BlackBerry 6 (also announced today). Developers can find additional details at

For more information on BlackBerry 6, visit To view screen shots, visit the Inside BlackBerry Blog: For more information about the BlackBerry Torch smartphone from AT&T, visit

* Certain music files may not be supported, including files that contain digital rights management technologies. Photo and video syncing is currently only available for Windows-based PCs.

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Press Release: Research In Motion unleashes BlackBerry 6


Nope, sucks don't it. I have the Storm 2 so it sucks even more. Can't wait for Verizon to go with the iPhone in January. If they don't....AT&T here I come. RIM sucks!!!

No one is ever happy....People want an operating system that makes major advancements but then bitch when it advances to far for older devices, devices that you bought to use with 5.0, not 6.0.

Get off your high horse and be happy RIM is making the necessary improvements to compete!

The problem with that statement, is that at every previous press outing where RIM showed off BB6, they showed it running on a phone that was apparently a Storm.

So people make their purchase decisions based on assumptions that appear to be accurate... then a manufacturer does this? It's no less an insult as all the marketing material that Apple put out, showing people holding their 4Gs in the 'don't touch me there' spot.

People assume their device will work, because the vendor never gave any illusion to the fact that it wouldn't... In fact, when people have asked in the past, RIM skirted around the subject.

I personally don't remember any video or images that alluded to the Storm having Blackberry 6. I may be mistaken, but I personally never thought the Storm 2 would be upgradable.

The images and videos had the same resolution as the Storm series, and not any other devices.

It was more than realistic to assume the device was a Storm.

The biggest issue I have with this, is that I have an equal number of Storm2s deployed, as I do 9700s. Everyone is going to want the features of OS6, which will now involve replacing a large number of devices.

So, not only do we have to go thru the hell of replacing 140 Storm2s (which we JUST did a few months back), but now we're going to have to actually incur the costs in both devices and manpower to do so. Then include the downtime of swapping devices and tranferring all their contact databases and GMSynch software..

Would have been much easier just to remotely deploy the OS upgrades across the board, and only touch devices that failed their upgrades.

dumbass, if you can find a video of a storm or storm2 running bb6, post doesn't exist. The only vid's running os6 were the torch and bold are lost pal.

I want to know why the Bold 9700 is potentially allowed to upgrade to os 6 but the storm2 is not. They both use 256 mb of app memory and the storm2 even has the same resolution and similar touch screen the torch 9800 is using.

People are bitching and moaning, as you so eloquently put it, because their phones are fading into obsolescence despite only being out for less than a year.

I own the Bold 9000, I can understand that os6 won't be available for my phone. However, tell the guys who bought the Storm 2 less than a year ago, why they cannot upgrade.

Also, wtf is up with RIM giving out minimal upgrades. Only 512 mb? Only a 5 mp camera, low video recording capability and the screen resolution is the same as the Storm which came out back in December 2008. I hate apple and think they are a bunch of douchebags, but their iphone 4 screen is unmatched at 960 x 640 resolution.

Also, why does the Torch 9800 use the lower 1350 MaH battery the storm, curve and tour use and not the larger 1550 MaH battery that the Bold and Bold 9700 use? I'm sure we would all prefer the larger battery which could easily give us an extra hour or two over the 1350 MaH battery.

Your statement includes models that have been released less than a year. You cant tell me that RIM didnt know OS6 was coming and that 60% of the people with Berries would have to buy a new phone to have the benefits of OS 6.

Honestly, when the Storm 2, the Bold 9700, and the Tour came out, I think RIM was working on 5.2. Check out the Clamshell video showing the OS 5.2 installed. That most likely would have been upgradable to the Storm, Tour, and 9700 with no problems.

If you follow the timeline, it seems as if RIM realized around January (when Tour 2 was about to release) that they were going to need extra Memory to run the new OS. They were probably switching from 5.2 to 6.0 around that time and that is why they cancelled the Tour 2 with 256 memory and delayed the release until May when they released the Bold 9650 with 512mb.

My guess is they had 5.2 and were set on bringing that to the market. They probably then noticed that Android was making a major push and was taking their customers so RIM decided to get serious. Their options were to release 5.2 and take a lot of heat for not making major improvments and lose more customers or to release 6.0 but not allow many of their customers to upgrade, while at the same time attracting new customers. They chose the major upgrade up to 6.0. I am a Storm 2 owner that is happy as shit about this.

No, I spent $180 on Storm1 only to have to pay $180 more 11 months farther down the road for Strom2 and now RIM wants me to spend another $200 to get yet another phone? No thanks!

Yes, I'll likely spend the $200 on a new phone but it will NOT be a RIM product. There are several Android-based phones available which offer better performance and functionality today than RIM will deliver "eventually".

I've been patiently waiting for decent web browsing on my phone. Well, it's obvious that ain't gonna happen with BlackBerry; certainly not on my present phone. I really like the BlackBerry platform but I don't like being treated like a "cash cow" by the manufacturer.

The thing is, Android supports devices older than a year with Froyo, their new OS. iOS4 is the first OS that won't work on my 2+ year old iPod Touch. So, the competition, who's kicking RIM's batooty can do it, why can't RIM? They're losing too much of the smartphone market, why throw away what you do have on top of that?

If the 9700 supports OS6, 9520/9550 should too... the fact that it's not... just irritates me to no end, especially considering I JUST convinced 3 friends to purchase Storm2s... glad my word is worth jack now.

To all you Storm1 users that I once chided, I join you now. I feel like the redheaded stepchild, atm.

The storm does support OS6. VZW just suspeneded testing on an early version. It is out there, it might not be fantastic or even workable on the storm 2 (I am just assuming it was bad when vzw tested it) but it exists.

I mean they couldn't have tested it if it didn't support os 6 could they....?

You never know.. but when the official press release from RIM doesn't include it.. you have to wonder.

I'm more inclined to think it WOULD work, but VZW couldn't preload all their applications they wanted on it at the same time (my wife's 9550 was recently replaced, and had almost 80MB of applications that we'll never use preloaded).

Still, for RIM to pull the plug on it for the 9550 because of a vendor is still pretty shaky.

I imagine that's why everyone saw the 'Refresh' info out there, but I doubt RIM/VZW are going to replace phones even under warranty to cover that.

The rumor I heard is that the CDMA processor has trouble handling the new OS whereas the Bold's processor handles it better. With the monopoly Qualcomm has on CDMA processors, it's not exactly RIM's fault.

Look at Apple. The earlier iPhones couldn't get iOS4 either. It's the same deal. I got rid of my BB Storm because it was so laggy and just didn't work right. Put OS6 on it and it'll probably be the same thing all over again.

Huge difference there, though.

The most recent iPhones (3 and 3GS) do run iOS4. You have to go back two years to find one that doesn't.

If I had the choice, I would get a Droid or iPhone, but unfortunately I'm stuck with BB because I get it from work.

The iPhone 3 and 3gs technically run iOS4 but it causes the phone to barely run. I know a lot of 3g and 3gs owners that upgraded and now hate their phone. Kudos to RIM for not doing this to the Storm. If you wanna upgrade, there will sure to be leaks out there eventually.

The 3G runs slow and horrible, but the 3GS do not. Actually some people think their 3GS is faster than the 4 in some applications...

3GS runs better than ever. 3G on the other hand, believe it or not, lags worse than the Storm 1.

Everyone should stop bitching about the storms not getting the os 6. Sell ur storm on craigslist or ebay and save for the rest of the money. If the storm got the os 6 then no1 would buy the tourch. U can't expect RIM to put out all this money to just upgrade a device and not make money off it. Just be happy the RIM is competing harder and is making a an all around better os and a better device that can compete with iphone and android market.

Happy about that, for sure. It will make selling this device easier when I upgrade to the 9780!

To all the BlackBerry Storm users who are mad: the Storm sucks anyway. If you say you're switching to the iPhone: Bye. You were never liked BlackBerry anyway, you're just a touchscreen fan. However, you'd probably like the Torch because THAT'S a touchscreen device. Not the crap that was the Storms' click screen.

BlackBerry 6 looks awesome. Can not wait to start using. No other device helps me actually get work done AND entertains me like my BlackBerry. (Though I do have an iPad I keep around as a 'GameBoy.')


So the BlackBerry Curve 8520 and 8530 won't get the update? Aw, man.

If anything, I sure hope they somehow leak out. :/

BB is losing it. If they've made the decision not to extend os 6 to my storm 2, then they've lost me as a customer. I've had a bb for years, and have been very loyal, but if that loyalty only flows in one direction.....looks like I'll be switching to a Droid or an iPhone!

I actually might agree with you. I don't want to have to buy a non-touch BB (9650) just to run 6 and I probably won't be buying a S3 if all it gives me is more RAM/Flash and 6. Now, if it is higher res, faster CPU, etc., I'll be all over it.

I don't get it, you will still have to buy a new device. Think about it, new hardware and new software goes better than old hardware and new software, just a thought though :)

The problem is that if you buy new RIM hardware all you are getting is something that is still only meeting the very minimum requirements for the current OS. RIM just keeps pulling parts from the same bin as last year's models. At least if you go to an Android phone or such you are getting fresh hardware that will be usable for more than 6 months...and probably quite a bit longer than that! And I'm a BlackBerry fan, but I just don't think I can support them any longer. I really want to and I want to see them succeed, but it's just not happening and I'm getting impatient!

So I guess my incentive would be to trust RIM again after buying the Storm II and get the torch!?! No way, who is to say next year they wont treat the Torch the same way. They need to offer some type of OS6 option for Storm2 users, after all the crap we went through. Booo!! to RIM and Blackberry. Plus the Torch looks Cheap!

I guess I should be upset that the 9550 isn't getting OS6, but I'm not surprised, nor will I complain. If it can't be run on 256MB, then it just can't. Maybe the Refresh will be able to run it. We'll see. Don't know where I'll get the money to cough up for that, since my upgrade's not for another year and a half.

The 9700 only has 256MB of memory, I just think RIM blew it big this time with several handsets having 256MB of memory.

Oh well, at least I will see what is available this December when I get my next upgrade, Droid here I come?

Oh does it? Oh well. I believe it might have to do with the touchscreen aspect of the Storm, since the 9700 doesn't. Don't really do research on other phones, I assumed it had 512MB.

The Storm 2 has been out just about a year, or slightly less however the new OS will not be supported on this device??? I must say, from a customer service perspective and trusting that you will get the most out of your device for more than a year is discouraging. On top of which we suffered through mediocre OS's on this device as well.

This for me personally will prompt me to explore other devices from other manufactures.

I am a Storm 2 owner and was hoping to see os6. But we did buy the device with OS5. I don't really see what justifies people badmouthing RIM for not releasing it on devices that are not capable of running it well. The OS requires more memory to add the features to make it competitive in the consumer market. If they didn't add these features, people would be whining about why the bb cant do this or that. I think it's a good move for RIM. I'd rather see them release a quality OS than water it down so it can run on less ram.

When are they going to release OS7. Im tired of 0S6 problems, we need OS7. Come on RIM!
Alright then I'm taking my toys (Droid) and going home. Dont worry I'll be back to tell RIM what they should be doing, and raving about my 300 apps on my Droid that I wont ever really use.

How? iOS4 is the first operating system my iPod Touch can't receive, and I got the iPod two years ago. Apple supports older phones, what are you comparing to?

being that my phone is only 9 months old. I think this was a bad decision on RIM's part, I guess its time to search elsewhere for a phone. Sucks!

Has RIM officially announced the S2 won't take OS6? If I missed the offical list of devices can someone post the link please.

Nevermind just found it at BGR. Way to go RIM, you just ticked off allot of people that were trying their best to give you the benefit of the doubt. How does that foot feel you just shot yourself in???????

Subject to carrier certifications in the months ahead, the new OS is expected to be available for the BlackBerry® Bold™ 9700, BlackBerry® Bold™ 9650 and BlackBerry® Pearl™ 3G, as well as future BlackBerry smartphones.

People that think the storm is old hardware and shouldn't expect an upgrade, the original droid released the same time is getting froyo-a major update. Ios 4 went to even older iphones, so of other companies can do it-storm owners have every right to feel cheated. Rim has a tendency to forget about hardware and focus on the now

Was convinced 9700 was not gonna get it but happy very now! I understand how its annoying for Storm2 users but cheer up. By the time your contract is up most of the OS6 bugs should be sorted so happy days!

As a 9700 user I'm happy it coming to my device but seriously I hope it will run as smooth as the presentation video coz till now we still get very buggy OS5 :(

Think about it, even most apps that come out do not have Storm 1 or 2 support and we get it last every time. It is just unbelievable to me that RIM waited this long to announce which devices will get the OS6 support. They obviously did not want Storm 1 and 2 users jumping ship to other platforms since earlier this year when OS6 was announced so they left everyone dead in the water. I for one have been waiting and I have an upgrade available as of tomorrow and will be jumping over to the Droid X. Because of the business tactics used by RIM I will move on to another platform.

RIM wants it to get it right this time and by releasing something that is mediocre for the surepress platform will be even worse for the already beaten Storm line.

Storm 3 "should" be the real deal, it is just hard that users have to wait for it to see bb6.

The Storm2 was said to be what the Storm1 should've been. Now we are saying the same thing about the Storm3 in regards to the Storm2. Why can't RIM just come out with a phone that is supposed to just be what it's supposed to be?

Can't wait for the new browser on my 9700! But seriously does anyone use RSS feeds anymore?!

At least they aren't going crazy with BBM like they are in the commercials. Enough with the BBM commercials, the BlackBerry is not an elite club! I need to talk to the rest of the world that uses iPhones, Androids, PCs, etc... I don't even use BBM with my BB using friends & family!

You don't use RSS feeds? Everyone I know personally with a smart phone reads RSS feeds daily. You should check out Viigo or one of the many other RSS feed readers. It's my main way of getting news, I get my local newspaper daily with it. Plus you can easily add RSS feeds for literally anything your interested in. Such as the site your on right now. I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't want to use RSS feeds.

Hmmm, my first device was a Storm 1 ... a complete flop! I was sure RIM would do better with Version 2, BUT they didn´t. A quite useless peace of crap with double and triple clicking. Hard to pick up or hang up a call .. useless.

Now this "gay" looking phone comes out promising to be much better with the revolutionary OS 6. Hmmm, you know what I think ... "RIM is not capable of producing a Touchscreen, sorry that´s the truth .. for me as a customer it looks like RIM doesn´t know how to program a touchscreen OS.

I know it's verizon's fault. They are morons. If they don't give me the updated Storm 2 new and free then I will simply just have to ask they give me the Samsung Galaxy phone for their network. I really had hoped it wouldn't come to this. I love my blackberry storm 2 but if I can't get the features I was expecting (web browser) then I'm jumping ship.

But I'm not blaming RIM, not at all. The carrier has control over if the software goes in. They made the two biggest mistakes ever now. Verizon, you missed out on the iphone and now Blackberry 6. Ya know what I hope droid does, kick your sorry asses when you again decline yet another big thing.

How about STFU? I'm not mad, I've already made arrangements to get my 9650. Ill be able to run the whole OS, now are you mad?

Enjoy your 9650... I'm sure the 9700 OS6 will be just the same as yours, we will simply have a small space for apps vs your Bold that will have more than enough...

Not at all, I've been preaching that the 9700 was getting it way back when people like you were claiming there was no chance + it was pretty obvious after Verizon turned the Storm into a local rain cloud with a cute OS5 rainbow. And congrats on your 9650, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

That aside, judging from what you've been posting the last 24 hours you really need to chill, take your rage somewhere else.

(Protip: Verizon)

Says who? They just made the release official and you somehow know more than the rest of us? Name calling too huh? Way to go lunchbox, you've made my day.

it's not our fault you bought that POS touch screen crap (Storm 2). What makes you think that OS6 for the 9700 is slimmed down? I've never seen any evidence of that! The evidence that I've seen is that a 9780 was running OS6 for qwerty devices @ 178MB (the 9700 has 256=plenty of space!). Maybe you just forgot you have a touchscreen & accelerometer and that requires more RAM for OS6.

Do your homework before you come running that mouth and bashing 9700 owners.

I know why Devices such as the storms won't have OS 6, and many people who got the is 6 leak two days ago mightve realised this, its because the memory that the OS is saved to is the ROM right? Well, there's only 186mb of it on the storms and the actual OS weighs 200 something, so all we can hope for is of some bloke makes OS load able into the storm on the condition that you shrink it down, still leaving barely any space for app, or some bright guy can make a portion of the phone memory to look like ROM.

I need to view and respond to 2 separate Exchange accounts. OS5 and below don't support this, kit's even been a part of the iOS4 features.

Can this do the same?

Wow I was waiting for this! BB phones are equiped with the minimum specs to run the OS! Once an update comes they get left behind! Look at the droid! It received Froyo! And will be able to handle the next OS.! I'm done with RIM now if an Evo like device hits Verizon :) the X has no front cam and its bigger also that kickstand is nice.

Everything looks great to me EXCEPT:

- 3.2” HVGA+ touch screen (480x360)

That's less then an inch (diagonal) improvement over the Bold 9700, and the resolution is the same! WTF?! Oh, and it's still less than the new Android devices sporting AMOLED, Super AMOLED, Super LCD, etc hi-res screens. RIM failed on this part, unfortunately.

So much for my tour. If I would've known when I got my phone how f-ed up RIM is, I woulda got a droid first. Only 6 months till my upgrade and it DEFINETELY won't be to a newer bb.

I've been loyal to RIM over the years and again feel cheated. I've talked up the storm, storm 2 and other devices over the DROiD. Well, looks like I'm the joke now. DROiD X here I come!!!!

The Droid X has a 1ghz processor, is a Wi-Fi hot spot and has better and more advanced apps then all of Blackberrys from the beginning. As soon as 2.2 comes out, it has a full HTML browser and will have Adobe 10. Makes the Storm look like a Motorola DynaTAC. RIM's last ditch effort has failed.

See kids, when I was your age we had a Blackberry and it SUCKED!!!!

I think by this move they have left a majority of their existing users in the lurch.

Where does this leave the app developers for example? What OS should they target?

I knew my curve wont get it,but i am surprised they are not even supporting storm 2.

I just hope that the browser and other useful tidbits make it to the "older" generation...

This is some BS. the storm was suppose to be the best thing since sliced bread...the first touchscreen bb and this is how you you do us. so its been a couple of years since it was released but do you have to take us storm users out a back and get rid of us like ole' yeller. so now i guess we're suppose to all line up and buy new phones like iphone supporters.. and we all know how well that turned out. (smh)
thanks alot rim. next time you f%#k us please at least a kiss on the forehead or a "reach around"

ok dont get me wrong i get the storm 1 cant be upgraded to os6, but really not supporting storm 2. Whatever, i have been loyal to my BB .never swayed by the iphone and such.But with this, its bye bye i refuse to buy a non touch BB just to run os6. Upgrade in 9 months. I see droid in my future.

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! That's oughtta be a happy news for me as a Bold 9700 user, I can't afford to pay so much just to buy a new phone that supports OS6 as I just bought the Bold 9700 less than 3 months ago and this baby can't leave me. :)

To all of the Verizon Tour owners: it looks like it is time to report all of those "broken" roller balls so that you can be upgraded to the 9650 for free!!!

Tried it last week, got a refurb Tour. Refurb Tour has a busted screen, waiting for my fourth Tour to come tomorrow :/ Seems when everyone sent in their "broken" trackballs they were able to build up their stock of Tours again to send back out to those of us who actually had problems :(

My question is: if the 9700 can run it, what's stopping the Tour from running it, besides carrier?

Did we just confirm for a fact that...after months of bickering and looking at Bold 9780 refresh pictures indicating that the 9700 won't get OS6 and that all of us with BlackBerry's flagship qwerty phone wouldn't be getting OS6.....that in fact the 9700 will get it? Unreal!!

I've about had it with RIM. I had really high hopes for OS6 but based on the videos posted on other websites where they actually played around with demos, the OS is not going to be all that great. It still appears to be laggy.

Plus, now that os5 has been out for some time, how many people are completely happy with it? I mean if you compare any current BB to any other current smartphone, it feels old. The response is slow and the interface is clunky. OS6 is just too little too late. Im either going with att and the iphone or a droid when my contract is up in november.

Everything I've read, the speculation has to do with the touchscreen aspect of the s2 as opposed to the qwerty.

I think the problem is the processor. Qualcomm works good with OS6. But 9550 has no Qualcomm processor because of CDMA is not supported.

I don't know what will be written here if RIM has announced:

9520 you will get OS6
9550 we are sorry

Hopefully they will find a solution.

Ok first time iv ever posted anything on here, registered just to get this off my chest.
Not sure what RIM is thinking....OS6 is rims answer to all the multimedia loving customers. I think anyone who buys the Storm is a customer that is on the mutimedia side of the market; yet you leave them out of this update? Not only this, Verizon lets AT&T get yet another good mutimedia phone? I'm really thinking about switching to AT&T and an iphone, it sucks watching your friends play with their iphone while u watch and hide your BB in your pocket. Tired of hearing Rims "we're working on" Dont know about most of you but i dont have the money to put in a phone ever other month since verizon only lets u upgrade every 2 freaking years.

Tapped into a lot of peoples anger, I absolutely agree with you. I almost bought a new 9650, then I considered why spend $300 on another Blackberry if the same thing may happened next year or the year after that. I'm considering an Android device or even possibly Apple.

I'm happy that I picked 9700 over storm2 3 weeks ago as I got free upgrading from bell. now I'm looking forward to getting 6.0 on my 9700.

great, my tour crapped out and they replaced with a storm2 a month and half ago. guess I should have requested bold 9650 huh??? Droid here I come.

Its the sound of all of your customers that you just ticked off to no end. So you release a phone (storm2) just 6 months ago and you didnt realize that you needed to make sure it was expandable? I guess Apple and the DROID manufacturers figured that out a long time ago and you didn't. This is how you reward loyalty? You wonder why you are losing market share? Tell you what, you wanna make this right and try to save face, then do what Apple did. Everyone who purchased a phone within the last 9 months to a year ought to get an upgraded phone gratis. Yeah its your only hope.

I loved all my QWERTY BBs, but hated the smallish screen.
I loved the Storm 1's screen but had no love for the typing experience.
I myself almost got a Storm 2 assuming it might load OS6, but there was no concrete and I laid back.

But seriously Rim should just release OS6 on the Storm 2. It will lag, yes same specs as the 9700 but with more power needed for the touch experience, and the software keyboard, it will definitely be disappointing.

But there's always the option of downgrading.

Ok so I did not care that my curve 8530 did not get the os update but since the 9700 will get it and no other current 250mb bb will get it is stupid. I know the curve is known as the cheap bb but the storm isn't nore is the tour. I hope os6 runs like shit on the 9700. I just have to wait till dec for my upgrade so I can get a phone with it. I am actually excited about os6 I think it has a lot to offer.

Hate to break it to you, but if RIM announces it as a supported device it runs just dandy. The Storm 2 never was the top of the line btw, I personally stayed very far away from it. RIM has no business with pure touchscreen devices. I hope for them that they've done a better job with the Torch.

Why would you want a touchscreen BB anyway...

I am happy that 9700 finally getting OS6, but it will on my office device,
Lot of IT policies and custom made app from my organization.
I hope OS6 has backward compatibility too.
Or else I have stuck to OS5.

More than 20 MB is required for my organization’s custom apps.
Now it’s up to RIM and what is really in OS6.

To all those complaining about support not coming on the storm or storm 2. Would you rather they have released a version that slows your phone down and makes it unbearable to use. That's most probably why it won't be supported. They didn't just do it to piss of everyoe with a storm and pkease everyone with a bold

I'm very glad that it seems OS6 is supposed to operable on my 9700. Very sad that RIM has made the mistake to sell Torch only through ATT. In fact I believe RIM is hurting itself by not letting all Providers sell Torch. If they had then I believe Torch would have (shall I say it?) 'Stormed' the market with new RIM devotees world wide. By opting instead to limit the Torch to ATT they have angered many devotees of RIM as well as those who would have jumped on a chance to climb aboard RIM, but on their carrier.

I've owned 3 BB's, including both iterations of the Storm. The only thing holding me back from going to Android was the prospect of OS6, which is now dashed. After the disappointment of the Storm series I am not willing to risk jumping into another unproven product.

My coworkers (IT support) have mostly switched to Android already, and they don't regret leaving the BB's behind. I'm gonna be right there with them.

Droid X, come to mama!!!