Press Release: Personal Guardian released in BlackBerry App World!

By Michelle Haag on 30 Sep 2010 08:15 am EDT
Personal Guardian

If you've ever been worried about your safety when walking alone at night, or while in unfamiliar territory, then you know how valuable a peace of mind knowing help is at the push of a button can be. Personal Guardian is a one-push panic button that when activated will silently trigger a call to an emergency (or pre-configured) number as well as an email, SMS message, and Tweet with location information. In an emergency situation, it is a fast and easy way to alert your loved ones and 911 that you need assistance. After setting up, Personal Guardian also alerts you when an unauthorized SIMCard is used on your BlackBerry. With the alerts, it will also turn on real time tracking. You can manage your account and track your phone via web.

Personal Guardian is available now in BlackBerry App World for the one time fee of $19.99.

Press Release 

Personal Guardian App Puts Emergency Panic Button at Users Fingertips

SmrtGuard's One-Push Emergency Alert Increases Personal Safety and Security

PRINCETON, NJ  (September 29, 2010) - SmrtGuard, a leading mobile security and mobile device management company for businesses and consumers, today announced the release of Personal Guardian, an innovative personal safety app for smartphone users. Personal Guardian is a one-push panic button that
silently triggers an emergency call, email, SMS text, or Twitter message with your GPS location information. In emergency situations, it's the fastest and easiest way to quickly alert loved ones, and even 911 emergency
centers, that you're in danger and notify them with the details of your location.

"Personal Guardian was developed to help increase the personal safety of smartphone users everywhere," said Robert Kao, Founder and CEO of SmrtGuard.

"Whether walking home alone at night or venturing into an unknown neighborhood, it provides users with peace of mind knowing that help is just one push of a button away."

Smartphone owners can easily manage their account from the Personal Guardian web portal to customize emergency alert messages, contact information and recipients, and track the location of their phone. In an emergency, once the panic button is activated, Personal Guardian automatically and silently initiates real-time location tracking and sends a custom emergency message to preconfigured contacts and communication channels including:

  • Dial 911 or other number of your choice.
  • Twitter message with location to your Twitter stream.
  • Email with your custom message and current location information.
  • SMS text message with your current location information.

Personal Guardian is also available as part of SmrtGuard PRO, the company's flagship mobile security product that includes mobile anti-virus and anti-spam, wireless data backup and restore, remote data wipe, remote GPS tracking and phone locator, call blocker and more.

Personal Guardian is currently available for BlackBerry smartphones for a one-time purchase of $19.99 that includes lifetime access to the Personal Guardian web portal. Android and iPhone versions will be available shortly.

Start protecting yourself today with Personal Guardian by visiting

About SmrtGuard
SmrtGuard provides industry-leading mobile security and mobile device management solutions for individuals and enterprise organizations that need security, control and management over their smartphones. SmrtGuard allows smartphone users to wirelessly backup and restore data, locate their devices, protect against malware, block unwanted emails and calls, remotely wipe device data and more.  For more information, visit

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Press Release: Personal Guardian released in BlackBerry App World!


The one thing I can not stand coming back to BB is the outrageous cost of apps. These devs get away with highway robbery on what they charge. I have an Ipod Touch, and came back from a rather buggy Android phone, but one thing I can say about those other platforms is, is that there is enough competition to to keep app developers in check. If there is not an app like this, why then $20. I would think that you could sell for $4.99 and it would look more appealing to a consumer. But as always.....we as BB owners will be blessed with an amazing generous offer from the developers of 50% off later on. We could be so lucky! =/

With 90% of this functionality coming for free from RIM soon, I'd hope that nobody actually pays $20 to them. But then... what do you expect from a company that sells an Antivirus app to run on a phone with no known viruses?

Call me crazy, but isn't this feature already part of the FREE version of SmrtGuard?

edit: szotz beat me to it.

Sorry, hah. I'm just well aware that this is part of a free version being as that I accidentally hit the button and informed my mother that I was "kidnapped" twice on my birthday. Thank god I didn't have the 911 function on, too.

I know who they should get to advertise this app......

clue.... "Guard and protect your heart"


Who in their right mind sat there an said...."Yeah, I think $20 is a good price point for this feature set.". If Mr. Trump was in charge there'd be some people getting fired.