Press Release: ooVoo to Launch Free Video Chat and IM Solution for the BlackBerry 10 Platform

By Adam Zeis on 29 Jan 2013 08:58 am EST

ooVoo has announced that their popular video chat app will soon be heading to BlackBerry 10. ooVoo provides video chat and instant messages on multiple platforms including chats for up to 12 people. The services is free and will be available in BlackBerry World for BlackBerry 10 devices later in the year.

Press Release

ooVoo, one of the largest independent social video chat provider with 66 million registered subscribers, and Research In Motion (RIM) (NASDAQ: RIMM)(TSX: RIM) today announced that ooVoo will bring its next-generation HD video communications service to the BlackBerry 10 platform.

The BlackBerry 10 platform allows the ooVoo service to easily integrate with voice, video and the remarkably fast BlackBerry 10 browser, which will give BlackBerry 10 customers a multiplatform solution for video chat and instant messaging with friends, family and colleagues. With ooVoo, up to 12 contacts can connect at the same time, allowing customers to stay connected and share experiences.

"ooVoo serves more than one billion minutes of video each month to subscribers. By bringing ooVoo HD video chat to the BlackBerry 10 platform BlackBerry 10 customers will be able to video chat and share videos anytime with the millions of ooVoo's daily active users on virtually any mobile or desktop platform," said Jay Samit, President of ooVoo.

ooVoo will be integrated into the basic calling functionality in BlackBerry 10, making it easy for customers to flow directly from a voice call to an ooVoo video call. ooVoo's cloud-based service provides remarkable video quality. BlackBerry 10 customers will be able to chat cross-platform, and take advantage of the social features that ooVoo provides, for free(i).

"As a leader in communications, we understand the importance of bringing people together in an innovative way that is easy to use," said Martyn Mallick, Vice President Global Alliances and Business Development at Research In Motion. "ooVoo will be a fantastic choice for BlackBerry 10 customers looking for a multi-user video communications service that can connect them to their contacts on virtually any computer or mobile device, and we are pleased to work with ooVoo to help bring their service to our customers."

ooVoo's innovative Watch TogetherTM feature allows customers to have group video viewing experiences within video calls. ooVoo's customers can incorporate video calling with friends and family into their daily lives by, for example, bringing friends along on shopping trips through ooVoo to get real-time opinions on choices, or mommy group members showing the latest happenings - whether milestone or mysterious spots - for opinions in real-time.


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Press Release: ooVoo to Launch Free Video Chat and IM Solution for the BlackBerry 10 Platform


better than skype imo i use it way more for mega multi family chats all over and best part is multi video chat is free unlike skype

The problem is that A LOT of people have Skype already and don't want to install another app for chat. Happens with my clients, normal communication is thru Skype

So, QuIcKsIlV3r.... What is the final word on that skype-for-BB10-is-coming you've been teasing us with for months ;-)

find out tomorrow.... RIM has some tricks up their sleeves still, and I'm not going to spoil or ruin the fun of tomorrow ;)

ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmgggggggggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol they played with me i remebeer i did a thread when they emailed me and said they will not be supporting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and now they are i quess they listened to me!!!!!!!!!!

Excellent, love how I was right about the embedded nature of some of these apps. It's seamlessly part of the app.

I don't use Skype, and I don't use ooVoo, but to me this is horrible news.

All I hear is "blackberry sucks. it doesn't have skype. it doesn't have netflix".

What have we heard in last 2 days news? BB10 will have its own video store (i.e. not-netflix) and has partnered up with another video chat provider (i.e. not-skype).

This is the same mentality that got RIM into trouble in the first place, and even though the BB10 may be the greatest smartphone ever built, if they want anyone other than hardcore blackberry fans (like myself) to buy a BB10 phone, they have to cater to the market otherwise they come off as arrogant at best, and irrelevant at worst.

Why is this horrible news? ooVoo is supporting BB10 that doesn't mean Skype isn't coming, in one day we'll know what's going on with Skype for BB10, let's not jump into conclusions

What a useless comment. Where have you been?! Do you really think they're not trying to get those 2 apps?! Remember netflix and microsoft have to agree with building a bb10 app. Its a two way street.

RIM cannot force Skype or Netflix to make an app available. The most they can do is ask them. Its up to them if they want to support the platform or not. The Playbook OS is awesome and has never given me or anyone I know that have it any problems. I have Angry Birds, and other multimedia games on it and it is super, yet Skype and Netflix can't seem to put an app on there to cater the over 2+ million owners of the Playbook.

I don't care for Skype nor Netflix, but that's just me. At the end of the day, its up to the developer, not RIM. RIM can only do so much to court these developers short of giving them the company just to have an app that can be ported in 10 mins.

The video store has nothing to do with not having netflix, are you mental? Netflix sucks compared to actual stores. Ps3 and xbox360 have like 5 media stores each. There's itunes google play etc. These are all seperate from netflix, offer different content and are 100 times better then netflix. But there expensive. Netflix is cheap, and I use a friends account for free but can't find anything worth watching. Screw netflix


There is a button just to the left of the "A" key on your computer that I think you may have pressed accidentally. Just a heads up.

It seems to me BlackBerry is in a no win situation with these kinds of issues. If they get x app, trolls say "Yawn" and if they don't, the trolls say "Wah". Haters gotta hate, I guess. All I know is, I am buying a Z10 as soon as is humanly possible.

The Apps question raises it's ugly head again. BB10 WILL be successful!. As such I don't care what app developer you are Skype, Netflix, or YourMomsAwesomeApp, if they want to be on the best platform available they will be on BB10 'eventually'.

I hope you are right, but have my doubts. Why did it not happen with the Playbook? I own 3 playbooks and love them, but you cannot deny that they were a commercial failure.

RIM needs a few BIG names on board at launch to build momentum.

I totally agree with you re: getting some big App names to generate momentum and early market penetration....

What killed the Playbook? A. An already tarnished Blackberry brand name and B. Incredible lack of execution in launching a device with a half-baked OS.

I think with BB10 the company is doing everything right! Remember if apps are not on BB10 it's not RIM'S fault, it's the developers who pick and choose what platform they want to go with...

I agree with the comments. On the one hand, it is frustrating that Skype and Netflix do not show the love for BB10 (although maybe we find out something different tomorrow), but on the other hand RIM can only control their part which is creating an attractive platform for developers and third-party providers to come. The only parties showing arrogance here are the Skype's and Netflix's of the world if they choose not to come. At the end of the day, shunning millions of potential customers makes no sense to me. However, what also needs to be appreciated is that Blackberry is trying to do something which has never been done before which is get developers and third-parties to be on board en masse for a launch of a new operating system. It just does not happen. The fact that alot of these developers and third-parties have in the last few days started showing their support for BB10 tells me that they did not want to commit to the platform until they knew for sure it was coming because in a sense it could be embarrassing to them to support a platform which never sees the light of day, or does see the light of day and fails. With BB10 building alot of positive momentum in the last few weeks from the media, tech blogs, etc., RIM committing to a Super Bowl commercial, etc., these things can not be underestimated. The reality is that most of the early buyers of BB10 phones are going to be existing Blackberry users anyways who don't necessarily need these apps available at launch to convince them to buy - if they get good numbers in those first few weeks I suspect the apps will quickly trickle in.

Will BB10 have any apps at all?????? Seriously, come on. We know they will! I sure won't be scrolling through 70-100,000 third-party apps at launch! I want camera, email, phone, calendar, media player and browser.....oh wait a minute, those are all built in. Maybe brick breaker to kill some time between meetings. . . Very excited for the next-gen BB tomorrow, I've got some things I need to get done!

Icarus to address your question about why it did not happen with the Playbook, the simple answer is there was no reason for the parties to do so. Sales were weak, reviews were atrocious, it probably was going to do more damage to a brand to step in that way, especially after the launch. The launch of the phones is entirely different. The phones being sold through carriers is already a big differentiating factor to the Playbook - subsidized devices are just easier to sell than a Wifi tablet, and when you are selling to people who are holding on to 2 and 3 year old blackberries, the reality is BB10 will sell. We all agree that for the product to be a success they need to attract non-BB users as well, but that will come with time if they are successful selling to existing users which will be strong numbers out of the gate, which will bring developers along, and the second wave of sales should be to converts from other platforms. Remember, although it was certainly a much different market back in 2007, the sales of the iPhone were like a million or so in its first quarter on the market - they sold it to Apple fans. But eventually words gets around, etc. So I think looking at the Playbook launch and trying to compare that to what will happen with this launch is really like comparing apples and oranges. I'm not saying BB10 is guaranteed to be a success, but this launch already feels much different.

The original iPhone approach (i.e. sell to the fan base and word will get around) won't work in today's already saturated market.

The approach of "We have the world's greatest OS (but not many apps)" obviously won't work either.

The approach of "We have lots of amazing apps (that you have never heard of)" won't work either (and in my opinion is what RIM is doing and why I cringed when I saw this news release).

Whether it makes logical sense or not doesn't matter. Consumers are driven by emotion more than logic. Hopefully the big name apps will come on board, but all I see right now are "workarounds".

I am a long time blackberry user, and I have already pre-ordered my Z10 and will be like a kid at Christmas when I get it in my hands! But - I'm just trying to be realistic and look at the bigger picture.

Also- Shifting all the blame for lack of the big name apps on BB away from RIM isn't right. I don't know exactly what management could do to get them, but isn't that why they get paid the big bucks?

Of course you learn from mistakes and what did or did not work. I would hope that there will be renewed love shown the Playbook after the launch of BB10 for the many who committed to the Playbook and what it was to truly become.

And I will also finally add that I think the big app that needs to be there at launch, and our friend Kevin has assured us it will be, is Instagram, and less so but still important Whatsapp. Skype and Netflix are great, but I think they are sometimes overexaggerated as to how widely used they are. Netflix has 30 millions subscribers, a third of what BB has, and BB is treated like the ugly stepchild. And remember that Netflix number includes all users, the majority of which use it on their TV and tablets not their phone (at least currently).

This is good. I use oovoo already. I don't use Skype. But at the end of the day if BB10 is successful the "other" apps will come. It would be great to have Skype and Netlfix available tomorrow just to shut up the whiners.
There are other options out there and I'm not going to buy a phone just to get netflix or skype or any other app for that. matter.

LOL at these complaining comments, you would think the launch passed and these companies didn't launch their apps. Why so much emphasis on launch, even OOvOO is saying they will be there later not at launch, but look at the nice integration were getting to video call straight from a regular phone call. There are many popular big name options, tell ur friend to get the app and stop complaining

The age old app argument. When they see BB10 succesfull they'll spend the 10-20 grand and develop the app. Simple as that. Stop your bitching, jump on board and support the people who are willing to see past apple and android

Ontop of that everybody agrees competition is good for cell phones, its also good for apps. Ever think skype and netflix aren't even that good. Get your head in the game. Tell your friends to sign up for something else, that's FREE! And go with it

that means, no skype on launch..

ppl are sick of too many promisses

rest in peace RIM

at its times it was really good platfrorm.


btw 2 days before start, stock of RIMM is fallliiing..and falliiingg.....

This is just another notch on the "Good News Belt", the more apps that become available the less app driven critics have to complain about!

Living Bold-ly!

MSFT needs to sell their WIndows Phones first and to expect them getting more wind in the RIMM's sales with a native Skype app on the opening day would be a bit foolish.

If the bb10 is as good as we expect it to be, MSFT will have no choice but to get Skype on the platform.

Also, ooVoo is their competitor so, do you really think MSFT will let them be the only app on a popular platform?

This is great news!

Way to go Rim, good luck tomorrow!

MS needs to give Rim all the ammunition it needs to bring down the big boys(Apple + Android). These two companies have taken over everything while MS and Rim are left fighting for crumbs...."THEY NEED TO BE TAKEN OUT" and BB10 is the assassin. This will only serve MS in the long run as this kind of domination is not good for anyone(besides Apple and Android)

Later in this year ??? thats TOO late!! thats why RIM is losing and will lose every user that just wants those kind of apps...Must have Skype to!...

Everyone I know has tango. That's on wp,iOS, and android. Really like blackberry 10 but I guess I will stick with my iPhone 4S and get the 5s or some Nokia lumia phone.

If MICROSOFT doesn't make the skype application, i'm switching to OOvOO and i'll say F#%K YOU MICROSOFT!!! That's what i'll do. I HATE paying for video chat (I never EVER did anyways) and this will be FREE. ooVoo is the new standard if microsoft SCREWS US OVER. DOn't blame RIM if we don't see skype and do SERIOUSLY STOP BITCHING ABOUT IT!!

When is ooVoo coming to BlackBerry10 Platform?????? Somebody from crackberry, what's the status with this must-have app????