Press Release: Developer Momentum for BlackBerry 10 Continues to Grow

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By Adam Zeis on 27 Sep 2012 10:52 am EDT

Press Release

Application developers continue to choose BlackBerry 10 as a target platform for their applications

WATERLOO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - September 27, 2012) - During the BlackBerry Jam Americas conference in San Jose this week, Research In Motion (RIM) (NASDAQ: RIMM)(TSX: RIM) showcased the power of the BlackBerry 10 platform and demonstrated the key differentiators that developers are leveraging to create apps that engage and delight customers.

Visually stunning BlackBerry 10 applications from Cisco, Foursquare, Sencha, Gameloft, Halfbrick Studios, Madfinger Games and Funkoi were revealed, demonstrating applications that are feature rich and integrated with core functions of BlackBerry 10 and embracing the seamless flow that only BlackBerry 10 provides. A replay of the keynote is available for viewing here:

A recent survey conducted by RIM, of the BlackBerry developers using the 5,000 Dev Alpha test devices distributed during the BlackBerry Jam World Tour, found that 99 per cent of respondents had already started BlackBerry 10 projects.

"The response to BlackBerry 10 on all levels has been incredible and developers have certainly embraced this new platform and are taking early advantage of the tools and support we are providing to them. Our community is telling us about apps from every category that look and feel just amazing," said Alec Saunders, Vice President, Developer Relations and Ecosystems at Research In Motion. "With our new SDK build now available, applications can really take advantage of our integration and sharing features. This really allows that heightened level of differentiation for apps that platform providers should be bringing to their communities."

The SDKs for BlackBerry 10 were updated yesterday to bring more collaboration, native feature integration and app sharing opportunities. This update makes the native SDK API-complete and enhances the HTML5 toolset, BlackBerry WebWorks. Further updates were also made to Adobe AIR and Android runtimes. More information can be found here:

The BlackBerry Dev Alpha testing units also received an OS update that allows developers to take advantage of the Beta 3 version of the SDKs. BlackBerry developers can now leverage APIs that can integrate with core apps contacts, calendar, BlackBerry Messenger and the BlackBerry Hub and more while they build their applications.

The developer community has been enthusiastic about the opportunities that BlackBerry 10 brings as a new market to reach with applications, a platform that allows for deep integration and user engagement, and a platform built for content creation and sharing, all on devices that have a beautiful user interface that developers can easily leverage.

Partner Testimonials

"Mobile has become a major accelerator for business collaboration. Box and BlackBerry enable CIOs to embrace mobile-first policies that transform the way knowledge workers access and share key business documents. Box's deep integration with BlackBerry 10 will enable a seamless and secure mobile working experience wherever the office may take you." - Matthew Self, VP of Platform Engineering at Box

"The Weather Network is excited to develop for BlackBerry 10. The innovations in the operating system will provide our existing loyal consumers and new consumers an application that is as stunning as it is informative, helping users to plan for anything." - Gita Ashar, Director of Mobile and Emerging Technologies for Weather Network

"Our customers have shared with us how critical it is to be able to use BlackBerry smartphones to collaborate and easily meet over the web from anywhere, anytime using Cisco WebEx Meetings securely delivered through the Cisco WebEx Cloud. Today, we are excited to announce that Cisco WebEx Meetings for BlackBerry will be available as a free download once BlackBerry 10 devices are launched." - Raj Gossain, Vice President of Products for Cisco Cloud Collaboration Applications Group

"Bringing Splashtop Remote Desktop to the BlackBerry PlayBook and BlackBerry 10 platform was fast and easy. We looked at the development options provided by RIM, and chose to use the NDK to achieve the best user experience and performance for Splashtop to deliver apps consistent with BlackBerry's high standards. That's why Splashtop is the #1 selling remote desktop app on BlackBerry App World." - Mark Lee, CEO and co-founder of Splashtop

"TuneIn brings the world's music, sports and news to as many people as possible. We are excited to extend the TuneIn listening experience to the BlackBerry 10 community as we continue on our mission to make all the world's audio universally accessible." - Carl Rohling, VP of Business Development for TuneIn

"Moving to BlackBerry 10 is a very exciting opportunity for us and further expands the possibility to let more people be creative with music." - Jonas Norberg, CEO & Co-founder, Pacemaker®

"We are pleased to work with RIM to bring the BlackBerry 10 platform to our ecosystem of developers. The new BlackBerry 10 platform represents a significant opportunity for Appcelerator's ecosystem of 350,000 developers, and we look forward to working with RIM to help 'stock the shelves' with new applications for BlackBerry 10 customers." -Jeff Haynie, CEO of Appcelerator

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Press Release: Developer Momentum for BlackBerry 10 Continues to Grow


I wish the public at large were that astute, but the very reason iPhone and Android has become so popular is primarily due to quantity of apps available to entertain these consumers. (Even though the vast majority of them are useless). Hence, in the US, more is more.

It's the sad reality and the vast majority don't really care for what makes Blackberry unique from the rest of the crowd. Security not a big concern to little Johnny or Sally who plays games and texts friends living across the street. RIM's key is focussing on its target market. I'm totally in agreement if they CHOOSE to focus on a smaller but very capable, communications driven and potentially more sophisticated market.

All the latest news is getting me excited as well, I've been considering an Iphone for a little while now but the BB10 is looking good so I may stick with BB, we shall see.
I still hold out hope BB gets Instagram

I would be surprised not to see instagram on bb10. facebook owns instagram and facebook has excellent relationship with rim. but skype might be another thing. given that microsoft owns skype and mobile 8 is going head to head with bb10 i can see it not coming to bb10 at all.

Skype also makes its money being cross platformed. I think what most huge companies do is make their software available to all (IF there is enough demand), but makes their software more feature rich on their platform. Like how Safari and iTunes are one Windows and Office and Messenger are on Macs.

Only took 9 posts to see the word 'Skype'

Was wondering the second I read the headline, where Skype would be placed in the posts.

MS and RIM have a number of partnerships, I will be more surpirsed to see Skype NOT make it to BB10 than when we get the official announcement that it's signed on.

You just have to try it to see. My gf is addicted to it, and I've installed it on my touchpad to lurk, and I find myself just logging in to see what's going on.

I'm with you... Don't use, don't care for it and probably never will.. I have other apps that can make my photos look aged or cropped or bordered. But unfortunately it'll be used as a ammunition for haters to keep hating...

Instagram is not about picture editing but more about the social side of sharing, commenting and liking pics.

This is why it surpassed Twitter with more daily active users last month so it does not matter if there are better editing apps if you cannot connect on a social level.

Because to them, its the in thing, just like facebook. There is no real use for it. Skype seems a bit more useful than instagram, but i also dont need skype, nor netflix. What i need is an app from Directv so that i can set my DVR, see schedule, order ppv and pay my bill with ease. That is all i need. Apps that is actually productive to me, not follow fashion with the crowds.

if you are jumping ship, get and s3.. I came from an iphone 4 -> 9900 -> and the s3 BLOWS the iphones out of the water.

The customization for alerts, specific to email accounts, txt etc is much closer to what we have on the bb phones.. the iphone has preset sms alerts and email alerts.. You can't tailor ios to your needs.. You get what you get.. that partially why i like the s3/android os since you can customize everything similar to what i could do on my BB

To be honest I'm considering buying Galaxy S3 or iPhone 5 somewhere between October - December and then upgrade my postpaid to BlackBerry 10 on June 2012.

But with this news and sneak peek of the BlackBerry 10, I'm saving my money and will by BlackBerry 10 on the first day it is released to the public market!

Ha I enjoy it just cause most of my family has Instagram and not fbook so I can post photos to keep them up to date with me. There really isn't any other option besides texting them directly. It's fun, not everybody's taste but I'd love on the BB. I already have a touch, ipad and pb. I haven't used my pb and I'm considering going to the Iphone if BB10 doesn't live up to the hype which trust me I hope it does, I've been team BB for ever and would hate to give up

Great news, good to see our apps will b different from the other OSs, a port from BB10 to another OS will lose the great Ux of peek and flow and UI of cascades

P.S I'm glad to see GQ up there gonna be happy to get my magazines on my PB

What!?! This has far too many positive comments in a row!

Insert some sort of "BB hater" comment here.


The times they are a changing! I agree it is refreshing not to hear from the haters. I'm sure a few will come but their pot shots are getting weaker and weaker.

Very excited for BB10. it is a different anc compelling user experience that I think RIM traditional corporate types will love and also the social butterflies.

Wow, you're right! That guy didn't sound like he knew what he was talking about at all - seems as though he did a high level review of the conference, and then decided to ignore some facts and put his own negative spin on it.

Quality reporting, CNET! Way to stay impartial! (Yes, I know we're all biased too, but we're not publishing articles)!

Keep Calm and Carry On. If rim executes (no freezes etc.) the BB10 product is a winner. It is designed with purpose and achieves it's goal.

Looking good, lots of my fave apps!
Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Foursquare, Box, tuneIn radio...

I'm only would be missing Bloomberg, Evernote, XE Currency, UberSocial (rumoured to be coming), Shazam, eBuddy XMS, Google +, ScoreMobile and ScoreMobileFC.

I don't care about Skype, and would give a try to the Music Store if it works in Mexico,

And it would be great to have BlackBerry Travel, BlackBerry Protect, and BlackBerry Traffic (again if it would finally work in Mexico)

ScoreMobile and ScoreMobile FC! the two most important apps for me!

I'm definitely waiting to see if BB10 have these apps before I buy it!

The current ScoreMobile app on the playbook is pretty good, so I pretty sure the BB10 version is going to rock! Score has always provide good support for BB so I don't see it stopping anytime soon.. Considering with BB10 cascades and integration they could potentially provide in game updates integrated right into the hub.. How awesome is that!

RIMPIRE striking back!

I am a loyal BB user, think they are great. Just when I was getting a bit skeptical in the sense that I thought what if another platform is better? RIM comes back.

I think that even though most of us are eagerly waiting for Blackberry 10 and were disappointed on the delay until next year, I believe that RIM made the right decision and they are strategically placing themselves on track to be if not a industry leader than at least alongside the best of them.


All this is great, But I am a physician and I can tell you the world is going to electronic medical records. The iFAD and Galaxy tab and iPhone and Android phones are dominating this category. I need BB10 to have the capability to interface with the vendor's products such as Allscripts, Epic, Cerner etc... Our hospital is spending hundreds of millions of dollars on Epic and they already have apps for the competing platforms. I am worried that if BB does not have an in road with these vendor's then I will be forced to give up and go with the iPhone...

I agree with you Dr. mehofmann (;)), I work in one of the companies you mentioned and HITECH and ARRA are promoting EHR/EMR technology like crazy. I think BBOS had something before (although I'm not a 100% sure) so BB10 may well have something. I'm thinking of dropping a mail to RIM to see if they have something in the pipeline.

BlackBerry Curve 8520 | BlackBerry Torch 9810 |
Oh how I love the BlackBerry!! <3<3

Thank you for your response. Given the power of BB10 I would think they would be able to easily develop a powerful medical app.

I wonder if Splashtop will allow me to iinstall de the app on my BB10 phonne since I already bought the app for my PB... Splashtop is just fantastic!!!

I just hope they finally make BB Traffic & BB Maps like just as ONE APP.. & didn't I read that TomTom partnered with RIM?.. So maybe they can give us a sorta turn-by-turn traffic map app all in one type thing? That's would be super awesome :)

Now if the analyst would look at more than just historical numbers, and actually do research before writing baseless articles.


The presentation showed OS10 would allow developers to cross use various components.

I could not find any reference to VOIP, though use of the cameras(s) seem to be available for new apps.
Skype??? ... wishful ... I doubt. Connection to BB Playbook 'video chat" .. yup.

Didn't see a SlingMedia icon up there, fail. Just stuff people will never use, be honest, I am. Lets hope they're just saving the big time apps that people will actually want and use for closer to release..

before I commit to BB10 there are 2 apps I need:
- Keepass
- Spideroak.
Keepass has stopped development of a blackberry app, can the android version be used?
Spideroak has no blackberry app, but has an android app.