Press Release: BlackBerry 10 Launch Event to be Held January 30th, 2013!!!!!!!!!!

Launch event will take place simultaneously in multiple countries with new BlackBerry 10 platform and first two BlackBerry 10 phones officially unveiled!

BlackBerry 10 Baby!
By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Nov 2012 07:00 am EST

Woah... THIS JUST IN! Research In Motion has fired off a press release letting the world know that the BlackBerry 10 Launch Event will be happening January 30th, 2013! What a great way to start the week. And it's great to see that things are definitely ON TRACK. This is happening boys and girls. Save those pennies and get ready for BB10! I think that's the first time I have ever put 10 exclamation marks on an article title. #BB10BELIEVE.

Press Release

BlackBerry 10 Launch Event to be Held on January 30th, 2013

WATERLOO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Nov. 12, 2012) - Research In Motion (RIM) (NASDAQ:RIMM)(TSX:RIM) announced today that it will hold its BlackBerry 10 launch event on January 30th, 2013. The event will happen simultaneously in multiple countries around the world. This day will mark the official launch of its new platform - BlackBerry 10, as well as the unveiling of the first two BlackBerry 10 smartphones. Details on the smartphones and their availability will be announced at the event.

"In building BlackBerry 10, we set out to create a truly unique mobile computing experience that constantly adapts to your needs. Our team has been working tirelessly to bring our customers innovative features combined with a best in class browser, a rich application ecosystem, and cutting-edge multimedia capabilities. All of this will be integrated into a user experience - the BlackBerry Flow - that is unlike any smartphone on the market today," said Thorsten Heins, President and CEO of Research In Motion. "Thanks to our strong partnerships with global carriers and a growing ecosystem of developers, we believe our customers will have the best experience possible with BlackBerry 10. We are looking forward to getting BlackBerry 10 in the hands of our customers around the world."

BlackBerry 10 will offer a large catalog of the leading applications from across the globe and across all categories, including Games, Productivity, Social, Lifestyle and Leisure, Multimedia and Published Content, as well as applications designed for business and enterprise use.

The BlackBerry 10 platform has recently achieved FIPS 140-2 certification, which means that government agencies will be able to deploy BlackBerry 10 smartphones and BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 as soon as it is available. This marks the first time BlackBerry products have been certified ahead of their launch. In addition, RIM recently announced that BlackBerry 10 smartphones have now entered more than 50 carrier labs with many more entries expected in the coming weeks.

Some key features of the new BlackBerry 10 devices already unveiled recently include:

BlackBerry Flow and BlackBerry Hub
BlackBerry Flow is a new user experience that allows seamless navigation across open applications and the BlackBerry Hub. All messages, notifications, feeds, and calendar events come into the BlackBerry Hub and no matter what the user is doing with the device, with a simple gesture, they can peek into the Hub at any time.

BlackBerry Keyboard
The BlackBerry Keyboard learns how you write and adapts to how you type so you can write faster and more accurately, giving you the kind of legendary typing experience that only BlackBerry can deliver.

BlackBerry Balance
BlackBerry Balance offers the most elegant way to satisfy both customer and corporate needs without compromising on either. With BlackBerry Balance, personal apps and information are kept separate from work data, and the customer can switch from their personal to work profile with a simple gesture. The work profile is fully encrypted and secure, enabling organizations to protect their content and applications, while at the same time letting customers get the most out of their smartphone for their personal use.

Details about BlackBerry 10 can be found at:  

Reader comments

Press Release: BlackBerry 10 Launch Event to be Held January 30th, 2013!!!!!!!!!!



+1 exactly!

This is a big step and wonderful news now keep the excitement going and follow with a quick release date after this event!

Even though this is an event, it's made my day, this device is the first tech gadget i've ever gotten this excited about and will be adopting on day one.

thats kind of a stupid question since the bold 9900 has it.... this is not APPLE that holds things back 3G 4G Camera NFC all features apple lacked at 1 point


I've been a blackberry user on and off since 2004. I only started following BB10 around 3 months ago and lately i
can't unglue myself from reading about its evolution. I own a small internet sales company with 7 staff, and all of my staff will be on bb10 devices at launch, also hoping to utilize blackberry balance for all of my employees.

Here's to hoping for BB10 will meet then blow away our expectations!

For a small company, is there really any benefit to the BB platform? Surely it'll be better to allow your employees to BYOD and use a multi-platform messaging system like WhatsApp instead?

It's actually a very good platform for small business.

Particularly if you can get a deal on BlackBerry Enterprise Server. You get immediate push email and central administration of all the devices without too much effort.

Like being able to shut down corporate data on the device without killing the employees data - just in case they abscond with your trade secrets.

I have to completely agree with you. I'm selling my current phone. Nd as soon as that beautiful qwerty bb10 comes out I'm getting it day 1. =) canttttt wait!!!

The quick answer: no, not any more than Microsoft had phones immediately available when it "introduced" WP8 last month.

I would hope we'll have firm availability dates at the event.

Stop moaning. It was clearly stated that availability will be mentioned at the launch event like other maufacturers usually do. Give RIM a break... they are on point and sticking to the script this time at least.

To much can be lost in written format sometimes. I by all means was not moaning, on the other hand I much like everyone was thrilled at the news. What I was getting at waz that I hope they announce an early release date (ie, like the following week or the next day or what have you).

I can see how it would've been taken negatively.

Pure excitement here

It would be great to have them "pull an Apple" and just say "Available now!" during the presentation on Jan...

But I'll settle for pre-order.

BB10 coming Feb 10th! I'm guessing here but it is very likely. I hope they'll be taking preorders!

Kev, how about a countdown to BB10 counter on CB?

My optimistic side says that RIM is tracking perfectly and they want to wait until the Christmas "noise" is over so that a launch date of early to mid February could be well heard.

However, my pessimistic side says they're running tight on their deadline but didn't want too much time to disappear from the new year to say "something" and so they squeezed a media event on the tale end of January only to announce availability of BB10 is not until sometime in March. Still within the time frame of a first quarter launch but very disappointing

Please, please, please let my optimistic side be right.

Wonder what they mean by "The event will happen simultaneously in multiple countries around the world"?

If it was televised, they wouldn't need to say that, they would just announce where the unveiling would be held.

Are RIM employees going to unveil the phones in different countries at the same time?

I am just a simple end-user. I made several posts at the beginning of the year that it would be at least April 2013.
They are now saying "March" - which might mean May.
Almost 3 years since last update.

Kev, did you cry, scream, or jump when you saw this released?
An acceptable answer is also ALL OF THE ABOVE.

Jokes aside...

I hate looking too far ahead but might I suggest a video of your haircut. I see 3 important dates in regards to BB10. Introduction, launch and your haircut.

I bet Miss CrackBerry First screamed. Then jumped. Then I started crying. In that order. Then a little more jumping. Took a couple twirls too.....She didn't care about the phones, she was just happy that Kevin will be finnally cutting his hair & it will be before their wedding lol

"This day will mark the official launch of its new platform - BlackBerry 10, as well as the unveiling of the first two BlackBerry 10 smartphones. Details on the smartphones and their availability will be announced at the event. "

Does this mean carriers might not have them available on the day of ?

"Does this mean carriers might not have them available on the day of ?"

Right. I think in Apple terms, this is the equivalent of the invitation to the unveiling. Hopefully they will be available from carriers a couple of weeks later.

Everyone needs to remember BlackBerry doesn't have stores the same as Apple does. Apple can use those stores for preorders and to create hype with a 10 day period to get people to just outright purchase a device.

BlackBerry doesn't have this ability. I know carriers can take orders but I bet that the announcement event is also launch day for the L series and an announcement for the N series to be 3-4 weeks away.

I also wonder how much they will show/talk about at CES.

I could be wrong but I don't think the event is a launch announcement as much as it is a launch date.

We will see. We are only 11 weeks away now!

Holy much to all the Naysayers who said said it wouldn't happen on this date. Way to go RIM.. My commitment will be to be in line to pick up my BB10 phones ASAP...

No. He gets it cut when they come out not on press launch day. Infact, make this the *OFFICIAL* first request that the haircut video be taken using a blackberry 10 video cam. KEVIN -do you concur?

This was a pleasant early Monday morning surprise. Kevin, my man, make the barber's appointment ASAP. Great stroke by marketing. Does this mean we'll be seeing hardware leaks soon?

Rooting for RIM, don't let me down, BlackBerry by choice.

No apology needed . . We know you were so excited you could probably barely function normally =) Thanks for getting us the scoop!

* BlackBerry by choice *
Don't beat yourself up Kevin. You were pretty close to what last yrs launch date would've been had they stuck to that. But I don't care anymore cuz it's coming now! Yay!

If memory serves me, it doesn't take long after they announce a device to actually see it hitting the US. Also, previous phones drop in the UK a few weeks before NA, so... We might even see hem available as soon as the 2nd week of February.

So... You're about right if you're starting the counter NOW. But after the announcement event, it will be a roller coaster... and downhill at that!

No, that is the date for your first original thought of the year. Don't confuse yourself. Now back to your coloring book for awhile while mommy makes breakfast.

Great news... I was just planning to buy iphone 5... now plans are on hold till 30.01.2012. Like me, Crackberry Kevin seems to be excited by this news... so such typos happens... All is well if ends well...

Hopefully the devices will be available soon after this announcement date and not another month or so after. Having the announcement date in January seems like RIM is trying to stick to the loosely promised date and they better not be thinking of saying, "In six weeks you can get the devices!".

Lets just hope no stall in getting to market! I been waiting since day 1 of the news. I'm on a S3 but want a BB10!!! Lets NOW Rock and Roll this!! LOL with Excitement!!

WhatsApp would be silly not to be ready for BB10. They are a dominant player in the IM space and multiplatform compatibility.

Still so far away :(

The end of January 2013?? Which means still no new phones until Feb or even March 2013 :(

Its only mid-November 2012 people!!!

Well at least we have an official date for something.....

Seems very unlikely/impossible that RIM would have a launch event on Jan 30th, and not have the devices available (well, it may depend on your location) until March.

I would expect a early-mid Feb release.

Are you serious?

You do understand that January 30th is the end of the month right?

If the phones aren't released that day or the 31st it will be February. That indeed is a fact.

Q1 2013 is from January to March, that's also a fact.

its also a fact that Q1 has been stated many times before. why you act like this news suddenly negatively impacts the availability doesnt quite make any sense to me.

Time flies.. It just hit me that Christmas is around 6 weeks away. Hopefully it won't feel like an eternity and we will have these in our hands soon.

Remember the hardware has been finalized for a while, it was the software that was the hold up. If there is a delay, it may be because of the carriers, not RIM.

Fantastic news. I did not expect an announcement for the launch event until January. Joyous celebration here!

(In before the naysayers indicate it is still vapourware and will not be available for 6 months!)

(Dang missed it!)

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For the BlackBerry 10 Launch Event.... now what day will we be able to walk into the store and buy a BlackBerry 10 phone... that is the next question to answer.

Perhaps a visit to Waterloo this week is in order?!

I would think either same day, or a few days after maybe? Yes, a visit to Waterloo is exactly what we need. Also celebration ZOMFGBBQ!!!!!!!

That is the question. They have to be like Apple and not like Microsoft. Announce the devices and then have them available within two weeks.

Hopefully it will be like the motorola event where they said "you can get the razr m today starting at 5 pm" (if I remember correctly).

Kevin, what a great way to start the week!! It's really going to happen. THE 10 is on its way. Bring it on RIM !


Yeah, head on over to Waterloo and get some interviews on video! Maybe you can get them to also let you interview some "average joe" employees to get a sense of the excitement within the ranks.

Hey Kev,
Just wondering if you have heard any more of this playing into your SuperBowl theory? With a January 30th announcement, it certainly aligns nicely with a SuperBowl marketing onslaught. Just curious if you've learned anything new on that front.

Is there any word on where the (NYC) event will be held? And if there will be an area for "spectators"? I'm dying to join in the celebration! And/or crash the party! lol.

Coming Soon!

Oh, they said that before.

Talk about a "dead of Winter" launch in the U.S.

Thor most of rolled out of bed in a good mood and called Kevin...


Lame, just admit your were wrong, again. Time to go hide for a while, my little troll friend. Run away now.

Aren't trolls like you hibernating during winter? Go sleep my creepy little friend, it will be a different world when you wake up...

this is truly amazing... it's like you have been expecting something big like this for many days, many months, probably an year, almost drawing a conclusion that it's not going to happen at least for couple of more months from now and unexpectedly this thing comes right in front of you... WOW... :)

Finally!!! Let the countdown begin! :) i was sleepy the whole day but this just pumped some blood in my veins :D woohoo! Lets go team bb!

Rocking my two berries:
Torch 9810 OS and Playbook OS
Twitter: @mr_theend

Now lets just hope we can buy them soon after. That is a Wednesday, so does that point to a possible Sunday availability with US carriers?

Great news!

"Details on the smartphones and their availability will be announced at the event."

Best thing is that availability is going to be announced. Thats a big thing, hopefully we get certain dates now for different countries, like the way Apple does it. Better than sitting around waiting, waiting and waiting til the phone appears on carrier's and retailer's sites one day.

This is going to be the best birthday present ever! Unvieling in January probably means release in February right around my birthday! 21st birthday AND a BB10 device.. What could be better?! Woohoo!!!!! :))))


Calm down, Chester. You know nothing about the OS other than the keyboard, and you've seen a digitally enhanced camera demo.

You don't know if the product will be up to par, if the apps will be available, and if RIM can offer an ecosystem the way Android and Apple does. I think all of this excitement is premature. All you know right now is that RIM is making a touch device that looks like its competition. All of this excitement is about RIM eliminating the OS that you have come to love.

Even IF this OS is amazing and can offer amazing features (like alert you of your next poop cycle and offer you the closest, cleanest toilet), it is going to need to attract the masses who have already settled into their Apples and Androids. You may attract a few, but not enough to leave all of the apps and accessories they have purchased.

All I am saying is that there is no telling how this will turn out, but for those who switched to other devices, they have been enjoying the features that you are flipping out about for sometime now. I highly doubt they are hanging their "heads in shame".

Are you familiar with the term hyperbole? I don't know how old you are but you sound like a grumpy old man

That's not true I'm selling my iPhone 5 for a bb10 device, iOS is done and over with, its the oldest un changed OS besides rims os7, there going that same route with iOS.

Yeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhh! Let me just share the news on my facebook wall and tag as much iPeople and Trolls as I can!!! This is it! Thank you Thor! Just Hope there won't be any postponement!

*Blackberry by Choice till I die!!!!*

YAY! finally a concrete release date for the new platform, glad to see they've stuck to the rumoured release month at least!
January 30th is a wednesday, im assuming sales will begin friday, keeping in accordance with the way apple does things... announce device monday/ tuesday and put up for sale immediately or end of release week.

PUMPED FOR BB10!!!!!!!!!!

Wow!!! I sssooooo can't wait!!!
Holdin on to my great Bold9900 till then.. This has brightened up my day.
And we're alrready trending WW on twitter!! The device should be available atleast 2 weeks after announcement.. Maybe they're targeting valentines day lol

Well I am so excited that I could eat a raw onion and cute my hair...........ho wait...Kevin did that and will be doing that..
Oh well....still excited and the best part is that my birthday is in January and having a nice shinny new BB10 in my hands would be awsome!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Jan.30th 2013

"Today is the day the LORD has made. Let us all rejoice and be glad in it."

For me it will be a religious experience on Jan. 30th! :-)

Happppy Monday... The wait is on. It's gonna be Epic =D

BB 8520 > 9790 > 9930+16GB PlayBook! ^_^
** BB10 **

i just read the whole comment list and i can say this anywhere, we are the most excited and connected bunch of phone users found anywhere, when a new iPhone or Android Phone is announced u never get this kind of reaction EVER! cheers to us

Honestly, it's hard for me to get excited. Sooooooo many disappointments from RIM in the past has me doubting any and everything RIM. I love my BlackBerry, but after constantly changing dates for......well everything, it's just hard to get excited nowadays

Honestly, it's hard for me to get excited about your comments. Sooooooo many disappointments from you in the past, doubting any and everything about RIM. I love your comments, but after constantly changing your mind for....... well everything, it's hard to get an arousal nowadays. need to check all media out there, up until now, how much good stories about RIM or blackberry has they cover and how the comments about it there?

one good word about RIM and you had to put your panties off?


I actually air punched when I saw this news. Fantastic news and hopefully the handsets will be available in Feb.


I remember, a month back "Jefferies analyst Mr. Peter Misek said "BlackBerry 10 Won't Launch Until March" ............He should be underground by now after hearing about the launch.

Thor's gna hunt u Mr. Misery.....

Please RIM, don't just do a worldwide launch but also a worldwide release. Now that's the way to go. I will be queuing up in Dubai or India :D

As much as I'm pumped to get one of these fine BB10's in my grubby techy loving hands...I'm VERY happy for RIM. Many many people have been working at a dedicated pace to make this not only happen but to be a great success.
I sense this will be the Canadian Come-back Kid story for 2013. I think the markets will react very positively to this. As a resident of K-W I am stoked! GO RIM!!!


Well, we have to wait and see! It has not happened yet ! The release can still be in March! We are dealing with RIM here, you know ! :)

Badass! they stayed the course and stuck to their guns
That is the kind of thing I respect , go BB 10 !

Woohoo :)!

Now, starting in mid december, rim needs to promote the hell out of it! Like apple has done with the iphone, ipods, ipad mini, and windows with the surface tab and the new nokia lumia. There should be no reason that rim should drop the ball on this one! It will be revolutionary, but unless we know about it, nothings gonna happen!

I knew it, I tweeted yesterday what comes next after Thor, the Prime Minister and his First Lady from Canada...its the BlackBerry10 Superphone...yahhooooo!

It's my another entry also to Kevin's 10k reasons..hoho!

@horhe316: RIM CEO cme here n #PHL n now the Prime Minister,I can gues wt's nxt also frm Canada..d #BB10 Superphone #bb10believe

I'm the only guy in my group of friends who has a BB (9700) and I'm in serious need for a new phone. So I can't imagine any better gift from RIM for my birthday on FEB 15th than to send me a new BB10 phone. If they do this I might be able to get some friends in on the BB bandwagon. :)

Also Chinese New Year is FEB 10th, so RUSH OUT THOSE PHONES in ME & AP for some massive new years sales :)

Very happy and can let go of that "charlie brown and lucy with football" feeling of thinking this date would be bumped up again and again.

finally, the wait is numbered now, let's start the countdown and hail.. the mighty.. BLACKBERRY 10!!!!

30 Jan 2013, here I come!

In the name of the father,
And of the son,
And of the holy spirit,
And on the 30th day it rose again from the dead,
it ascended into 3rd place in the mobile market, and sits in the right hand of Thor the father almighty maker of bb10

Yes!!! I cant wait im so excited!! My bold 9700 has been a good friend for the past 3 years but its time for BB10!!! I think a great birthday present would be if a couple weeks after the launch event on my birthday feb 12 i could go into a store and buy my new BB10 phone!!!


Get exited people at last its here.

Think I need a day off work to get in line.

2 years of waiting is finally over.

Lets hope it lives up to expectations - no buffering!

Lets shift 15m in Q1

i hope the handsets will be available immediately and we don't have to wait a few after the official launch.

btw has a physical keyboard model been confirmed yet?

Great news really! I just brought a 9900 last Wednesday, never the less when BB 10 L phone is here I will be the first person to sign a contract to have it.

The keyboard model looks nice, however, what bothers me is that
OS 7 games suck...

ahhh yeeeeeaaaahhh boooooy!! BlackBerry10 - Feel it, it is near... #ProudToBeTeamBlackBerry

Yeah Kevin, put up the countdown timer :)

Ah, a BB10 release, whacked a few unpleasant trolls and a cup of coffee. What a great way to start a Monday.

this is great news indeed!!! they already going through carrier testing right? so if the RIM gods love us all, the announcement would go like this.>>>> The new BB10 platform has arrived and the new BB10 phones will be available this Fri Feb 1st 2013>>>> Hey anything is possible right? lol

Now that we have a release date that fixes our eyes on the prize, here's hoping that we getting little treats between now and then. Confirmation that apps we can't currently get are already guaranteed for launch date, a couple of cool features that we don't already know about, maybe even a leak or two of the new phones ala IP5 or Nexus4, allow the faithful to evangelize about what's coming!

Interesting that they've announced before Thanksgiving on November 12th. Might as well try and get a few folks to postpone buying new phones.

And with BlackBerry availability is down to the carriers - not RIM. As mentioned earlier, without "BlackBerry Stores" they don't have the same clout as Apple when it comes to product launches.

It is actually theirs to lose. The iPhone 5 was underwhelming. There are already reports that the Nexus 4 has had corners cut in manufacturing and is going to be relatively fragile. The battery life on the "flagship" Android phones really isn't acceptable and the Nokia Lumia 920 is a huge brick.

The iPhone 5 has had quality problems, so has the keyboard on the Microsoft Surface. Other manufacturers are heavily pre-announcing products which then ship late. Amazingly, given the amount of money in the industry, people just don't seem to be able to get products right on day one of sales.

RIM's problem now is competitor PR that has been relentlessly telling people it isn't going to happen, RIM is bust, you name it. They now have to set timescales and meet them. The new Germanic approach (we will meet timescales and do what we said we would do) has a real chance of working, because so many other manufacturers are now flagging.

I saw the tweet from RIM this morning and was so happy until I notice my power went out again! (I live in Rockaways, Queens where Sandy shat on us!)

That's really great to have this launch date! I just hope that the release date will be the same or not so far from January 30th, 2013! ;)

This great news also announce officially the day that Kevin will cut his hair!
This is two really good news on a same day! I can't begin the week in a better way! :p

Awesome news! Great start to the week! I love the timing:

BB10 Launch Date: January 30
My Birthday: February 3
My Wedding Day: February 9

Thanks RIM for a great present! It's going to be an exciting first quarter!


9360/9810/32G Playbook

I can't believe all the hype here about a "launch" date 2.5 months out. They don't say when the devices will actually ship or be available to the general public (could well be months out as it was with the PlayBook). This is intended to slow sales of other devices during the Christmas buying season - full stop. I'll be excited when I have a BB10 device of my own. Before then, enjoy the fandom but be prepared to be disappointed.

Yeh, whatever dude. Did you find your rock yet? It's over there next to the bridge. Tim Cook is waiting for you.

Get over yourself you sanctimonious piece of crap. Where in my post did I say I was an Apple supporter??? Did I not say I wanted a BB10 device??? You fanboys annoy the shit out of me jumping on anyone with even a hint of sceptism.

I spent over $1000 for my PlayBooks and chargers/cases/etc and invested hundreds of hours building a PlayBook application. I have EARNED the right to be sceptical. RIM has made promises before and not kept them. Remember 4Q/10? Remember 1Q/11? Remember April 17th, 2011? I do.

I've owned BlackBerry's since the original pagers and there is NOBODY more interested in BB10 so I am certainly able to voice an opinion that I'm not going to get my hopes up for a device on Jan 30th without being called an Apple Troll by a 14 year old.

You don't win people over to RIM by bashing anyone who voices a contrary opinion. If someone from Apple ventured over here due to the release, they should see we are a welcoming crowd. Just grow up.

Sure, send me the receipts. By the way, this is a fan site. If your going to launch into some rambling diatribe, don't expect the rest of us to join the sing-song around the camp fire.

I do like the way you make up facts and confuse off the cuff comments at some tech conference as offical RIM press releases. By your logic, Apples mini iPAD is toast because Steve Jobs said so at some tech show two years ago. Nice try.

I paid $699 for a 64GB PlayBook on April 17th, 2011. At the same time, I bought a rapid charging stand, a convertible Playbook case, two screen protectors and a spare regular charger. Then when my "free" 16GB playbook arrived, I went out and bought another case. Since then I've bought a rapid charger, a regular charger and have replaced the screen for $120. Add those up and you are well over $1000.

I don't need to get into a rambling diatribe. I commented on how the fanboys here are going nuts over nothing. Sure, go crazy - and I said have fun at it... I just wasn't joining in.

You might consider it a FAN site... I consider it a source of information. Go nuts - you are already half way there.

if you don't like it, don't use it. if you like it but disappointed by it but still want it, help them to be better at least by giving constructive criticism. saying it's only to slow sales of other device is not helping at all.

unless if from what you've earned you only want it to fail (i.e. you didn't get as much sales from your apps on blackberry than from other brands, and that makes you worry if less people will use other brands and buy your apps there because of this launch date). if that's the reason to be sceptical without giving any constructive criticism, then it fall to troll category.

With all due respect, even constructive criticism is treated with outrage from people on here - the way some of people on here act when someone says something negative towards RIM is utterly astonishing. To the OP - your bang on; RIM did nothing more than announce a release date for BB10. And while it is good to finally have a release date; that's all it is.

true, there are people like that. but people like that are not only here. compared to what people does outside crackberry/blackberry fansites, there are way more people that bashing blackberry constantly. and they are doing it on general sites. what people say about blackberry out there is far beyond comparison with what some people do here (who counter negative comments exaggeratedly).

have you said the same to them out there like what you said here?

oh btw, yes, it is only a launch date press release. but for those who have been waiting for confirmation date and being bashed with negative comments (like it won't happen etc), this is a really great news. thus the excitements is to be expected if you look it from that point of view :)

WHERE did I say I don't use my PlayBooks. I've posted all over CrackBerry my experience in taking two of them around the world and getting connected when people with iPad's were coming up to me and asking how I was connected. I didn't give a shit about my app sales... I made my app for FREE to encourage people to use their PlayBooks.

You guys are worse than trolls. A true troll has 1-2 posts and says something really stupid just to denegrate the platform. They don't offer constructive criticism or suggestions. You idiots take true believers heads off because they aren't radical enough for you. It's Lord of the Flies all over again. RIM isn't perfect. They do stupid shit all the time. If WE can't call them on it, who can?

who attacked you or accusing you not using your playbook? whether you use it or not is your bussiness, not mine. did your comments offer constructive criticism or not? as for your apps, i said for example, IF. if your first comment has a constructive criticism i would not replied at all. i may even applaud you for your constructive criticism. but i didn't see any constructive criticism in your first comment. and the rest of your comment was only backlashing what i and ho ho ho said casually.

i never said RIM was/is perfect. nobody is perfect. not me, not you. so why not help them to be better, as i am trying to help you to be better here. i need blackberry to keep giving services to me. that's why i do what i can to help them. for now, i am helping by battling those negative comments that have no constructive at all for RIM/blackberry to be better.

calling me idiots won't do you any good at all because i'm not. i'm not blindly worshiping blackberry. i said in one of my comments that RIM still have huge homework in regard of their native apps like facebook. RIM have huge homework too in their marketing. but i didn't just give negative comments, because i still like it and i still use it and i still want to use it.

how about you?

As if your rantin' will help anyone.. go take your hoopla and run a few circles in the backyard.. can't believe they let you out... your comments aren't very welcoming neither are they positive. Sure RIM delayed BB10, but now you should see the positive side of things.


"I can't believe all the hype here"
Here...on a forum called CrackBerry? You really can't believe it? Come on, really? :)

FWIW, I didn't like the post slamming your opinion but you should understand why we're so enthusiastic on this site. Especially for someone that started this roller coaster ride with a RIM pager.

I completely agree and feel the same way. Its really hard to get excited about something that has been talked about for 2 years and STILL have to wait another 2.5 months for a launch. Not a release, but a launch.

This launch should have happened already or least before the year is up. The few people I know with Blackberry's have already moved on. They're not gonna wait forever. RIM cant afford to be taking this long.

Im a huge supporter, and I love my 9930, but sometimes you gotta be realistic.

Awesome news to start the week! I'm definitely excited to see what the new BB will look like. But at the same time I'm also a bit scared for BB if all the expectations from consumers will not be met. I'll be at the edge of my seat on Jan 30th.

~I am BlackBerry by choice~

My heart felt congrat.s to, Mihalis "Mike" Lazaridis!!

I know this is a mixed feelings day for him, probably like a hunting dog left in his cage on opening day.

There's no way that all this bb10 wasn't in play when you were forced down.

The man who gave his all, here's to you Mr. Lazaridis!!!

Fair enough. He's probably the brightest guy in the industry in terms of innovation. But, he's not CEO material. Different mind set. Keep him in the back of the shop doing what he does best. Idea generation. Go RIM.

mr Lazaridis is the father of blackberry. we wouldn't be here if he didn't make RIM/blackberry ;) that's the highest credit/appreciation we can give him right? ^^

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