Presidential Candidate Ron Paul: "BlackBerry"

By Joseph Holder on 14 Jun 2011 02:52 pm EDT

Ho, boy! The blogosphere is on fire after US Representative Ron Paul (R-Texas) proclaimed to the world that he'd choose BlackBerry over the iPhone any day. Okay, maybe not on fire, perhaps a low simmer. Last night, CNN hosted the first major debate of the Grand Old Party (that's the Republicans for those of you keeping score at home) primary season in preparation for our upcoming Presidential Election. But let's back up a bit for our worldwide audience.

If you're not familiar with American politics, you should know our Presidential elections won't be until November 2012 (coincidently, it's on my birthday that year). Politicians seem to like making this process longer and longer and longer each year. Thus, we have the primary debates start a full 17 months before the actual election. And the primaries are just to decide who the Republicans and Democrats will announce as their candidates for the actual election. But I digress.

During the televised debate, CNN moderator John King asked Rep. Paul, "Blackberry or iPhone." Without hesitation, Rep. Paul looks right into the camera and states without equivocation, "BlackBerry." Or at least he would have if CNN had been able to figure out which person on stage was Ron Paul.

Whatever your political leanings, it's always nice to hear your name on TV. While it's not exactly "CrackBerry," we'll take it nonetheless. Word on the street is that Representative Anthony Weiner (D-New York) also prefers BlackBerry, but that's probably just because it has a better camera.

(Nice one, eve6er69!)

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Presidential Candidate Ron Paul: "BlackBerry"


Saw it and figured it'd show up here. Kinda surprised.. Rim being from canada and all. I'm sure if they asked them all, we'd get a mixed bag of results though. each person got a different stupid question (coke/pepsi etc..)

Lets face it. These are smart government workers that know how important security is, and what a really good phone is all about.

If you have not tried the latest Bold 9700 BB Phone, you will never experience the awesomeness of what a great smartphone is all about. Yes ... I have played around with the iPhone, but the iPhone has NOTHING on the BlackBerry. Sorry ... it's just my opinion.

A company (RIM) that sells over 6,500 phones every hour, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, is a company that is doing very well.

Good job RIM guys. The smart people in the US still love ya!

Dr. Paul is probably the most consistent, principled, and honest man in our government. He has been one of the most outspoken house members on protecting civil liberties and freedom above all, and this extends to internet freedom as well.

If you don't know very much about his positions you should look him up find out what he has consistently stood for over the last 30 years. He's a truly inspiring man.

He's Republican. All I need to know. And I don't need to know more than that because I don't live in the States. Did he support GWB? And Weiner, while Democrat, is a slime ball.

Actually, he's a Libertarian. He runs under Republican because the two party oligarchy makes it impossible for a third party to compete. He did not support GWB, he was one of his biggest critics. He did not vote for the war, he did not vote for the Patriot Act. He did not vote for the bailout. He has never voted to increase taxes or expand government. He has never voted for a pay raise. He has opted out of the government employee healthcare and pension plan. He returns a portion of his salary back to the treasury to help cut down our debt. As of right now, every U.S. Citizen's portion of the national debt is $47,700 and growing daily. Do you know who has spent more than Bush? Obama. Do you know who has expanded war and military action more than Bush? Obama. Do you know who extended Bush's Patriot Act and tax cuts? Obama. If you ask me, he's better at being Bush than Bush was. It's time to start thinking outside the box and looking to a candidate that the status quo shuns. Ron Paul 2012.

Ron Paul was a huge critic of GWB. He's not in step with Republican foreign policy at all.

What I probably like most about Paul is that he actually addresses the elephant in the room that is modern american imperialism and what it is costing our country. It makes most Americans plug their ears and start humming but it's the real cause of the mess we are in.

Sadly most people will probably just vote for either Romney or Obama because the media told them to without researching a single issue, all while chanting "USA!! USA!!"

... and I totally agree that Weiner is just awful.

...and the Black Eyed Peas, the Queen, Tom Cruise, all the superstars ....

If you haven't tried the BOLD 9700 .... it's awesome!!

I am equating RIM with 'Hope and Change'. Total opposite of Ron Paul. By the way - how is that hope and change going?

Incredibly curious as to why you think Ron Paul is even close to being status quo?

I mean which of these wouldn't make a huge change?
- Removing us from these stupid wars immediately
- Eliminating the federal reserve (making bailouts impossible and inflation almost non existent)
- Massive tax reductions on individual wages
- Making gold & silver legal tender as a competing currency to the dollar
- Repealing a mass of unconstitutional laws like the patriot act, and Obama care etc.
- Decriminalizing marijuana (basically treat it like alcohol and tax it)

Tom Brady also extolled his BlackBerry in a recent interview on regarding the demise of his QB coach from years past -

"Brady told me in his Blackberry he has a folder with a list of football mechanics fine points from Martinez. And those won't go away. (Brady, by the way, still holds out hope of a miracle, and said he was hoping for a transplant candidate to surface in the next few days. But it sounds like Martinez is resigned to his fate, from his daughter's Facebook post.)

Brady said of his Blackberry tool, "is a collection of 16 years of what I've learned from Tom. It's my guide to stay right with my mechanics.'' "

Even more sad that somebody would come in and act like that is what's going on, when its clearly not. Just "fun and games" man.

On a lighter note. I knew Ron Paul was a smart man! :D

Sending a kill squad on Bin Laden is not very Nobel Peace Prize like.

Not that i disagree on what Obama did, but when is Obama gonna return it?

I also watched this exchange during the debate and immediately tweeted, "@ProLove360: BlackBerry wins #CNNdebate!" I don't think Ron Paul realized he had promoted a Canadian company over one based in the United States.

The other highlight of the debate for me was reading real time tweets using Google search on my PlayBook while sending out tweets from my BlackBerry Bold.

Google search gave a slow, steady stream of tweets that was easy to read as the screen scrolled. However, it looked like Google filtered the tweets because mine never showed up. I probably need to check out App World to see if there is a good PlayBook app to monitor live tweets.

Well not too much of a difference, iPhone is made in China after all. The parts they assemble in China are made all over the place like Taiwan... It's very rare to find any electronic device truly made in the US.

Politics is main reason I switched to BlackBerry. During the last Presidential campaign all the CNN reporters seemed to use BlackBerry phones.

What a pleasant surprise to learn that there is even - at least - one Republican with style and class ;)

The prez uses, and viewing the recent crackberry articles, drops his favorite smartphone, blackberry. Its not surprising considering the security. I also notice a lot of news media personalities I follow on twitter use blackberries and twitter for blackberry.

I do not know why anyone would have a "low simmer" over this. It is known by the majority of the tech community that BlackBerry has better enterprise services and security then iPhone. I say this candidate has made the correct choice.