President Barack Obama's BlackBerry Hacked?

By cate on 8 Jun 2009 11:14 am EDT
Obama's BlackBerry

According to, Kasper Hauser has done the impossible - hacked into President Barack Obama's BlackBerry.  All messages will be copied into a new book that will be released today by publisher Little Brown and Company. Obama's Blackberry features sensitive BlackBerry messages from the Commander in Chief, Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, California Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger, and even Nuclear Command Control itself.

Really, how could the President be so careless and foolish?  How could this situation seem so... surreal?  Well, maybe because it is.

Fear not, Kasper Hauser is a San Francisco-based comedy group that wrote this book containing intermittent text messages between political figures so don't worry; the future of Western Civilization is not as endangered as we may have thought.

The book's press release clearly states that it "is not endorsed, sponsored, affiliated with, or otherwise authorized by Research in Motion Limited, the owner of the trademark BlackBerry."

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President Barack Obama's BlackBerry Hacked?


your kind was the first to call the last president every name in the book. karma is a.... yeah, you know the rest.

Dude, read the article-
Upon closer inspection, it turns out Kasper Hauser is not a cyber terrorist, but the name of a comedy group.

These article titles are horrible. It's getting as bad a many major news websites now.

I understand this is supposed to be 'humour', but c'mon, if it's on the front page, lets at least give it a reasonable title.

Many of the Mods would lock or delete this if a thread was started like this in the forums due to the misleading title (they would definitely change the outright misleading headline). Glad to know the front page of the blogs is not such a moderated utopia as the forums.

did any one actually go to the book WEBSITE and READ the EXCERPTS FROM the BOOK?!!???? People get with it. It is a complete comedy book.

I was on the floor laughing at that message on the cover. Definitely getting this one !!

And what's with the paranoid idiots commenting without actually reading the damn article? Says a lot about "the people"

Kasper Hauser is hilarious! Look them up on youtube and also check out Gabe Weisert movies "Fishing with Gandhi" and "Cow Monkey" starring several of the members of Kasper Hauser.

Check out the publisher's website linked above and then the PDF on's site. I just ordered it - will sit nicely in my office for people to read.

I do agree the title of this post should be something like "Obama's BB hacked...sort of."

Even though the book is comedy, multiple the few on here just posted above who didn't think so (and who are also smart BB users) and multiply that times tens of millions.

I would expect RIM to file an injunction to halt the sale of this book due to the impact it could have on both their organization but also national security.

The threat doesn't have to be real for it to be dangerous. in Barnes & Noble yesterday which is funny since I NEVER go to book stores. I read some of them and they are kind of funny.

Every page is on a BlackBerry screen template...but they are all full of ridiculousness...

There was one where Obama is testing the Secret Service about his

There were photos of him with an 8700 pre-inauguration. Not sure now. I think an article posted on crackberry talked about a new 8800 getting prepped for him to use.

Follow the FoxNews link and found this :

*All references to national secrets being released are not real, and supposed to be funny.

"supposed" to be funny.....FoxNews is not laughing with you, you commie, liberal, socialist, tree-hugging, freedom haters!

Are the folks who think this is a national security risk serious? This is no different than any late night talk show host or Bill Maher taking shots at the president. Lighten up, folks!

Hey Kevin, you realize this is going to show up on NBC News as a real story since we know they don't read through or vet anything thereby causing much confusion, congressional inquiries and the end of democracy as we know it followed by a retraction and and apology thats not really and apology on the last page of the National Enquirer 3 months later. On the bright side maybe after it kills democracy as we know it, Ron Paul will finally get elected. :)

Too bad it didn't really get hacked because it would have been awesome if someone had GPS located him and offed him so that he didn't turn this country into a communist state!

If you think you can do better run yourself. The majority of the people must like the way he is doing things since he basically ran on a socialist platform and they voted for him anyways. Doesn't the RNC have their own forums for venting political frustration? This doesn't seem to be the proper place.

During the campaign the ego-in-chief claimed he did not have close relations with Rev Wright, Bill Ayers the 70's terrorist or foreign socialists. I guess when the book comes out we will find out where all those foreign campaign contributions came from

FOR REAL! This isn't even amusing! With all that happens in our country, we have to try to find 'reality' in the obvious fantasy world of other people's lives? That's why I don't watch so-called reality tv - so many of them are staged and there seems to be a new one every season!

Anyway, did you take a look at the absolutely juvenile messages? Anyone with common sense would know that if this were real, they wouldn't have conversations like this!

C'mon people!

...heard Kevin Spacey will guest star on a Gallactica spin-off. His character will be named.....

...wait for it....

Kaiser Sosayweall