Premium Robotika Theme For BlackBerry Storm

By Adam Zeis on 2 Jun 2009 10:53 am EDT

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We get loads of emails about new themes to review and feature in the blogs, and we try out best to pick out the coolest and most unique. I had no trouble at all picking this one as it is the first of its kind, and one of the coolest themes I've ever seen.  Robotika is a premium theme for the BlackBerry Storm 9500 & 9530 that allows you to create your own robot on the homescreen based on your customized application icons. Depending on what you select for your top applications, your little robot friend is customized accordingly with a head, arms and legs.  This is truly a unique feature and will keep this theme totally fesh for a long time. Robotika also features two drop down menus with a variety of quick links. If you're a Storm owner, you should absolutely check out Robotika.  Available OTA from your device at at the special price of $2.95 (regularly $4.95) through Sunday June 7th (no coupon code required).

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Premium Robotika Theme For BlackBerry Storm


for about 5 minutes. actually its a really nice theme and for a good price. something to play with and entertain yourself with. kudos to the developer, very creative and unique.

Save your money for the time being. It looks great on initial use, but very limited in terms of options. Plus it's got a couple pretty big bugs.

First of all, The icons for the robot are hard coded, so in other words you have a very limited amount of configs for the robot that actually would look good or make any sense, and almost all these configs duplicate buttons that are available on the side drop down menus.

I want to make my robot out of custom apps, like ubertwitter, slacker, etc.. not reuse the same shortcuts that are already there, then whats the point?

Also, people's name go off the side of the screen when calling, the background squares don't line up properly in landscape, etc.

It's a WONDERFUL idea but in the end just doesn't function very well.

Love it-- my fave look so far and hasn't showed any slow down (the brand new BB OS upgrade probably being the main reason), but a couple of items to add to fixes needed: Normally my contacts have a bold title and then faux-gray subtitle for the biz name. Both are now bold and it makes it hard to read. It'd also be nice if we could choose what goes in the side scroll bars. Otherwise, this rox.

I like that one of my robo hands is actually the QuickLaunch logo.

Well, i liked the idea of this theme, and i picked it up today. Im running .151/5.0 hybrid on my Verizon 9530, and it bricked my phone. It might just be me, but i tried again and still nope. any input or feedback PM me! thanx

I went straight to downloading it - good price, looks sharp, fun to play with, I figured "Why not?"

I wasn't disappointed, really. Yes, the icons are a little weird, and I had to do a little extra maintenance to get things up and running the way I needed them to be, but in the end all was well. Really, my only problem is this:

Autotext is only showing the word that's highlighted - the reset show up as black words on a black background. (I'll accept the title of "Noob" if there's a way to fix it and I just don't see it.)

Sorry super dorks out there, but this one looks lame! I would be embarrassed if someone saw my phone with this on it!

creative - yes
would I buy it - no
would I use it if it was free? - no
it just looks dumb.

I have no doubt there was a ton of hard work invested, but that's not reason enough for me...

Awesome theme. It's a good time killer to just mess around with the robot and see the different configurations. Very creative.

Other than that, this theme is fun, but not customizable enough. I'll probably use it for a little while and then go back to the Zen theme, since i paid for it.

this is one of the most original themes ive come across in a while. i did not have any problems with it on my phone, for those that reported trouble, im assuming that your running .151. so far its one of my favs