Premium HTC Diamond Bold Theme From EThemes

By Bla1ze on 30 Jul 2009 08:45 am EDT
Premium HTC Diamond Bold Theme From EThemes!

Continuing on the with the popular HTC theme series, EThemes has just released the HTC Diamond theme for the BlackBerry Bold. HTC Diamond has 5 fixed Icons (Browser, Contacts, Messages, Calendar and Media), Quicklaunch integration as well as a hidden today plus feature that allows you to view up to 4 calandar entrys on your screen when selected.

As with previous HTC themes, the icons are spot on fantastic and look great on the bold. Animations are nice and fluid--and best of all, functional. Right now you until August 5th, you can pick this theme up for only $0.99 - after that it will go to $2.99. One thing to point out as well is that this theme is NOT 100% percent compatible with any variations of 5.0 OS and there will be issues with the way it looks if you install on a device running 5.0.

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Premium HTC Diamond Bold Theme From EThemes


Looks interesting, but the images are small so hard to tell the details. Also, not exactly sure what diamond bold weather is. I would assume that it has the weather on the main screen, but I don't see weather on any of the pictures.

What does it say about crapberry when themes for their phones are made to mimic other phones? Is there a blackberry theme for the iphone or HTC?

That functionality trumps fashion. Why settle for an inferior phone when you can still get the look you want?

Actually there are a few iPhones themes that have blackberry icons especially a storm theme for the iPhone. 8900 Curve version will be posted later tonight.

So I used this theme over the weekend on my 8900 and it's amazing. Animations are fluid and everything looks very polished . My only complaint is the navigation. It is quite hard to get to the weather icon, but that's not stopping me from using it. Keep it up!