New: Premium Hedone Design "Se7en" Theme

Premium HedoneDesign Se7en Theme for the 8100, 8300, 8800 & 9000
By Bla1ze on 31 Jan 2009 11:33 am EST

As some of you may very well know, Windows 7 Beta has been available for a while now and with that availability comes adoration of the new Windows 7 eye candy... it looks good! For the techies and Windows-lovers in the crowd, thanks to Hedone Design you can now replicate the Windows 7 look on your BlackBerry. Hedone let us know about his new Windows 7 Replica theme, Se7en, that even includes a lot of extra not so obvious goodies in it.

Se7en of course, has a nice clean feel to it, with crisp icons that really stand out. The overall flow of the theme is great, right down to the pop up windows that have that awesome Windows 7 look to theme. But venture around the theme a bit more and you realize it's full of hidden tricks. The lower right hand corner, Battery, Signal and Profiles icons all function as buttons allowing acess to such things as Manage Connections, Options and of course Profiles. A nice innovation to make buttons out of what otherwise would be just basic information! With the option of today screen integration, hidden features and even an expansion pack being made available, this theme is a must have to add to your collection. Never mind using it, you'll have even have fun with this one just exploring it's options. Se7en is available for 8100, 8300, 8800 & 9000 (there are different versions so check out the links here and here for full details)

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New: Premium Hedone Design "Se7en" Theme


Nice theme. Does it come with a BSOD option? (Spy ware and registry cleaner sold seperately at the CB store) :)

Very nice theme. I will be excited when the 8900 really gets in to the wild and hope that the themer's will take note and start porting themes over to the 8900. For such a sleak looking device, it sure does lack in theme support.

That's not the developers' fault. You can blame RIM/BlackBerry on that one. They have yet to release an updated Content Development Kit that supports the Storm and 8900. Trust me, theme developers everywhere are waiting anxiously for its release so they can pump out the Storm and 8900 themes as well.

Heck, we're all waiting eagerly... I want some new themes for my 8900 and Storm too!!

Hey guys!!!

thanx for ur opinions on this theme!!! we worked really hard to do really slick and sharp theme!

as for the 89xx and Storm themes... yes... We would really like to offer you thise themes... but as Kevin said... we cant yet...

The theme is nice, but the Expansion pack is a joke. There is no site to download the pix, and when I finally found it, I was very worried that 1. I had the wrong site, and 2. I will get junk email from the site where the download resides. Hedone should have a better download capability.

First of all, I really like the Theme. Have already downloaded it and have it running on the Bold.

That said, I can't find the "Expansion Pack" anywhere on the forum.

Can someone post the link for that?

Bought this thing over 2 hours ago and still haven't received the email with the download instructions? anybody else have this problem. Who do you contact????

I can't find themes for the 8350I . any word? Hey kevin you should post there was a upgrade to the os but alot of buzz in the forms stating its not worth upgrading. You post every leak on the storm , bold and 8900 but no posts for the other berry's of the world.

It looks great, for the Bold. I'm not terribly impressed with the 83xx version, but I figure there's only so much you can do with this platform... Hoping that similar things are able to be done on the 8900 as can be with the Bold in terms of theme.

I finally got mine... make sure you have handango set to your safe list so you can open the link in the mail...

I don't get the clock and mail notification that looks like the one in the blog photo.. :(

yes i read the whole article, and the links, and the line where you say there are different versions...but it kinda sucks that the pic and the article are all about the bold version (which was unclear throughout the review!!), and gets you all hyped up for those "extras" that dont work with the Curve!!!!

wack...oh well, still a nice theme in general

E :)

Great theme, love it to bits, except one niggling little annoyance is that the info display (battery, signal, carrier etc) that is supposed to be at the bottom in the phone app sometimes disappears. You can see the background, but the details which are supposed to (by default) appear in white there do not appear.

Doesn't happen all the time, but I received a call this morning and they disappeared and stayed gone with other phone calls, until an hour or so later reappeared again.

I do like this theme the best so far. I also noticed the disappearing status bar on the phone app which is annoying.

Another thing I wish were different is how when scrolling over the SMS icon on the home screen, it seems to show a random list of messages. They aren't new messages, or recent messages, etc. They just appear to be random and are no help at all. Honestly I would rather have no preview. It would be great to get a list of the most recent messages or a list of unread ones (like the email icon does).