Premium Genesis Theme Released And 5 Others On Sale!!

By Bla1ze on 6 Apr 2009 08:15 am EDT

What's this we have here folks? A nice fresh, new theme from JC Designs-Gadgetbean, that's what! After having spent that last few days in Canada, where John was cuddled around the warmth of his laptop cause it was entirely too cold for him to go outside, he was able to come up with this clean looking theme. Genesis is now available to all Storm, Bold, Curve, 8900, 8350i, 8800 and Pearl users and even includes weatherbug and weather eye integration (seperate downloads). Genesis is a nice break from the often dark themes that I usually prefer. Icons are swanky on this one and the theme flows nicely on all the devices I tested it on.

SALE!!! With this new release, John also wanted to do something special for the CrackBerry Nation as well, so he decided he was gonna have a sale on this theme and his top 5 other themes, which have all been favorites in the Shop CrackBerry Store, so here's how it'll go. 7 day sale on Genesis, Real iBerry Blocks Custom L,Storm Today Plus, Cipher Sidebar Extreme ,Bold Today Plus and finally, EGO. The next part is important, Day 1-$3, Days 2&3-$4, Days 4&5-$5 and to round it out Days 6&7 all mentioned themes will be $6. Awesome sale, on all awesome themes as a special treat just for CrackBerry! Hurry to get the best deal! No coupon code required.

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Premium Genesis Theme Released And 5 Others On Sale!!


Liking the genesis..Does anyone know if the bottom dock on the homescreen is green or is it transparent with the green wallpaper background showing?..thanks

I just installed this on my phone, and the bottom dock is green. I have put a different wallpaper, and it's still green. It looks nice though! Still trying to figure it all out :) So far, so good!

It's not transparent, it will show OVER your wallpaper. But oddly enough, it looks good over some wallpapers I use.

Thanks. It looks the most functional out of any theme I seen. Decided to makie the jump..for 3 bucks how can you go wrong?
Just wish the bottom dock wasn't green I usually like darker wallpaper..but spring is here anyway.

The storm was looking pretty laggy there. I am concerned adding themes will bring my device to it's knees. Any truth to that?

I have no issues with it, on OS .114, just be sure ya reset your device after the initial loading of the theme.

That's always one of my concerns in posting Storm themes, if it lags more then I like it won't get posted.

Great theme but I can't get StormLock to work on it. Any suggestions? Already did a battery pull and checked properties are set to allow.

Great theme but I can't get StormLock to work on it. Any suggestions? Already did a battery pull and checked properties are set to allow.

Is it my imagination or did he have to push the icons multiple times to get things to work? I didn't have my speakers on so there may have been a reason for it. Not trashing the theme, but the demo could have been done with less clicking. There is that 1/2 second delay before the icon is highlighted and clicking will result in anything. Seems like there was a lot of swiping with no result going on as well. Wow, $7 huh?

I thought it was gonna contain photos of Gabriel, Hackett and Collins.

(wah wah wah wahhhhhhhh)

Just downloaded the Genesis theme. Very functional exactly what I have been looking for in a theme. No memory leaks as far as I can tell. Great job!

Not only is this a great looking theme, but it works well without slowing down the Storm. Recommend to every Storm owner.

What OS was he running? The Qwerty portrait keys are much larger than on .113 which I find completely unusable. Could be an older one by the look of the "123" key.

I like his themes a lot usually, but this one on my Curve was very annoying to use on the Home screen. Scrolling is very odd. Looks nice enough, but it isn't staying on my bb. Also the fonts in Messages are really big for me.


Def agree, the portrait keys looked a lot larger and less rounded compared to what I have on .113.

Def agree, the portrait keys looked a lot larger and less rounded compared to what I have on .113.

Finishing installing the theme, looks great, but im having issue with my messages not appearing on the home screen. Calender list works fine. I did a battery pull twice... any suggestion? oh im on .113

Very weak theme. I'm very upset I bought this, I rarely buy themes, and I bought this cuz it was highlighted on the home page. I too had initial hesitancy based on the poor response time from the video, but the comments said it was ok. It isn't. I'm running on 113, super fast setup with 42megs available. I did a battery pull.

This theme is ugly. Poor, nay, AWFUL icon selection and designing. They're very amateurish and cheesy. They're not the work of a quality graphic artist.

The icon captioning is poorly placed. When selected, an icon has a blue-greyish folder appear behind it. The bottom of the folder image that appears goes right through the captioning as well. WITH A BLACK LINE! Phenomenally poor design.

The folder icons are awful. No design whatsoever, they're liek the original default icons. But they're even worse because they are filled in with the same grey as the background. WTF?

There is major lag in transitions.

This is a v.0.x version, not a final commercial product.

I've really a lost of faith (that as people will point out shouldn't have been put in place in the first place). I get it, this is a commercial sight in the end, and putting this on the home page was akin to a Merrill Lynch stockbroker telling his client to invest in a Merrill Lynch mutual fund.
I get it. They're on sale. You push it to make some bucks. Whatev, I'm off anything highlighted here and I'll stick around for the forums.

Do not buy this theme.

hey all i was just wondering how to get the sms & mms icon. when i downloaded the theme it gives me the email icon and the messages icon but no text msg icon. does anyone know how to get this back??

I love it, I have been playing with it since I bought it. For $3 it's a good deal. Everything I need is right at my tips, and I love the design and they way it's set up. No problems with lags or leaks thus far. I am still running .75

Very good theme. This is the 6th theme I've 'collected' (deleted all but one of them).

Great icons [I don't get what 'Pissed' found so amateurish]. I wonder if some of the graphic problems are more attributable to the .113 OS than the theme itself.

The icons in the middle don't swish across smoothly, and it takes several tries sometime to get them to move at all. I also don't like the blue-gray font color (not enough contrast with background).

What I like most about the theme is the combination of: weather slot and the fact that the icons swishing across the screen means you can, effectively, switch back and forth from a "Today" screen to one with a full array of icons.

This might become part of my permanent collection along with Appleberry Glass.

I'm having trouble hiding the icons that slide out(Storm Version). It takes several swipes for the widgets to hide.

The only thing i can say about this theme is wow.. he did a great job.. the only thing i would change is the font color on the home screen.. its way to light or just a bad color to use with other backgrounds.. it needs to be white or red or something like that but light blue doesnt mesh well with any backgrounds regardless.. only the default.

I bought 3 themes from JC Design and there's something wrong with each one of them. Either it's font rendering, character overlapping or unchangeable "lock screen" background, non of them are complete enough to be used as my everyday business, productivity theme.

My favorite part is that John @ JC Design just sells these themes. He never supports them; never replies to your emails.

Keep that in mind even if the theme's are on sale for $3, $4.

I'm a fan of the theme. I've been trying a bunch out (free and pay) including titanium and today plus which were previously my favorites until i saw genesis. I've got msgs/bug/calendar at the top and i like the ample space to put items on the slide out. i hardly look at the full list at all anymore. Thanks a lot.

I really like this theme. I've been looking for one that I liked for awhile now, and finally found it! I just downloaded it this morning and so far so good. Just took a little time to rearrange all the icons to where I wanted them. I like that its totally customizable.You can have every icon wherever you want it! Thank you!!

I bought this theme 2 days ago and finally got around to installing mt. Facebook.
After I installed my facebook , it is no longer on my storm. Flikr
Is the same way. Anyone else having this problem?

Hi all,

Just upgraded to .122 this mornign and lost the today functions for the messages and calendar options on the home screen. Any ideas on how to get them back with this version of the OS and this theme?
That was one of the things I liked about this theme, hit the message icon and the list of messages apear in the middle of the home screen, same for the calendar; the next 10 appointments get displayed.

I have pulled the battery, reloaded the theme and about anything else I can think of.