Premium Dark Room Theme for Bold, Tour and Curve 8900

By Adam Zeis on 2 Sep 2009 12:46 pm EDT

Following up on his awesome SWINE and Real Icon themes, Dave has recently released his latest creation, Dark Room, for the Bold, Tour and Curve 8900. This one is the best by far in my opinion. The obvious factor that makes it really unique is the design and placement of the battery and signal meters. It just looks awesome with the custom icons and head-to-toe design. There is a hidden dock, 3D icons and a very cool focus icon. This theme is sure to take any device to the next level. Dark Room is available for $5.99 in the CrackBerry App Store. While the price may be steep for some, it is money well spent give the time and effort that goes in to a theme like this.

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Premium Dark Room Theme for Bold, Tour and Curve 8900


A Storm version is in development. A "Hidden today" maybe in version 2. Weather icon? I'm not so sure about, i think having a sun in the corner of a theme called "DarkRoom" might just be too much of a contradiction.

If I' honest I've never got the "weather slot" craze though - maybe it's for people with no windows. A quicklaunch slot perhaps...

Holy crap that's one of the best looking themes I've ever seen! Anyone care to comment on how well it runs yet?

Third Party Icons appear as the other icons do floating in their own box. Obviously they cast no shadow but the theme has been designed (and fully tested) to be sympathetic to third party icons too.

@AClayeJ: Thanks very much - The theme has been extensively tested and there has been no reports of it running anything other than smoothly. Crackberry forum thread here:

Theme is awesome looking! great job!!! But i'm brainfarting on how to change the date format so it'll actually fit with this theme. Right now, it won't show bc "Wednesday" is too long, forcing it to just say Wednesday Septembe...


Home screen looks cool, but font way too small and icons all look the same, plus lost my opera mini icon.
Quite nice to look at for a short while, but would soon get tiring to look at and work with.
I don't think many people will be happy with spending $6 on it.
A few tweaks and could be cool and nice to work with.
I went straight back to Precision Silver

I was told as soon as hit the shelf per se that it was ready for the Tour and purchased it rite away. i just think its awesome it runs really smooth and the graphics are sharp enuff to cut the screen lol what can i say great job..

Nice feedback folks, that's why all themes should be try before you buy! Too many nicer free themes out there anyway.

Theme looks great, but does not use fonts I have set up. Also did not carry my downloads forward, even after a battery pull. I realize this is first edition, but don't feel it was worth the price.

Hi, thanks for all for the comments. Since you have all been decent enough to leave feedback, I thought I would take the time to reply to what's been pointed out.

Firstly, thanks for all the positive feedback I'm glad that aside from a few minor issues you're enjoying the theme.

Second, your apps are all there. When you install, they are moved into the apps folder where they would be by default. You may have to set your icons up how you like them to get them onto the dock etc, but this isn't uncommon with a new theme.

Someone also mentioned Trials for Themes, this isn't really possible without removing some of the functionality for the demo version. Which I suppose could be done, but for some reason doesn't seem commonplace, perhaps it's worth looking into.

I'm now working on version 1.1 - This sorts out the date issue so that it's no longer truncated on long-named days in long-named months - (What was I thinking releasing it on a 'Wednesday' in 'September'? I should have done it on a 'Monday' in 'May' and I would have got away with it ;)

I'll address the type sizes too so that they're slightly larger as it seems not everyone likes the smallest font.

Expect an email next week regarding your free update. If anyone has anything else they wish to add then please feel free to post in the forum on this thread:

Anyway, thanks all for your support!



P.S - Special thanks to the guy who said the icons were too similar, then said that he had gone back to using "Precision Silver" - made me laugh... ;)

This theme is sweet! Pure, simple and functional.

I would like the customized folders for Instant Messaging, Downloads, Games, etc. restored. The server icon is very cool, but they are, of course, very hard to tell apart. Also, when you move around folder icons there is no indicator (maybe like a red square around the icon) that shows which folder icon you selected to move and that it is actually moving.

The wallpaper is perfect with a nice ambient glow radiating from the center, but still allowing to change the wallpaper would be nice too.

Lastly, my information is truncated when the Blackberry locks. I have 5 lines (name, full address, two phone numbers) that I like to have appear in case my BB gets...lost. Maybe someone might return it. :-)

Some progress meters do not display the increasing percentage properly as the font is too large.

Thank you for a great job all around.

I paid for this theme and havent received anything as of yet. I went directly to the creators site and bought it and got it immediately.

Someone please get back to me.


Hi, that doesn't really make any sense as all of the transactions are dealt with through mobihand whether you used my site, crackberry etc. I'd email Mobihand and probably CC crackberry on it too, they'll sort it out.