Premium Chiron Theme for Storm, Bold and Curve 8900

Chiron Premium Theme for the BlackBerry Storm, Curve 8900 and Bold
By Kevin Michaluk on 15 Apr 2009 10:14 am EDT

For all you theme junkies out there, our friends at Elecite have released a new premium theme compatible with the BlackBerry Storm, Bold and Curve 8900 called Chiron. Elecite has been quite good in recent months of putting together unique themes with a distinct look and feel, and Chiron is no exception. It's one of those themes you need to use to get the full grasp of, but looking at the images you can get a sense of what it offers - three today icons as well as eight scrolling (customizable) icons. It's a cool look and makes for a sort of different user experience. If you're looking to add to your growing theme collection, Chiron sells for $6.99.

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Premium Chiron Theme for Storm, Bold and Curve 8900


I know the raging debate goes on about paying for themes. I just happen to be one of the people that don't mind paying and if I like a "free" theme I always donate. There is a lot to be said about paid themes. Not only are the details amazing they run very smooth. I am running this theme on my Storm .75 and it is no exception. Scrolling icons on home screen are very unique and cool. You can even throw weatherbug in the first (8) and the image will change as the weather does! I had to have this one because I actually sell the product used as the background image so it's very cool to me. I don't believe there is a battery or signal indicator on the home page (I have an e-mail into tech support to be sure I'm not missing anything) so if that's important this may not be a good theme for you. If your going to pay for a theme you can't go wrong with Elicite, I have two other themes and they are all very functional and different in their own way. Nice job Elicite!

I don't mind paying for themes, especially one as nice as this one. This theme looks amazing and like screenname said, the scrolling icons on the home screen are bananas!

Has anyone noticed if this or other themes from Elicite produce a noticeable memory leak on their storms?

All of elecite's themes are beautiful but will eventually slow your phone to a crawl and u will have to take the theme off of your phone. This, however, never stops me from buying the themes. on this one, is there any way to change the background without changing the icons. I like dark wallpapers better since they make the screen 'pop'!!

And thats why I believe we have a case of shameless self-promotion above from august and screenname.

I don't post very often, I mostly observe and take everything in. When I do post I try to stay positive, give an honest opinion, and be helpful to the CrackBerry community that has helped me out so much. BBsnub you may want to make an advanced search in the forums to determine who your fellow CrackBerry nation members are before you accuse someone like myself of "self-promoting" a product. I have no affiliation with Elicite whatsoever, I just happen to like their product and wanted to share it with anyone who is interested. I paid $6.99 for the theme just like anyone else. BTW I have never had memory leak issues with any Elicite themes on my .75 Storm.