Premium Carbonite Theme Gives Your Device A Great Look

By Bla1ze on 23 Aug 2009 10:49 am EDT
Carbonite For 8520!

While digging through my email I found this theme from the good folks at ThemeBerry. Carbonite is a nice lightweight theme that has support for allmost devices with the 8700 being the only exception. Icons are nice and fit to the theme nicely. The carbon color itself though is what really sets the theme off as it's not too flashy and has a nice business look to it. You can grab Carbonite now while it's on sale for $5.00. After August 30th it will return to its normal price.

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Premium Carbonite Theme Gives Your Device A Great Look


Just a heads up to everyone...

The screenshot above is the 8350i/8520 version of Carbonite. At the time the screenshot was taken, there was a small error in the theme. The three small icons in the today area are supposed to be Messages, Calendar, and Phone/Call Log. This error has recently been fixed.

Here is a more up-to-date screenshot:

Oh good grief...I told myself I'd never buy another theme. Then I came across this one. Very nice! Suits my needs quite well and looks sharp. Not a huge file either...always a good thing. I've seen them 3 or 4 times this big. This one is, what, 371k? Fine by me.

Very neat and clean appearance. Nice amount of icons. The preview screen on the right is a nice plus as well.

I bought it and it's fast. Probably the fastest theme I have used. Problem: I wish it had landscape view on the today pane for the Storm. The text in the box is very squished together when it's vertical so it actually isn't as useful as I'd like it to be.

Also, more aesthetic, but could you make the info box and borders transparent (say 50%) that way my backgrounds come through?