Premium Bussfast Theme From Hedone Designs

Premium BussFast Theme!
By Bla1ze on 1 Jun 2009 09:25 am EDT

One of what I would consider the top theme makers out there is back after a short break! Hedone Hawker has come back and dropped his latest piece of art on us named Bussfast. With support across the board for all qwerty BlackBerry devices, Bussfast lives up tp previous work done by Hedone in the fact it simply looks sharp on any device.

Today plus features, user-customizable icon placement and straight up good looks make this one a hot item to have. Welcome Hedone back to the BlackBerry world and keep your eyes out for more of his work...  he's looking to impress us all with some mad theming skills.

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Premium Bussfast Theme From Hedone Designs


it's clean...I wish they would change the clock font. I think it's ugly. But it's really a good looking theme.

Why do themes always remove everything from my folders!? Why? Why? Why!!??

Anyone know where I can grab the wallpaper for this theme? I'd like to load it onto my desktop so I can make my own version with similar dividing lines.

This is a nice change from the stock BB theme but a few things that I thought could use improvement are:

1. If you change the background, it only takes affect on the main screen with the Today Plus Preview. The secondary screen that is accessed from the blackberry button still has the original grass blades.

2. The titles for each of the icons fade away after a few seconds so it's difficult to know which one is highlighted.

3. The clock font is a little tough to read.