Premium Blossom Theme From Elecite

Premium Blossom Theme From Elecite!
By Bla1ze on 23 May 2009 05:10 pm EDT

Ok. So maybe I'm not the best person to give their opinion on this theme but I can't lie - for the sake of CrackBerry Nation I downloaded and installed it just to find out how well it functions on my devices.

Elecite has released this very pink theme for all the BlackBerry lovin' ladies out there, and while it's not my pick of themes, Blossom does flow very nicely and shows no sign of causing lag on the supported devices which include the BlackBerry Bold, Storm and Curve 8900. Be sure to check out the screenshots over at Elecite for a better look at how it will look on each device model.

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Premium Blossom Theme From Elecite


No, please, let it fly! I always like hearing from other girls that don't like to live in a pepto bismol colored world!

p.s. - going to see Phish in August!!!!!

I love the colors of this theme, however it suffers from the same issues of almost over other girly theme out there. Those monochromatic icons.. Hate em. There's many a lovely theme out there that I would jump for if they just used good ole dimension style icons in them.

I guess I probably shouldn't just point out the girly ones, there are alot of beautiful themes out there that are completely ruined by those nasty 2 color icons. Kills the theme, makes them boring and hard to read.

Just my opinion.

Why is it that you keep pushing the same BS developer's themes. Do you get paid a commission or what? There are many creative themes and you never publish them on the front page and get off of these devs nuts.

This is just what i was looking for!!! I want to add some your more girly ones to my site. I want to empower some tech-savvy girls. CB you inspire me!

The color of the theme is a very subtle pink, not shocking at all. The background although pink was not overly girly. The ability to customize took this theme to the top of the list for me.

This theme is nice and all, it looks cute, because even though some girls don't like pink I DO...and it looks nice on the phone but it slows things down horribly and your service provider (verizon, att, tmobile...etc) can't help you because elecite is not a supported website for anyone, they are their own DON"T download it. Then once you get it on your won't let you delete it!!! It sucks so bad! I wanna delete mine because I wanna be able to speed my phone back up I would be careful!