Premium apps go free in BlackBerry App World in India

By DJ Reyes on 10 Nov 2012 04:54 am EST

The other day we saw premium apps go free compliments of BlackBerry for Canada. Today, it looks like the same offer as hit BlackBerry users in India. The app list is looking different to the one for Canada but it's still quite a list of apps worth Rs 2000. It is not known how long this offer is going to be available so if any tickle your fancy, I would get to downloading soon.

Here's a list of the current free apps available:

I really hope that the Compliments of BlackBerry offer extends to other countries, I would like to get in on the action too.

Source: BBin

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Premium apps go free in BlackBerry App World in India


I note that some of those apps are only free until December 31, 2012. After that period the apps must be purchased if the user wishes to continue using them.

If you get them before december 31st you can still use them for free and even download them again from app world (free ofc) if you wipe your phone clean.

Why can't RIM just roll out these free apps globally rather than this piecemeal approach? This gives us more reason to love the playbook especially.

Nigeria needs these freebies too you know.

Because not every app is availible in every country or would be of interest to every region.
Because I'm from Canada and the list we got earlier this week is totally different from what India got here, and from what the USA got a few weeks back
They have to cater to different audience and get the proper licenses

If I'm understanding this correctly the free apps are for your phone not the Playbook, and only if you're running OS 7.1+. That's the deal in Canada, it may be different in India.

These apps have rolled out as free due to the celebration of Diwali the festival of lights and Hindu New Year so its a freebie fest from App World.

Everybody ..... Buy BlackBerry Playbooks for Christmas ... and give them away as Christmas Presents. This way, you can video chat with friends and family FREE of charge via Wi Fi.... even if you live in different countries.

They are amazing for the price.
Go RIM Go !

Damn it. I've tried downloading a bunch cuz I've been wanting them for a while only to find out they're not available in Canada.

If you study it really hard, there are some hidden clues suggesting this in the article.

the apps ARE available in Canada. The free apps are for your phone not your Playbook and only for BB phones that have OS 7.1 and above. I live in Canada.