Premium Alienware Theme for the BlackBerry Storm

By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Apr 2009 10:52 am EDT

I'll confess. Back in my younger days I was a bit obsessed with aliens. I think it had to do with my huge crush on Dana Scully from The X Files (what 13 year old wasn't in love with her?!). That said, when I came across the Alienware Berry theme, based off Alienware tech by HxDrummerxC Themes, I couldn't help but give it a go on my BlackBerry Storm.

The theme is pretty cool. It's not for everybody and might not be your daily driver, but is one to work into the regular theme rotation for theme junkies. The four corners of the homescreen have tabs that slide out and provide access to Volume, Web Browser, Messages and Contacts and the four centrally located shortcuts are user-defined. From there, the whole theme carries that black / greyish / red Alienware look. The only part of the theme I'm not a fan of is the Alienware branding in the middle of the display - it's not bad, but a bit disctracting when you click the BlackBerry button and are displaying all shortcuts. It normally sells for $5.99 at the CrackBerry App Store.

Get it for $3.95 Until Sunday: HxDremmerxC has set up a coupon code that'll work until this Sunday, that'll save you $2.04 off the regular price. To take advantage you must visit from your BlackBerry's web browser (not the client, not the pc-store) and checkout using coupon code CrackBerry Alien. Be sure that you update the coupon and you see the savings in place before you complete your check out (click here for a tutorial on using coupon codes).

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Reader comments

Premium Alienware Theme for the BlackBerry Storm


Very nice theme and is definitely something I would consider and suggest to others. However the only concern I have about this is the use of the Alienware name and logo. Those are copyrighted material and making money off of copyrighted material without approval is never a good idea. Hope the author got that approval before selling this theme.

I own an Alienware m15x and love the style and performance of it, but this theme seems very cheap to me. This Alienware theme doesn't have a "premium" feel to it.

very cool lookin theme. only thing is, some of my apps don't show up? this being the first time i've changed my theme, i don't know whats up. any way to make them show up?

i ordered this theme but i got a few questions if anyone can help. the side bars that pop out can you like assign things to them and also ever since i loaded this theme i can find the sms icon anywhere. i did two battery pulls and still nothing. other then all that i love the graphics and the looks of the theme.

I don't care for this particular theme, but I am encourage by just how different it is in style, layout and functionality from the tradition Blackberry themes (think OS 4.3 and older). Other themes recently released for the Storm have been impressive in the same manner.

I thought the added flexibility layout allowed by 4.5 and, later, 4.6 were a nice change, but the now that 4.7's theme CDK is available, it just shows how open RIM has made themes creation for the newer BBs. This is beyond "themes" and more to the level of "skinning". Gone are the days of simply changing the icons, background image and fonts. I'm excited to see what new and inventive ways people think of to layout the BB interface to make things (a) more efficient and (b) more unique.

Keep up the good work, theme makers!


I tried the Alien Theme and really like it. Does anyone know why there are several shor cut icons that did not convert to the theme?