Pre-register to find out when BlackBerry 10 comes out on EE and get a chance to win one

Pre-register to find out when BlackBerry 10 comes out on EE and get a chance to win one
By DJ Reyes on 25 Jan 2013 03:13 pm EST

Five days and counting. We're growing ever so close to the BlackBerry 10 launch and many carriers are already giving people the chance to pre-order one. While no U.K. carriers have provided pre-orders EE is giving you the chance to win a BlackBerry 10 device. That's right two lucky winners can get hold of a BlackBerry 10 device. All you need to do is register for BlackBerry 10 updates from EE.

You must register your details by 5pm, January 30th 2013 to be in for the running. U.K. Only. So, if you want to a chance to get yourself a BlackBerry 10 device, sign up for EE updates now.

Pre-register for BlackBerry 10 EE updates 



knew about this for awhile sadly not in the UK :( i would have done it otherwise


Done, but my carrier of 20 years, Vodafone, has not responded to my request to be supplied with a Z10 as soon as they are available, so it looks like I might be switching to Orange.


yeah this is old news.

The good news is that EE started contacting people today who registered last week.


yep I got contacted to confirm and i registered last week


Yeah, twitted James and Kevin about a week ago to let them know about it.


C'mon US carriers, give us a chance too!


+10. For Rogers to have started taking pre-orders in last year's fourth quarter, I'm clueless why other carriers are so far behind. Do the CB folks have a take on this? Umi any thoughts

Maydina Gareau

Why is it that pretty much everyday or every second day, I have to reboot my phone like shutting it down n taking out the battery for at least 30 seconds huh just wondering :)