Pre-Register for the BlackBerry Q5 at Carphone Warehouse and Phones 4U today

Pre-Register for the BlackBerry Q5 at Carphone Warehouse and Phones 4U today
By DJ Reyes on 21 May 2013 11:18 am EDT

Unless you haven't been paying much attention to the BlackBerry scene since last week, you'll know that the BlackBerry Q5 will be the next BlackBerry 10 smartphone to launch. It has already been confirmed that the BlackBerry Q5 will be making its way to the U.K. Phones 4U already said they will be stocking it in the summer.

If you're interested in purchasing the Q5 when it comes you can now pre-register your interest for it at both Phones 4U and Carphone Warehouse. Both state a July release date.

While Phones 4U haven't confirmed pricing yet, Rob Orr, BlackBerry UK's Managing Director has said it should be available around the £20 a month tier, catering to those on a budget, as similar models always have in the U.K.

If you haven't made up your mind yet you can take a look at our hands-on look at the Q5 while at BlackBerry Live 2013.

Register your Q5 interest with Carphone Warehouse
Register your Q5 interest with Phones 4U

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Pre-Register for the BlackBerry Q5 at Carphone Warehouse and Phones 4U today


It seems Blackberry is trying to prove that it can do well without the US market. Rightfully so, it's because of the rest of the market, especially emerging markets that Blackberry has been able to launch BB10 without much cash burn. In my opinion, US is only important for Blackberry in enterprise space, consumers are too entrenched on iOS and Android.

Is that why Heins is on record many times saying that the US is vital for Blackberry's comeback, and that the US market is the industry's most important? You're way off here, with all due respect.

Heins is just being nice unlike how American media has been to Blackberry. US is important but it's harder nut to crack plus media is just too biased and bought by existing leaders. Americans, for some reason, are last one to emrace change. So many people are complaining about complex gesture base UI on BB10. Anyone with a decent IQ should be able to learn that in two minutes. May be Z10 should be used for screening people for jobs in the states, if it's too complex for someone to learn in five minutes, good bye, thanks for your interest, very easy screening process.

Awwwwww Camera.
. Still on this? You know that 'some' American manufactured products stagger their launches throughout the Globe as well right?

It's capitalism dude... the U.S. kinda checked out of BBRY so the manufacturer responded and focussed their marketing and channel efforts in respective markets.

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+1 Hey I was thinking the same thing as you, I mean it is a bit odd that I just registered with VZW for updates last Tuesday, and here two other phones have been released with another pre-reg. across the globe. It seems odd.

And as a mention, albeit, brief to the post above, as a professor of Economics I have to say that if iwasspartacus was in my class of Economic History, Development of Capitalist Institutions, International Economics, or really probably any of my class - you sir would have an 'F' ;-) and if it was in one of my graduate sections not only would you have an 'F' you would be out of the graduate school. If someone wishes to discuss comparative advantage or capitalism I'm fine with that, but that has nothing to do with this as this is called Industrial Organization. Class dismissed.

American carriers are too slow. Blackberry is proving again and again that it's the carriers in the states which are slow to test and release new hansets and updates. Go bang on their doors and show your frustration there.

Once again, you're blindly defending Blackberry with common "theories". T-Mobile sent out a press release last Tuesday stating that the Q10 was available immediately for corporate customers. However, Blackberry has not provided any stock to T-Mobile and not one US Q10 has been sold. Now T-Mobile says that no Q10's will be available before June for corporate customers. Carriers can't sell from inventory that Blackberry doesn't provide.

The AT&T model has been out for weeks, but only to reviewers. Why? Because there isn't an inventory available. Now the same holds true for T-Mobile. Verizon's retail unit is ready as well... Heins went on a US media tour weeks ago saying that the US Q10 would be out by the end of May. Now, suddenly it's June. All carriers don't act together (or delay together).

US carriers are by no means saints, and they're often slow and stubborn. But the Q10 delays are clearly the result of Blackberry dropping the ball (big time).

Haha. Professor of Economics... if I ever had to take a 'class' to learn market fundamentals I will save you the trouble and just kill myself.

Or for a second opinion we could ask another useless business professor that sits on the RIM Board(and stewarded the company through their most I'll though out stratrgies) for his take.

Ahhh America. Grasping at straws like every other empire before it on the decline. Anyone care to compare the fall of Rome and recent events in the U.S?

Cmon economics prof... tell us all how your higher level of economics thinking and application is leading the world. I'm interested in your perspective.

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And that I have no issue with, I always, in forums as well including here, try and ask people to engage in 'healthy' conversations. We have a great deal to learn from one another, just saying.

My brief comment [don't get your hopes up...] to that is this... my higher level of economics [which is not market fundamentals so much, I mean don't get me wrong some of that material is cool, but it was not where I wanted to pursue my interest when it came to my Ph.D., I focus on topics relating to national security topics, defense, intelligence, blah blah you get the point I'm a theoretical mathematics person not a policy or fundamentals person] So with that disclosure...

I use no one metric to determine the rise or fall of an entire society. Let us remember that there are individuals on the forum boards here, who appear to legitimately be concerned with the future of the world, or who has "real" power based on where a smartphone is launching. Again let us remember this, at the end of the day, is a site devoted to a "A True Mobile Computing Platform" [Thanks to Thor for some words, I figured I should refer to a BlackBerry as something slightly better than a smartphone ;-) ] So are markets getting preference based on power, wealth, GDP [dare I say], an arbitrary index formulated by an organization like say the UN and their HDI?? No. Globalization & Information Sharing during the process, both fully facilitated by BlackBerry, have made vast, and unimaginable changes to our potential, and like a BlackBerry we are all connected like never before. During the 410 & 455 sacks of Rome, could their leaders pick up their handheld phone from their pocket, and be able to video-chat across the globe or in the field? No. BlackBerry gives organizations, DoD, the EOP, et cetera... largely among them, these simple, yet amazingly complex capabilities like picking up the phone and being able to see anyone anywhere, and share anything anytime. To me this is amazing. Such innovation is why I love BlackBerry. Also, a good example of why one cannot compare such vastly different times in history.

Many business professors [academic professionals, in general] sit on many public & privately traded companies, I'll disclose that I do myself, and I can say they should be two separate experiences.

So in conclusion, I’m sure you are a nice person, I just merely disagreed with your stance in this position as I had nearly identical thoughts as someone else, and I had wanted to give my two cents. I’m not grasping at straws, no one I worked with ever did that either whether in the U.S. or abroad. As I said I think a discussion on Industrial Organization would be a great thing to do for this topic, and others here on a site like this because everything is not BlackBerry. As cool as I think it would be BlackBerry does not design the phone, ship the phone to me, build the towers for the phone, et cetera… BlackBerry is merely a large part of a large industry, and for that reason I really do think my input there would be more interesting, but this should answer the question.

Chris said that the Q10 will be the cash cow for BlackBerry. Whilst that can be argued to be for enterprises the Q5 will be a cash cow for teenagers who look to retire their BlackBerry OS 6 and or 7 devices. I'm sure that the Q5 will sell very well indeed.

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I want to see a gold chasis or outer part of it, not red or blue or pink, but gold.

And z10 too.

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