Pre-Paid BlackBerry Coming Your Way?!!

PrePay BlackBerry!
By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Nov 2008 11:57 am EST

Pre-paid BlackBerry? I know many of you have been asking for this for a long time and it's no surprise that RIM has been working on it... you can click here to read some of Jim Balsillie's words on the subject from the Q2 Earnings Call held back in September.

What is surprising are the RIM internal docs posted online at BGR today that outline RIM's plans for growing in the pre-paid market:

There's two concepts RIM is fooling with in regards to how this works. One is purchasing the device with no subsidy (full price) and buying pre-paid cards to fill up their account with. The second is slightly more intriguing, and that's a BlackBerry in a Box. The user purchases the device and one year of BIS service all in one package at the retailer. After a year is up, they can purchase whatever they'd like. Another year, time-based access, monthly, all that. 

You'll want to click on over for more info and a ton of slides that outline what prepaid BlackBerry is all about. I have a feeling we better buy some for servers for the Nation is going to get a whole lot bigger when this rolls out around the world!

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Pre-Paid BlackBerry Coming Your Way?!!


In Jamaica we already have a pre-paid BB plan. It costs the same as the post paid ones which is $1300 Jamaican plus tax. which works out to about $17 US.

I personally have a post paid bb with a company that doesnt offer it pre paid, but my service is great. I have unlimited internet, and all the other great BB services and phone services.

How our service works in Jamaica is that we only pay for the calls we make and are changed on a per second basis not per minute. As well we have Voicemail, Call Waiting, Three-Way Calling for free. Our Text Messages are $3 each ($0.04 US) and phone calls are $4 per minute ($0.05 US).

We are a fortunate bunch...

In Mexico we have this service too already.. still I prefer post paid.. I pay 330 pesos (~26 USD) and have unlimited BIS + APN access on 3G network.. (still they cap the speeds of 3G to 128kbps after 500mbytes of download)

It would be nice if they did it. There are times when I have two or three numbers active (my primary and a temp one or two) and being able to have a BB on each one would be sweet. I think it would net them a lot of new clients.

what??.. In Colombia a carrier name Comcel has BlackBerry prepayd plans, it coasts about 45 dolar for unlimited BIS. if you don`t recharge your account one mont, easy, you don`t have the BlackBerry service, but you`ll be able to use you BlackBerry as a cellphone ( make calls, SMS, MMS, etc )...

no, FlexPay isnt really prepaid, what it does is that if u use up all of your minutes, you can get more by filling up with t-mobile prepaid cards. you still get billed and everything.

folks there is already a pre-paid blackberry. It is on a Verizon MVNO called Lucku Wireless. Lucky Wireless is a true hybrid in the prepaid market, offering regular plans on prepaid basis. The blackberry service roughly will cost you about $30 per month above the plan and is on the BIS service. if you are looking for one we can help, we have phones in stock and ready to sell.

just as a side note we also offer wireless broadband starting at $30 per month. www.