Pre-orders for the BlackBerry Z3 officially open up, limited Jakarta edition available to Indonesian customers

By Bla1ze on 27 Apr 2014 09:19 pm EDT

Although it was tipped that pre-orders for the BlackBerry Z3 would be starting soon earlier, the official word on it has been released by BlackBerry and carrier partners and it includes a bit of a surprise as well by way of a limited edition device only available exclusively in Indonesia.

Customers in Indonesia can now pre-order the BlackBerry Z3 smartphone through leading telecommunications operators in Indonesia, Indosat and XL. BlackBerry expects the device to be priced at IDR 2,199,000. The official unveiling of BlackBerry Z3 is scheduled to take place in Jakarta on May 13th, 2014.

BlackBerry also announced today the availability of a limited edition model - the BlackBerry Z3, Jakarta Edition - which will be made available to Indosat and XL customers for a limited period. This model will feature the inscription "Jakarta" on the back of the device to commemorate the launch of the first BlackBerry smartphone built specifically for the Indonesia market.

That pricing works out to be about $190 USD and just under the $200 pricing noted earlier. Plus, through carrier deals and third-party retailers, Indonesian customers could potentially pick up the device for less. You can check out the full press release below and full specs on our BlackBerry Z3 specs page.

Press Release

Pre-order for BlackBerry Z3 Opens in Indonesia

Limited BlackBerry Z3, Jakarta Edition available exclusively to Indonesian customers

JAKARTA, INDONESIA--(Marketwired - April 27, 2014) - BlackBerry (NASDAQ:BBRY)(TSX:BB) today announced that customers in Indonesia can now pre-order the BlackBerry Z3 smartphone through leading telecommunications operators in Indonesia, Indosat and XL. BlackBerry expects the device to be priced at IDR 2,199,000. The official unveiling of BlackBerry Z3 is scheduled to take place in Jakarta on May 13th, 2014. BlackBerry also announced today the availability of a limited edition model - the BlackBerry Z3, Jakarta Edition - which will be made available to Indosat and XL customers for a limited period. This model will feature the inscription "Jakarta" on the back of the device to commemorate the launch of the first BlackBerry smartphone built specifically for the Indonesia market.

Made for the next generation of BlackBerry customers in Indonesia, the stylish new BlackBerry Z3 is customized with local apps and content, features a modern design with a 5" display, long lasting battery and comes with BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.2.1.

Key features include:

  • BlackBerry(R) Hub - The ever present BlackBerry Hub lets you access all your work and personal email, BBM(TM), text messages, social media updates and notifications in one place, with the ability to "peek" into the BlackBerry Hub from anywhere, so you're always only one swipe away from what matters to you. The Hub can be customized to identify priority messages and to filter the message list by various criteria that you can then activate with a simple pinch gesture.

  • BBM - BBM on the BlackBerry Z3 includes all the latest features of the popular mobile social network, customized for Indonesians. You get BBM voice and video chatting with Screen Share and support for BlackBerry Natural Sound, letting you hear nuances and variations in tone in a BBM Voice chat, and making the conversation sound like you're in the same room. BBM Channels features a variety of Indonesian channels as well as a package of BBM stickers that have been specially designed by an Indonesian artist.

  • BlackBerry Keyboard - The BlackBerry Keyboard learns what words you use and how you use them, then offers them up to you so you can type faster and more accurately. It gives you the best Bahasa Indonesia typing experience on a touchscreen, complete with multi-language support that lets you type in up to 3 different languages at the same time.

  • Time Shift & Story Maker - The BlackBerry Z3's astonishing Time Shift camera feature lets you capture a group shot where everyone is smiling with their eyes wide open. You can also use Story Maker to bring a collection of photos and videos together, along with music and effects, to produce an HD movie that you can instantly share on YouTube.

  • BlackBerry 10 Browser - The BlackBerry 10 browser sets the industry benchmark for HTML5 performance on smartphones, and is incredibly fast, with fluid and responsive scrolling and zooming. The browser includes many advanced features, supports multiple tabs, lets you browse sites privately, includes a reader mode, and integrates with the platform for easily sharing content. You can even save web pages for later viewing.

  • Instant Previews & Reply Now - Be more timely and responsive with Instant Previews that bring BBM, SMS and email message to you no matter what you are doing on your BlackBerry Z3. You can even reply to your BBM or SMS messages in any app, or swipe to the BlackBerry Hub to respond. If you get a phone call that you can't answer right way, you can instantly silence the call and send a Reply Now response through BBM, SMS or email to let the caller know you're busy.

  • Fast, Easy Sharing - The BlackBerry Z3 learns how you share and who you share with, helping you reduce the number of steps and amount of time it takes to get your files, photos, or documents to where they need to go. Touching "share" in any app provides suggestions on who and how to share your files based on who you've shared with in the past, and the feature only gets smarter the more you use it.

  • FM Radio - The new BlackBerry Z3 includes a built-in FM radio. You can listen to local FM stations, which does not require any network connection.

"The BlackBerry Z3 was designed with our Indonesian customers in mind, to keep them productive and connected with family, friends and co-workers while on the move," said John Chen, Executive Chairman and CEO at BlackBerry. "Embodying all that BlackBerry 10 offers, the BlackBerry Z3 has a stylish, modern, all-touch design with exceptional productivity features and reliable communications."

Customers may pre-order BlackBerry Z3 from today. Indosat customers should visit XL customers should visit

For more information about the BlackBerry Z3, please visit

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Pre-orders for the BlackBerry Z3 officially open up, limited Jakarta edition available to Indonesian customers


2,190,000 Rupees
=> 189 USD
=> 136 €
=> 112 GBP
=> 203 AUD
=> 208 CAD
=> 11.400 INR
=> 695 AED
=> 2015 ZAR

Since 2010 

50 is a joke of a number.... really? That's crazy

Posted with a Verizon Z30 running and CB10. [URL="bbmc:C0004F9BB"] My channel with zero subscribers [/URL]

Now, now! Be nice BlackBerry has been a victim of its management's ineptitude. Maybe Mr. Chen finally gets it. Sand through the hourglass time will tell shortly.

Why wants everybody a "source "..??
Do believe in god?
Do have a source for that too?

Since 2010  has denied that they have ever released that promo price. In other words, the earlier banner that we have seen might be fake.

ॐ BBM channeling at C003910CB

I like the limited edition idea. Just for that reason alone, people will want to pick them up. It's like those rare red Z10s that I keep hearing about that apparently exist in the

Posted via CB10

Buying red parts is lame. Original limited Z10 best phone ever, only 12.000 exist, got a brandnew one with low Serial Number. Selling for 1.5 k US.

Z10 Red Limited Dev Edition #00167

No, I haven't seen any Z3 or any blackberry ad on television recently. Don't know about newspaper ad tho

Yeah. And I really hope Blackberry will do it right this time. They need to advertise like there's no tomorrow to put Blackberry name back into our heads. Show what it can do, not what it can't do. If some me-too-android-smartphone brands can have TV ads on prime times and be a sponsor for popular TV shows then why can't Blackberry?

This is just pre-orders opening, you'd hope that they wouldn't go too over the top in their advertising until nearer the proper launch date.

There were 2 print ads in the biggest newspaper in Indonesia, each made by a telco company (Indosat and XL). Weird that Telkomsel, the biggest telco does not have a pre-order program.
Normal price is Rp.2,199,000 while with many credit cards or banks debit cards offers direct Rp.200,000 cash back making price about $180. With bundling program with unlimited data, the price drop to around $150.

Posted via CB10

It's also prominently displayed across the front of the both drivers' racing suits...while they've been standing 1 & 2 on the WINNER'S podium for the last 3 races.

The other...4th race---first race of the season... it was prominently across JUST the driver standing on the TOP OF THE PODIUM.

No big deal...Formula 1 is only the PINNACLE series in motorsports.

Murray Squire Marr

With all the poor or unlucky decisions BlackBerry has recently made, I am surprised that more people have not mentioned BlackBerry's good fortune on the F1 advertising front. They went with Mercedes before they became a lead constructor. It was only last year that they made a comeback since the Brawn year with Button and that was also the first year for BlackBerry. Now they are prominent on the podium after the race and on the pit headphones. That is what I call very good fortune.

Posted via CB10

An unlucky circumstance was Honda leaving F1 just when their team got all of the pieces for a championship in place. Now Honda is talking about getting back into F1 as an engine supplier again.

The lean years of BAR-Honda should have produced a championship...their engines at that time are still the LOUDEST I have ever heard...until they detonated.

Did that Brawn Racing team use rebadged Honda engines in that championship year(like Renault engines that were rebadged Supertec after they pulled out of F1 in the late 90s)? I'm going to have to look that up.

Murray Squire Marr

Honda's past success and technical prowess should have made BAR-Honda a front runner/contender every year. Their engines were running 2000 rpms higher than everyone else at the time...over 19,000 rpm to 17,000 for the competition...they should have dialed it back for reliability...but I loved how they stayed committed to pushing the envelope.

Maybe, the car was just that bad and needed everything out of the engine to be relevant at all.

Murray Squire Marr

Dude...there's a reason why a Formula 1 team called "Red Bull" is called sponsorship marketing...which in turn promotes SALES of their products to fans.

Red Bull has won the last four Constructor's Championships in Formula 1...and I believe that their business balance sheet has been winning as well.

Murray Squire Marr

I would say this is a bit on the high side. If it is around USD 140 the pricing will be perfect.

Posted via CB10

I agreed but $190 is not bad. If they can afford a smartphone with the data plan then i don't think why they can't pay the additional $40-50 bucks

 Slicing using my 

Plus, I would think the price would inevitably drop to the $150 mark over the next few months.

Posted via CB10

Not pentaband, but that's because only in canada, united states, Mexico needs that. :P (to be compatible with the rest of the world), they don't need that in Indonesia! :)

Posted via CrackBerry 10 (CB10) application using my BlackBerry Q10.

BlackBerry kept their promise both on the launch and the pricing. Its a good phone with an outstanding OS.

Now let the whining begin. Too low res; too high a price; not enough Ram; too little too late, blah blah blah......

Posted via CB10

"Bitchers gonna Bitch"...

And "Congratulations" to the Chicago Blackhawks for being the first team to make the second round.

Founding Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile

Yeah, go Canadians then Bruins then Black hawks for being the teams in that order to make the second round of the playoffs lol

Posted via CB10

......first team ( from the West) to make the second round....
Habs and Bruins will gave played game 1 or 2 of second round before some first round series have wrapped up! Go Habs!

This post Powered by BlackBerry

This is how the Z10 should of launched !!
This Z3 is fully ready and equipped.....great work BlackBerry / Foxcon great work !!

Nokia Lumia 520 was a success, so this could have equal success. Love the fact that it has Micro HDMI.
Let's see.

Posted via CB10

I doubt it. You could buy a brand new Lumia 520 when it came out for almost half the price of the Z3. It MIGHT be able to compete with the Lumia 630 & 635 (like the 630, but dual-sim), even though those only cost $160 and $170 respectively.

But you're right, we'll have to see.

Stephen Elop was desperate to bump up Lumia sales. He took that massive gamble of switching from the Asha line to Windows Phones, then had to show that sales of the new line were steadily increasing. He could only do that by selling the phones at a loss. That loss was made up by payments from Microsoft, who were as desperate to maintain a place in the mobile game as Elop was to show that he had made the right decision to put Nokia's main focus into the WP Lumia line. MSFT paid Nokia $250m/quarter = $1 billion per year. Satya Nadella now has to figure out whether or not it's worthwhile to maintain MSFT's presence in the handset market. Yeah, they've managed to attain something like 2.5% worldwide market share, but they're losing a lot of money. So much for the "success" of the Lumia 520.

*sigh* not this again. There's so much misinformation at Crackberry sometimes. This place really is going downhill. No, I'm sorry to tell you Yashch22, that is completely wrong. Utterly wrong. I don't know where you got your facts from, but it obviously wasn't anywhere reliable (assuming you just didn't make that up out of thin air. First off, Nokia still sells Asha. Asha is their dumbphone line while Lumia is their smartphone line. Nokia gave up their aging Symbian platform for Windows Phone (their previous intention was to develop an OS called Meego, but they were having too many delays (gee, who does that sound like?)). None of the phones sold from Nokia are sold at a loss. None. Not one. I'm sorry that Blackberry is too incompetent to figure out low-end hardware, but Nokia's specs are bare minimum and that's how they can afford to be sold so cheap. Microsoft paid Nokia $250 million per quarter to keep them Windows Phone exclusive, not to prop them up. Even not counting that $250 million, Nokia only reported a loss of $34 million last quarter and were projected to be profitable by the end of the year had Microsoft not bought them. One last point is that they've attained a 6% global market share (compared to what is Blackberry? Like .45%?). Please, I realize this is a fan site, but if you're going to bash, at least show the common courtesy that other Mobile Nation websites show and bash with facts. Have a nice day.

Apologies for the Asha/Symbian mix-up, Jas00555. That truly was a howler.
I still think it wasn't a particularly bright idea for Nokia to hire Elop, and it wasn't a particularly bright idea for Nokia to switch to the Windows platform. Elop's famous "Burning Platforms" memo was quite possibly the worst thing any tech CEO has done for a company's morale in the past decade. I'm shocked to hear you say that "None of the phones sold from Nokia are sold at a loss"! Nokia lost €4.1 billion ($5.75 billion) in the nine quarters prior to Q2, 2013 (roughly coterminous with Elop's first couple of years at the helm). One of the only reasons Nokia got the smartphone market share it did was by selling Lumias at rock-bottom prices. The most popular Lumia is the 520, isn't it? What is the average sale price worldwide? $130? I'm sure Nokia is scoring very high margins with its whole handset line. (With more apologies for the sarcasm.)

You're quite right when you suggest that MSFT paid $250m/quarter to keep Nokia's handset manufacturing "Windows Phone exclusive." We're actually saying the same thing here. Without these massive "encouragements" (otherwise known either as bribes or as desperate ransom payments) Nokia could quite easily have switched over to Android (given that the lack of apps was even more crippling to Windows Phones than it was to BlackBerry) or ramped up development of MeeGo again. The ransom cash also went a long way to keeping Elop in place as the CEO, keeping outraged investors from marching on HQ with burning torches, and delaying the Nokia X project -- the Android phone Nokia revealed at the MWC.

Lastly, Nokia's improved profit outlook last quarter was due primarily to growth in its Network and HERE divisions. From Q1/13 to Q1/14 net sales of mobile devices were down 30% (although the final accounting said the loss had been reduced from EUR 65m to EUR 32m) and from Q4/13 to Q1/14 they were down 27% (although this time the accountants said losses had increased from EUR 15m to EUR 32m). How was that possible given all those sequential improvements in Lumia sales and that amazing increase in market share? Nokia gives its own answer: They were forced to lower their Average Selling Prices under intense competition (translation -- they were discounting like crazy). Look what happened as soon as Nokia divested itself of its mobile division to MSFT. Skyrocketing share price. And listen to all the public musings right now about how MSFT might need to cut back on the resources it puts into the smartphone division. One of the only ways that division can survive without continued cash infusions from Papa Microsoft is (a) to figure out a way to gain access to hundreds of thousands of key apps, and (b) to start selling their phones at sustainable margins.

Speak of the devil. We just found out that Nokia just had "yet another dismal quarter", with an operating loss of EUR 326 million ($452m US, or $493m Cdn). Jas00555, I realize you love the Lumia line, and develop for it, so I'm not particularly keen on pouring salt into the wound, but I"m not "bashing" when I point out that Nokia under Elop won market share by slashing prices. I've heard lots of people say they like their Lumia, and I've always really liked Nokia as a brand, as an idea, as the flagship tech company of a relatively small country which at one point was the dominant force in mobile. I just do not like what happened to Nokia when it accepted the "gift of Microsoft" -- the trojan horse.

With NA LTE band @ $200 USD/$225 CAD, it will be a hit.
Lots of folks picking up Z10s from TELUS for $200 (outright) right now are really pleased after trying BB10. This device can be a winner in NA.

Both stores keep selling out and restocking. Reading RedFlagDeals, lots of people who at first bashed BB10 have now tried it and really like it. Gestures make sense, best of both app stores, and they talk about how great the call quality and signal reception is compared to other devices.

If that price hit north America without contract it might give people a reason to try it. I did for the Lumia 520

Posted via CB10

Except that I can buy a Lumia 520 for $80 from AT&T, while the Z3 costs over twice as much as that. If the Z3 can hit the US before the Lumia 630 comes out, then it would stand a chance.

But Lumia series especially 520,620 devices are full of bugs.

Apart from colour choice it doesn't offer performance nor stability.

Z3 for sure will be a better device than lumia mid range phones.

Posted from my Black Beast Q10

What bugs are you talking about? I've got 3 friends with a 520 and they've never told me about software problems (and I'm their techie friend who they constantly ask for advice about computer stuff, so they would definitely tell me).

Windows Phone has been praised for it's ability to function fantastic on the low end devices (it runs buttery smooth on 1/3 of the RAM that the Z3 has), and that's why it outsells all Android devices in it's price range.

I don't see the Z3 being any better than the Lumia 630/635. Just more or less another choice to the average consumer.

I've been using 520 myself and currently on Z10. As long as you stick to the MS apps it will be okay. Install messaging apps such as whatsapp will surely kill your battery in 8 hours. On least i could use battery packs.

And as a developer for the actual platform, I can tell you that it's not. Why do people at Crackberry always try to throw around FUD?

They couldn't launch this in the US at this price. The Z3 doesn't have LTE, so I'm sure most carriers won't want it. For Indonesia it's fine, but US carriers are all about selling data, and if your phone can't do LTE that's a deal breaker. They would have to put in a different radio that can support LTE and that would be much more expensive I would think.


Same old features list.Browser,bbm,hub etc..

Hope there will be new ones when they release the q30

Posted from my Black Beast Q10

I thought the press release actually did a great job of promoting the features of bb10.2.1. most relevant to Indonesia market. What new, exciting features did you expect from a $190 budget phone?

Sent from my Z10. Or was it my Q10? Either way, it was sent from an awesome phone.

Maybe Bla1ze didn't clarify what has been written.

It's a budget phone for under $200.

UNDER $200!

What can YOU buy for $200?

Message to Mr Chen ; get the phone Worldwide.

BlackBerry...Get it done!!! ©

Posted via CB10

He's been travelling :p. Good to see him back. Always has a position attitude which I like :)

Posted with my gorgeous Z30

World traveller where were you. After z30 purchase you forgot cb nation it seems):

Posted from my Black Beast Q10

I am glad to see BlackBerry sticking to the announced timeline for the Z3 launch for Indonesia. The limited edition Indonesian model is a great marketing technique to move some units too. Now I just hope they keep launching it in more global markets over the next couple of months (the whole of South and South-east Asia, Africa and Latin America). Also, I know no definite timeline has been given for a North America and Europe launch but the sooner they do it, the better. These specifications, even at this price, are not going to get much interest from many past July.

Friggin' Lumia 520 still selling for the same price here they were selling for nearly a year ago. (Harvey Norman, Officeworks, etc. Australia)

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Oh, no doubt. A big part of this is definitely Foxconn taking care of engineering design and supply chain for the Z3. That actually inspires confidence for future releases too because Foxconn has the experience and resources to produce big quantities on tight schedules.

Good question. I just don't understand this. But I'd like to see Z3 succeed. So, I just assume it will although the uncertainty is great.

If the price is sub $150, then I have full confidence that Z3 will be a great success.

I think consumers deserve more choices than iPhone and Android.

Don't tell me about Windows phone until MS pass the Windows 8 fiasco.

The price is IDR 1599.000 to 1799.000. (USD 139 to 156). For post paid have a bonus 72 GB plan worth USD 105 in XL operator normal price for such a plan.. very cheap..

Posted via CB10

Normal high price is IDR 2199.000 or USD 191 but jn Indonesia this official list price for carrier store is usually 25 % more than market price in other outlet.. most Indonesian people don't buy from carrier store (including me) but from the market which is have a large difference price.. hope this information can be useful..

Posted via CB10

If what you are saying is correct, I expect good numbers provided a solid marketing push...

Posted via CB10

The z10 is only being sold at that price since they have already written down the cost of the hardware.

Right. The average consumer don't look for best but for that item which is advertised as "the best". If Z10 has missed the ship, let Z3 do the trick.

After some research and rethinking I now believe $200 will make the Z3 a failure.

BlackBerry, it is not too late yet to bring the price down, even at a loss.

I would sell the thing at $139. If I can put 20 million in people 's hands around the world. I would consider the loss of $500 million or so a marketing budget.

If you can sell 35 million you will break even - the goal Mr. Chen set for the device business. If you can move 50 million, BlackBerry will soon be NO. 1 again.

The battle of smartphone is now, and in the next two years, on budget models. And this battle is about nothing but volume. High volume knocks down the cost of parts. High volume makes the business profitable.

And yes, one device alone can lead to the victory.

Do it now and do it this quarter. Harvest later.

Lowering the price later would be a same disaster as the beautiful Z10.

Do you even know what you are talking about?
Don't think so.

But nice to know, that a guy like you knows the area of break even.
Furthermore : ever thought about 20 million units not happening the next 2 years?
BlackBerry will barely sale 16 million devices this fiscal year.

Anyway. Someone like you with such a amazing knowledge should work for BlackBerry, especially when you know the intern way of calculation for break even etc.

Posted via CB10

Rp 1,599,000 is around $140. The so called "original price" is only marketing trick. It could get cheaper in the retail stores. All stores would eventually sell it for around Rp 1,500,000, not more. The price is perfect already. But they have to move it fast. People here in Indonesia are very much anticipating asus zenphone 4 and 5 (Z3 direct competitors), which is already being launched a few days ago. If people already got zenphone in their hands, no more reason to get Z3.

Design specifically for Indonesia consumer, wonder what this means? Besides specific stickers.

I think.. it's just one of their Beta Jakarta released. Just like z10. But for sure it's for Business only cause the Flash & RAM kinda small.

Posted via CB10

Im not so sure about the 1gb of ram. Isnt that just not enough anymore? Hope it does well anyway.

Posted from the android crackberry app... but soon lets hope for a post from a Z30!

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Just picked up one for IDR 1.800.000 after the rebate, around USD 160. Quite a steal with 72GB data included for 12 months. Hoped that Blackberry can regains all those lost market share

You mean the effective price is 35 USD!
It will be amazing if only BB is giving such combo and may get some traction

The only thing I didn't like was the resolution, not sure how apps designed for the Z10/Z30 will play on the Z3.
Other than that, I like pretty much everything else specially the price.

Posted via CB10 with 'Berry Z30

The aspect ratio is the same, so it's just a matter of scaling everything by 75% of the original.

Will the Z3 work on the European networks? Can't find any information. But from the specs, I don't see why not. Any ideas?

Demobigen (Powered by Blackberry® Q10)

It will. Most of Europe uses band 1 for UMTS (3G/HSPA+) and the second most prevalent band they use is band 8--both bands that should be present in an Indonesian phone because that's what carriers there use as well.

So, they workout to squeeze BB10 OS to run on 1,5GB RAM?
Come on Blackberry, little bit more and it will run on Playbook!

Posted via CB10

God point.. if it can run on Z3 with 1.5Gb of RAM.. may be they can make it work on our PlayBook too..

Posted via CB10

I feel blackberry is wasting time with Z3 in dis tym z3 is the equivalent of 8520 curve...Y Dnt they just add more 4Gig ram, bigger screen 5.5", Octa-core 2.5ghz per core 64 bit processor, a b3 from a PlayBook...10.3 Os...I'm from South Africa so expensive phones ain't something new to me...flip the price I'd pay for quality over quantity anytime!!! join the market everywhere u go is a spec war...but blackberry has an advantage coz thy still care about OS updates Dats wat we want!!!!!

Posted via CB on My trusty 10 os

The problem with what you said is :

1. There aren't enough people like you willing to buy a device, with those specs, for that price, from BlackBerry.

2. While some people may be willing to give Bb10 a try, a low price on an entry model is a good start as most won't give a monster device with top tier specs from BlackBerry a try, even if it was sold at a loss.

3. Considering there's no mass marketing over this, the number of people in 1& 2 are
Less than previously thought. I hope there is marketing and that it sells really well, but given the past, well just call it a hunch.

This phone was a real opportunity and I hope it succeeds but I have my doubts, particularly with that screen resolution. I know the market this target for, and the price point, but to assume that a consumer in Indonesia has a lower opinion on screen res is just ridiculous.

Posted via CB10

I hear you axe50 I'm a huge fan of blackberry been to ios been to android nd settled on blackberry...hope it's a success to maybe than just maybe I'll get my dream device once BlackBerry starts making moola...!!!

Posted via CB on My trusty 10 os

I'll only change to another BlackBerry smartphone if they make something better than Z10 coz the Z30 was waste of time coz only 5 main changes were made 1. b3 life good "non removable b3 sucks " I have 5 b3z I'm a heavy user.

2. sound good dey got that ryt.

3. screen size "not bright enough, pixel density y ddnt they just add more pixels"? Z10 still has the best display for me.

4. P. antenna was a great incorporation but it's no use in my area coz my 9810 still has better coverage.

5. 0.2ghz more processor speed making Z30 1.7ghz instead of 1.5ghz they still work the same way only boot speed are the differences .

Bides dat 5 only wireless miracast is my favorite so I can't pay for 1 upgrade...come blackberry!!!

Posted via CB on My trusty 10 os

I don't write bad I just shorten words...

Dats Hw I cht

Posted via CB on My trusty 10 os

I only follow grammar rules where they are required...or in formal conversations with serious people !!!

Posted via CB on My trusty 10 os

What a great phone with that price! I would pay $190 for that phone just by supporting BlackBerry. Those who fussed about the price could have income issue or just greedy. Narrow minded people.

Z30 STA100-2....

Wishing BlackBerry success with this Z3 launch!!! Chen just show us some solid marketing plan with this too...
Keep Moving Team BlackBerry!!!!

Posted via CB10

Oh and CrackBerry, why can't I still edit comments? Comments editing works fine on my Nexus 5 using the official CrackBerry app, yet the native BlackBerry app can't do it.

Posted via CB10

Native BlackBerry CB App still can not edit posts? Good award winning app that is, lol.

So glad I switched to the Android App , even has dark theme.

It's a shame Crackberry can find no one with programing skills to build them an simple App.

I can not believe that, really.

Z10 Red Limited Dev Edition #00167

The specs are actually horrible.. BUT a BB10 - device for 190usd isn't very expensive... it's all about the OS in my view..

Since 2010 

BlackBerry nd Crackberry users want

•64bit Octa-core 3.0GHz p/core processor for heavy use and performance
32bit dual-core 2GHz for small of the range GPU something from nvidia

•5.5" 4k LED or LCD scrap amoled nd oled

•5000mAh removable battery and cmos battery for lite use LEDs notifications light

•M8 boom sound

•All sensors incorporated

•64 gig for app and 64gig for system flash and up to 128 gig SD card support for media use

•41 ultra pixel camera with 4k video recording and flash ...the rest will be up to the OS

•OS 10.3 +

• and redesigned body I've seen great designs

Posted via CB on My trusty 10 os

I try to order in 4 diff places to get it 12 hours after the open the sites all sold out arrrrrrgggggghhhhh.....:(

Posted via CB10

No ads in TV radio newspaper how did it get sold out in short time...argggh wanna buy 2-3 for my family as gifts now I have to lined up prob a kilo like Last time crazy BlackBerry why u still in demands.....:(

Posted via CB10

There were only 50 BlackBerry Z3s in all of Indonesia. Marketing 101...create the illusion of demand? Let's hope they sell thousands of these smartphones within the next 24 hours.

In jeruknipis site (XL carrier) they offer around 50+50+50+250+50+50+50+250=around 800.. I want to buy one for my self but just in minutes when I was browsing the site (10 hours ago), the offer is sold out.. but from Indosat carrier site still has the offer.. but XL carrier is fastest network.. hope they add more quantity in this preorder..

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I want my Z70 concept I posted in the forums. Megapixels can shove it. Just gimme a better sensor. Tested the z30 side by side the m8 and while the m8 was louder, the z30 had deeper bass and better high tones. 64 gig would be nice for apps. 64 Intel processor would be nice. Maybe inters new chips they're making. Oh and I don't care for 4k until they start making 1080 more popular. A Lot of the people have are still stupid tube ones that do like 480 p

Just here in japan using my z30 on japan 's NTT Docomo and the q10 wifi only still with Rogers And sadly I have an iPhone 5 also...

Needed Line app... and prefer the camera on iPhone....

Waiting for the next qwerty phone from blackberry with the bold 9900 keyboard PLEASE!!!!

And a decent camera and decent photo browsing software please!!!

And yeah.. still holding bbry stock....

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Pre ordered one for around 160 dollars after rebates. Plus i get free screen protector, insurance against unintended damage and 8GB/month data for 12 months. It is a steal...

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it is sold out already some hours a go.. i cant even preorder a single unit here in Indonesia

It will be nice if BlackBerry throws out numbers in the next days.. Not impressed if "sold out" and then it comes out they "pre-sold" 100 devices :D
If it turns out they are thousandS..well,that would be great!

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8gb minus OS.. n u can't put any app or games on external. The majority won't choose it. I'm sorry for saying this, but indonesian people loves games and chat app, with around 2 million idr we can get lenovo s920 wich has better screen, camera,processor, memory capability, and of course apps and games support. I just can't see how Z3 would be a success. And don't bother to brag about OS BlackBerry 10, almost no one here in indonesia understand what is OS BlackBerry 10.

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May 24th to release in the great country other India.

Hope India can show us again how to sell blackberry phone like they did with the sellout of the z10 they did. for Android apps from your blackberry 10 browser

well, have just read the official statement from the jeruknipis websites it is temporarily closed due to lack of resources to process the pre order.. seems like the website itself have underestimate the sales and not well prepared. they said this first day about 700 unit sold via their own websites, exclude the other website such as elevenia, okeshop, global teleshop, and eraphone. however looking forward to wait for tommorow when it promised to be opened again. elevenia web is the first portal that close their preorder, it is cheapest among the others only USD 132.69 include shipping for the preorder price.

have you read my comment carefully?
it is STOP at that numbers because the websites lack of resources in handling orders! exclude the other portals that also STOP their pre order today.

I wish a LTE version was coming to North America.

With no new phones in the US since last year BlackBerry is almost wiped from map.


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No, it's not. Z3 has lower display resolution, 8GB internal storage vs 16GB, 5mp camera vs. 8mp, 1.2GHz processor vs. 1.5GHz on the z10, it's 3G only not LTE, but is has a bigger battery 2500mAh vs. 1800mAh on the z10.

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Here are the specs that differ between the two phones:

1.5 GHz Dualcore processor
4.2" Screen
1280x768 resolution (356 dpi)
1800 mah battery (removable)
LTE & penta-band GSM
16 GB storage
8 MP Rear Camera
2 MP Front Camera

1.2 GHz Dualcore processor
5" Screen
960x540 resolution (220 dpi)
2200 mah battery (non-removable)
GSM only, quad-band
1.5 GB RAM
8 GB storage
5 MP Rear Camera
1.1 MP Front Camera

That's a brilliant marketing ploy by including a branded limited addition

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How many units are actually being offered for pre-order? 1,000 only?? They're sold out already! aarrgghh

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As an analytics professional I'm ver impressed. Here in the US and even Europe sometimes whine too much about nothing without looking at the big picture. The incredible success of BB10 devices in India was without a doubt a catalyst for this enterprise. India emerged as the surprise blackberry victory in late 2013 and early 2014. I am impressed at how fast blackberry moved to now capitalize the Indonesian market. Specially considering the vast amount of apps being developed in the most populous Muslim nation in the world. The same took place in China but android was able to capitalize there immensely due to its open source nature. Apple on the other side was well received by the growing Chinese upper and middle class. Now if blackberry could penetrate the business, government and enterprise sectors they would strike it rich. China is an untapped market with still unlimited potential population and land wise. And as my preferred brand i hope blackberry can capitalize and ultimately benefit from the phenomenon many economists are calling Chinese miracle.

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They need to advertise hard for this and any other BlackBerry products.

Kevin, next time you talk to J Chen ask him how BlackBerry is going to market their products. I don't care what type of advertising they put out there, just put something out there.

Apple doesn't have a problem advertising noise canceling, earphones that fit in your ear, screen size just enough for your thumb to navigate with.

WTF are the use of those features?! Who cares. They are pointing out features of the phone.

BlackBerry needs to do the same.

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Depending on its performance the BlackBerry Z3 might be a miniature BlackBerry PlayBook if landscape orientation has been implemented. Paired with a BlackBerry Q5 you could have a smartphone and a tablet for less than the launch price of the BlackBerry Z10.

Price a little too high I think...y not just get a Z10 instead with 10 bucks more! Some1's head is in the sand or what!

Hibby_CB10; Z10STL100-3/

I want a Jakarta version. Selling yours to me. And your children. Selling those to me too.

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