Pre-Order Vodafone Storm Today! Take Delivery Nov. 11th?!

By Kevin Michaluk on 31 Oct 2008 12:40 pm EDT

Vodafone Storm Preorder Vodafone has sent out word via email today saying that the BlackBerry Storm is now available for pre-order, with delivery to occur on (or around) the launch date of November 11th!

You can click on over to the Vodafone website to pre-order your Storm and for more information. As for pricing, here's the deal:

- £300: 12-month contract, minimum £40/month
- FREE: 18-month contract, minimum £40/month
- FREE: 24-month contract, minimum £35/month

There was also a launch party for the Storm last night in London... we're still waiting to hear some first-hand reports from that event (curious to see how it compared to the L.A. Storm Party earlier this week and if the hands-on impressions are similar or differ). Thanks to Tom for sending this in!

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Why can't VZW do something like this?


Yes, everyone should be entitled to a FREE storm. I love all the people that think they should be entitled to any device for FREE just because they have been a customer for so many years or because they have so many lines on an account. The fact of the matter is you are paying for a service and Verizon gives in my opinion the best coverage in the US. You don't go to a BMW dealership and request a FREE BMW just because you have been driving a BMW for years or since you have been with the same cable company for 2 years you don't get free service the next year because of it. If you want a great device be prepared to pay money for it. They are not free to produce or for Verizon to buy. And in case anyone isn't sure Verizon is a BUSINESS


I think he was just talking about pre-ordering.


Think about what you just said.

When it comes to Verizon or any cell company at all they do give out free phones for you using there service. And you only need to have one of there basic plans to get the free new phone so if you have 5 lines and are paying 4x as much I think you get a phone that is 4x as much for free.

Second yes if you go to a BMW dealership since you are buying the car you get service for the first 3 years that includes oil changes tires and a free warranty. So if you look at it that way you have to pay for the item but the service for free.

As for your cable company take a different look at it. When you sign up for your cable company you have to pay for the service however you don't have to pay for the cable box you use to receive there service.


I'm not saying you shouldn't be able to get a free phone. It's the customers that think they should be entitled to any phone in the store for free. The customers that want a free dare, blackberry, voyager. You're right with the cable company you don't pay for the box but you do pay for installation and if you don't turn in your equipment if you switch you get charged for it. You get to keep phones. If you want a free phone that's fine, there are a couple basic ones you can get, but don't come in expecting to not have to pay for one of the higer end phones. What we pay to stock them is alot higher than what they are sold for.


How did you translate "Why can't VZW do something like this?" regarding pre-orders into "Give me a free phone!"?

Personally, I'm more than happy to pay for a new phone. I'm also a VZW customer and I am perfectly happy with their customer service and their network. The thing is, I've been getting by with an inadequate phone for months now in anticipation of the Storm. I really can't stand AT&T, but if VZW doesn't step up pretty soon, I'll be switching carriers in order to get either a Bold or an iPhone.


Cuz Verizon is stupid.

And I am a Verizon customer, so I can say this.


feeling good as I've just pre-ordered the storm from vodaphone uk. Can't wait to get my hands on it. My wife has been driven crazy by my addiction to crackberry for the latest news.


big dog43 I take it you live in the Uk? If so, how much to cancel a cellphone contract in the Uk?


I agree. i love verizon's service and have had no complaints, but theyre always the last to get new phones. and they have the worst selection in phones, except the storm. and thats once in a blue moon

Agreed. Verizon is a great network and I can can count the number of dropped calls in 9 years of service on two hands, but man, the actual handsets are nothing to get excited over. Not that I'm gonna defect but I've waited since August for a new phone. Thought it was gonna be a Diamond, but this phone has me checking 2 blogs daily. Gimme now!


So when we going to be able to pre order our storms through verizon the waiting since sept 15 when they posted the email sign up site is killing me, don get me wrong I do love my curve but it would be oh so nice to atleast pre order it so I know I will be getting it sometime soon. Any thought when we might be able to , and screw you bgr for dissing the storm... Your all about iphones...


So when we going to be able to pre order our storms through verizon the waiting since sept 15 when they posted the email sign up site is killing me, don get me wrong I do love my curve but it would be oh so nice to atleast pre order it so I know I will be getting it sometime soon. Any thought when we might be able to , and screw you bgr for dissing the storm... Your all about iphones...


From what I have seen, my gut feeling is that the pricing for the Storm in North America is going to be in the $200 to $250 range.

Did anyone read on BGR that it was Verizons order to exclude Wi-Fi from the Storm? I wonder how true that is.


Probably so because they love stripping every phone down to the core


Go to and scroll down a little bit, it tells all about the Verizon part in no WiFi


BGR on VZW with no WIFI, is just as true as Me on Apple with cut/paste haha.. He said he got a guy in vzw who said this and that about storm and wifi. Well, I have a guy in apple who said this and that about iphone not having a memory slot, and copy and paste.


What is up with the ragging rant? geez everyone wants something free. And yeah when I went to by my X3 I thought they should give my husband a deal on an X5 in 2 years. so what doesn't mean it will happen but I still have the right as a person to want it. And you can pretend all you want if they offer you something free you'd take it too. STOP CRYING!!! this is great news why you gotta be all down?

anyway, thanks for the info I'm SOOO excited about this even more. I will have 2 storms in my hand by Dec. hopefully!! lol!!


**FREE** with an 18 month contract?! Oh yes I gonna get me some of that!


order confirmation from vodaphone confirms 11 nov launch


I heard that the Storm would be released in store on 7th anyone else heard the same?

Also if tomorrow goes well might have a Hamilton / F1 tie-in?


In UK, 24 months price plan is very very unpopular and mobile operators including 'O2' (Vodafone's biggest rival & iPhone carrier) and 'Three' doesn't offer that LONG contract.
Vodafone is trying to push people to take lengthy contract abusing the hype. Some people are excited that Storm is free on £40/month on 18 month contract. But what you are actually getting? Just 600 minutes , Unlimited text and data. On the other hand, £35/month on 24 month contract, you're getting 700 minutes, 250 text, unlimited landline & data (talker plan). This is much better but remember - 24 months. Don't you think it is expensive than anticipated?
Some people might not bother price plan, but people like me who are gadget enthusiast but budget is also a concern, might not go for it.


I've just checked the price plan for Sony Ericsson X1 in Vodafone's website, it's even expensive than Blackberry Storm!
Price plan for Sony Ericsson X1 is,
18 Month contract, £45/month, X1 is free
24 Month contract, £35/month, X1 is £50