Pre-Order the BlackBerry Pearl 8130 from Verizon

Pre-Order Your Verizon BlackBerry Pearl 8130
By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Nov 2007 12:30 pm EDT

Update: It sounds like November 8th is the instore date. If you buy online now today, you may just end up with it tomorrow. See the comments! 

You can now Pre-Order the BlackBerry Pearl 8130 from Verizon. It will ship on November 8th!  Verizon Wireless may now JUMP FOR JOY!!!!!!

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Pre-Order the BlackBerry Pearl 8130 from Verizon


So I actually got mine today. If you ask at the Verizon store, nto online, and talk to the manager, you can make it happen. It is a pain, but I am playing with it right now and it is sweet! It took some prying, but they are allowed to do it from Blackberry according to the Manager here in L.A.

One of RIM's cool new phones. Too bad Verizon is going to get a hold of it. It might look like a berry, but it won't work like one after Verison gets finished re-engineering it to meet it's business model. Each button press is going to cost you money.

I know it is convenient to blast Verizon, but you lose credibility if you lodge the same complaints at every opportunity without finding out if it is warranted.

Most of the "crippling" criticism comes from how they have standardized on a common set of functionality in their regular phones, and in the process crippling some of the functionality. But they haven't done this in the blackberry at all...

In this case, they added VZNavigator, which is a great tool.

Give it a chance... is not really a pre-order--it is a full order! I ordered mine yesterday online, and it shipped today. The November 8 date is for in-store sales....

Verizon has done a great job with this.

I guess there are some stores that got them and others that didn't. I don't understand why they can do it in CA but not SC? I have tried loads of other phones, though this is my first BB and this is going to be the one. I even tried out the iPhone and it is amazing, but it dropped WAY too many calls. If Verizon had an iPhone I would probably go that route, but that is bc I haven't played enough with this I am hoping.

SO far as I can tell (and I am a newbie) everything seems to work fine and it is not disabled. This really surprises me, as I have tried many Verizon phones and they are all disabled.